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Vaughan Tocker
New Director for New Zealand

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We do for the love of our people.

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Stand up

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Zealand Land Base preperations

We would like to know who will be willing to live full time on the property to help take care of it. I will be living in the main house with my family. We will try and get a property with 2-3 houses to start with. 
Each of these family groups will need to pay their share of the rates and property maintenance, most likely a part of the small mortgage we will have also until its paid.
One of my projects this year will be to set up a site that will show the initiatives for the land, the property share system we have with the land base fees, and the European culture aspects we intend to implement. Such as the land lifestyle growing of food and animals, and the longhouse for meetings and for the visiting folk to use.
We will encourage property share holders to park caravans and build small sleeping huts on their piece of land.
Also we intend to build a fortified fence and defensive positions around the property. Some of these will be able to house those willing to live on the property at a reduced cost if they help with the security procedures.
This is a shared idea, aimed at preservation of our race and culture, not a piss up pad. So guidelines as to behavior on the property will be upheld and some on sight disciplinary regulations will be built.
Fight Club and other healthy activities will be made available and we will create tournaments for RWR chapter members to participate in during Nat meetings etc.
We hope to create a number of industries on site also based on members skills and abilities.
Other ideas welcome.

These are some of the options we are looking at. If anyone else has some ideas or know of affordable locations, please let us know.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mark Eaden endorses Vaughan Tockers leadership.

Well know Animal Rights activists discusses future joint ventures with RWR leader Vaughan Tocker.
Mark has been anti all pro white activism for a long time. But has had a sudden turn around after seeing how ineffective the left are at achieving anything. He has been instrumental in preventing mass left wing opposition against Far Right activities for a couple of years now, and said its time he comes out with his true ideals and stand by the right who are the "only effective anti Government group in New Zealand"

Mr Eaden admitted that the far left agenda is anti white and is targeting white nationalism as a way to destroy all boarders and stamp out all those who will stand up to the global agenda.
His insights and information have been key to the development of new strategies for the Right.
"The left are just puppets of the Government Agenda, first they use the left to fight for multicultural ideals and to overflow the country with immigration, then with their cooperation use this scattered and disunited population to create the new slave cast"
Mark now admits that only through White stable countries can the working class and lower economical classes stand up against the global agenda, he admits now that the multicultural dream of the left has been a way to destroy the only real front-line movement against exploitative trade and the flow of money into the pockets the corporate elite.
Mark says he is sorry that he has sided with the corporate agenda for so long and will now stand with the Right. His uniform and new status are being designed now to suit his special skills.

Support for Vaughan

As I have been visiting our units around NZ on my way home, it has been great to see the support for Vaughan and his leadership.
The high praise for him and his work has been good to see.
I can tell you there is no easy way to be the Director of a National Organisation.
Humans are magnetized to drama and personality issues. The amount of time wasted dealing with personality problems is massive.
Vaughan has the important skills needed for this. He has compassion for the membership. He is interested in both sides of every issue, and will seek out the truth no matter how popular the drama is.

Vaughan has shown time and again how he can work well with anyone who is willing to be part of the solution.

I pledge my support for Vaughan, advice and assistance as much as he needs.
I will not be going over his head on issues. Nor can I take action on anything that is under his portfolio. We are working on a full list of duties and guidelines for the Directors with the Directors and support staffs help.

Vaughan has issued a decree this week, that personnel reviews will be done on a 6 monthly rotation. These will decide who is promoted to what based on their activity.

Vaughan is the key man for other orgs to contact. He is the most skilled at dealing with the issues that arise from other groups that have some similarities with us, but who chose to be divisive at times.

RWR world wide is committed to the Black and Silver Solution, a grouping of white pride activist orgs. Vaughan is the representative for this in New Zealand. So anyone wanting to be part of this progressive movement of like minded organisations in New Zealand need to contact Vaughan.

