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Peter Kramer
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14 words

14 words
We do for the love of our people.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Extinction of our people

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Land Base site is up.

Land Base Site

We are so close now to our land base project that we are doing the research and planning for it.

Please keep up to date with it as we build this dream into a reality.

News on RWRNZ.

RWR on the news, fighting for New Zealand

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Palmerston North Pro NZ Flag Rally

Great work Vaughan and Ash and the team who made this happen.
Thank you Palmerston North RWR for hosting this event. RWR NZ is at the frontline to save our beloved and precious National Flag. We honour our Heroes of the past who fought under this flag. We renounce John Key and all his puppets who want to change our flag for trade and other dirty tactics to separate us from our heritage and our freedom.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Zealand Land Base preperations

We would like to know who will be willing to live full time on the property to help take care of it. I will be living in the main house with my family. We will try and get a property with 2-3 houses to start with. 
Each of these family groups will need to pay their share of the rates and property maintenance, most likely a part of the small mortgage we will have also until its paid.
One of my projects this year will be to set up a site that will show the initiatives for the land, the property share system we have with the land base fees, and the European culture aspects we intend to implement. Such as the land lifestyle growing of food and animals, and the longhouse for meetings and for the visiting folk to use.
We will encourage property share holders to park caravans and build small sleeping huts on their piece of land.
Also we intend to build a fortified fence and defensive positions around the property. Some of these will be able to house those willing to live on the property at a reduced cost if they help with the security procedures.
This is a shared idea, aimed at preservation of our race and culture, not a piss up pad. So guidelines as to behavior on the property will be upheld and some on sight disciplinary regulations will be built.
Fight Club and other healthy activities will be made available and we will create tournaments for RWR chapter members to participate in during Nat meetings etc.
We hope to create a number of industries on site also based on members skills and abilities.
Other ideas welcome.

These are some of the options we are looking at. If anyone else has some ideas or know of affordable locations, please let us know.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mark Eaden endorses Vaughan Tockers leadership.

Well know Animal Rights activists discusses future joint ventures with RWR leader Vaughan Tocker.
Mark has been anti all pro white activism for a long time. But has had a sudden turn around after seeing how ineffective the left are at achieving anything. He has been instrumental in preventing mass left wing opposition against Far Right activities for a couple of years now, and said its time he comes out with his true ideals and stand by the right who are the "only effective anti Government group in New Zealand"

Mr Eaden admitted that the far left agenda is anti white and is targeting white nationalism as a way to destroy all boarders and stamp out all those who will stand up to the global agenda.
His insights and information have been key to the development of new strategies for the Right.
"The left are just puppets of the Government Agenda, first they use the left to fight for multicultural ideals and to overflow the country with immigration, then with their cooperation use this scattered and disunited population to create the new slave cast"
Mark now admits that only through White stable countries can the working class and lower economical classes stand up against the global agenda, he admits now that the multicultural dream of the left has been a way to destroy the only real front-line movement against exploitative trade and the flow of money into the pockets the corporate elite.
Mark says he is sorry that he has sided with the corporate agenda for so long and will now stand with the Right. His uniform and new status are being designed now to suit his special skills.