Five Years

Five Years



Saturday, October 25, 2014

War, Famine, Disease, Mass Murder = Depopulation.

We have put off putting up world ending issues on this forum. But it is now time.
The world leaders and their wealthy owners are now hell bent on continued wars and depopulation plans as we are thrown into disaster and chaos.
Our Governments tell us they are fighting for the good side, but they are perpetuating and endless process of death.

ISIS created by the USA and supported by Israel are the new world threat. Al Qaida were also created and supported by USA and wealthy money men.
Bombing raids by Coalition airpower is always aimed at destroying civilian Infrastructure and seems to never hit any military targets. These attacks destroy the water ways, food manufacture and sanitation centers. This makes the local population suffer and die in large numbers.
A pattern has emerged.

Disease that mysteriously appears in Africa (a well know Pharmacy testing ground) is now being stupidly (or planned) spread around the world.

It appears now that we will be in this pattern of lies and oppression indefinitely.

The Governments in the west now were down their people with substandard living while stealing all their wealth while propping up the wealthy few.
They are forcing people into rebellion in another way to justify killing off the masses.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unrest caused by Hunger!

We are getting around %25 of our Nations population living in poverty.
More and more people present as hungry and homeless.

Civil unrest comes from such things. Its all through History. Hungry people rebel and they grow unhappy with the system that causes them to be hungry.

Food is a powerful thing. Take it away from people and they go into survival mode. This becomes civil unrest. It can become an all out revolution.

When people are hungry they will look at who is in charge and hate them people.

They will look to those who feed them with love and thanks.

The message for the powerful banksters and other rich oppressive greedy people, your power will be taken away by your thoughtless actions seeking wealth on the backs of low income people who suffer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Action Under way

We have great people doing activities around the country again.
Numbers are growing now in a number of locations and the actions growing also.

Time to get action photos up again.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Governments serves the world, while NZ hurts.

People are suffering in NZ and yet the Government still focuses on deals and treaties that put our people into a disadvantage.
How can a Government say it serves the people if it only serves a very small few at the top.

Its time to challenge them, its Election year, vote for the little parties.
Don't Vote Nats or Labour they are both UN suck ups and serve the world agenda that hurts common NZers.

Some civil disobedience is a good way to show them we are not happy, we must show them now before the people are so hungry that our country falls into Chaos and civil war. Greedy rich people like John Key will just jump on a plane with his 52 million and leave us to it after shafting us for all he can get.

Lets them know how you feel, write on their billboards, ring them, email them, visit their offices.

Do something!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

China banks and National Betrayal

We are creating a flyer and poster run
based on the betrayal done by National and their big sell out to John Keys China bankster mates and Jenny Shipley leading the way for China financial take iver with her Government links helping the
Wake up NZ!
Anyone willing to donate to help let us know. Anyone wanting to help with flyers and posters contact us also.

Culture Commics

We are looking into doing a commic book to promote acient European culture and trditions. We need a couple of artists and story tellers.
It should have a couple of storylines. One of a superhero based on Nordic warrior culture. Tge other based on ancient stories with history components.