NZ Report, Vaughan

Hail Brothers and sisters.
I apologies for taking so long to get this post on Vic Tory .
Since Iv become New Zealand Leader there has been a huge amount for me to deal with both personally and publicly. As Neil Armstrong said when he first stepped on the Moon This was a small step for me but a huge step for RWRNZ.
Our World Leader is relaxing ,quietly snoring on my couch. It is great to see him be able to do this.
We broke the record is what the second Times Age Article said on the 14th Aug. 20,000 hits on their internet sight,normally on a good story the may get 6 or 7000. We got the record with 77 comments 11 likes and 66 unintelligent uninformed and unemployed Leftist mocked me. It goes to show that in this modern world of Science and technology that idiots still exist..
Congratulations to Steve in becoming only our second LT General in the World. Hes a great Treasurer. Hail Brother.
Thank you to Peter K for being the inspiration of a man that he has been to me over the years, What a Great European Leader this man has been. Hail to you Brother.
Our Management team for the North Island is as follows,
Ash Cleeve is my 3ic and the North Island Director. Today Ranked to Major.
Captain Johnny Westbrigde is his 2ic and LT Matt Brigdon is 3ic for North Island. Congratulations Brothers . I know you all will be great support for me. Thank you.

Valkyrie Leaders.
North Island and National Woman's Division Leader and World Number one for women Kim Hawkings. Tanya her National 2ic. Rachel Cleeve as her 2ic for the North Island and 3ic for the National.
Tania Wells our South Island Womans Division Leader with Bex as her 2ic
I must say thank you Tanya for the urgency in responding to my TPPA information request well done You helped make last Saturday happen, well done sister.
Jason McQuen my 2ic and the South Island Director with Lyndon as his 2ic for the south Island. Hail to you.
Congratulations to Brendon our new Retaliators Leader for the North Island, Cody his 2ic. Clayton will be the Retaliators 3ic for North Island.

Jake is still Retaliator Leader for the South Island 2ic pending
Im proud of yous. Hail Brothers.
Other rankings and positions will be posted as I get to them. Every Member is important..
Great work to every Member who did action in the Weekend.
Action is Progress.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

RWR NZ Management team

Announcement for RWRNZ.
Vaughan Tocker is the new Director for RWRNZ.\
This is the management team for NZ.
Ash Cleeve North Island Director
Jason Jones South Island Director.
Steve Larson stays Treasurer.
Alex Savage stays secretary
All membership processing comes to Regional officers, all problems and organisation concerns go to the Management team.
Kyle now only deals with senior officer positions. National for now and Internationally. Steve and Kyle will be a support to the new team while the transition is in training.
Anyone in this org that works hard can have the opportunity to grow in the movement. Hard work, personal sacrifice loyalty and a willingness to serve.

Hail the Resistance!
Vaughan Tocker, Activist, 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Proactive movement

Life is great when our people are positive and active. But it really can suck when our people are stuck in never ending drama. Talk to each other and resolve things. Don't talk behind their back.
If someone is so bad that you cant work with them, then don't work with them. Its that simple.
An officer should be able to work with people they don't like, and they should be able to be respectful to that person.
I no longer associate with orgs and individuals who are stuck in the internal fighting and never ending drama. We all know who they are. They never achieve anything, or do anything productive, they criticize, fractionalise, demonise, and then they fail.
Positive productive people are the winners. Those who spend their time looking for fault in our own people and not working forward are a waste of time.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Action brings growth.

Hail to our brotherhood.
Some ideas for growth in your area.
Media cover gets wider recruitment potential. For media aim your flyer drops and poster runs at middle class white areas as they are most likely to complain and go to the media. Especially on white pride topics or anti gay topics.
After media has hit do flyer drops in working class areas were whites are pissed off and waiting for information.
Make sure a phone number and email addy on the flyers and posters....
Talk to the media when they ring, they will mess up everything you say, but the media cover brings people to the information that will counter their tactic.