Five Years

Five Years



Saturday, July 26, 2014

China banks and National Betrayal

We are creating a flyer and poster run
based on the betrayal done by National and their big sell out to John Keys China bankster mates and Jenny Shipley leading the way for China financial take iver with her Government links helping the
Wake up NZ!
Anyone willing to donate to help let us know. Anyone wanting to help with flyers and posters contact us also.

Culture Commics

We are looking into doing a commic book to promote acient European culture and trditions. We need a couple of artists and story tellers.
It should have a couple of storylines. One of a superhero based on Nordic warrior culture. Tge other based on ancient stories with history components.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Community Action Update

It is great to report that things are going well with a number of projects now. Thank you to the people who have got on board with this on going solution based project.
We lost a couple of members who are not interested in helping with these projects, and that's all good, they are doing their own thing.
I am in this for real. I am not a hater, I care about my country my community and my family. I am willing to look at real options to create good in our society, to protect our rights to feed people, care for people. work in our community. Everyone who has been in RWR NZ for a while knows that i am community oriented, that's why we do the patrols, why we gave out food and water after earthquakes, and why we now we feed the hungry.
We see the Government as Globalist money and power hungry people who do NOT care for people.
Looking after the people is resistance against selfish greedy people who use the suffering of others to get what they want.
We are the good guys. Where are the political parties when we are on the streets helping people?
Even the ones who claim to represent the poor are too busy hating on us then to come down and feed people.
Nationalism is caring about our country, our Nations people. It is a foundation of Love, not hate, it is spiritual, and a natural truth to care for our culture and to want the best for the land we live in.
Kyle Chapman

Monday, May 19, 2014

Proactive Action Drive

Right Wing Resistance
Proactive Action Drive

The “Resistance”, and community action plans.

Many of us are tired of the hate group image. It’s bad enough that the media and the system see us as a hate group, but to have our own people stuck in these negative stereotypes is a big draw back for our whole movement.
We are about our Nation and our Culture. We must be proactive in both. The media hates us, the left wing hate us. But the people in general are either indifferent or swaying toward disliking us. We must win back the people without the media and work with anyone who is being positive. If they are not willing to work with us we set up things ourselves. Feeding low income people is the best way to help the people.

The best way to resist the Global system and the bad management of banker oriented financial worshipers is to create and help community projects that are aimed at helping low income people.

We must make a stand, that we are against the government and their bad management and that we are good people who want to help our community regardless of what the lying media say we are. The media will always hate us and show us as the bad guys. Its time to just go around them and do good and to create community action plans.

Please read our purpose statement (One of our foundation documents). It has already got such ideas in it but we have been slow to initiate this kind of community spirit.

We will be supporting a poverty watch programme to keep an eye on the government, including councils.

We will bring information to light about corruption and openly evil tactics the New World Order is imposing on us.

Do Flyers and posters based on community and proactive initiatives.

Openly recruit other non political and anti government people to help us.

Be willing to work with people of other ideologies who are willing to work with us.

Volunteer with current community projects.

Continue with community patrols, with a focus to protect the community.

Continue with our Land base plans.
As an org we have gone through a lot in our five years, its time to make good on what we are about.
We are now our own org and not influenced by the groaning of other groups who are full of haters. We are free to become something more creative and far more productive. Nationalist groups in Italy, Greece, UK, Sweden and others are already doing this. We are the good guys, so let’s prove it.

I promise you my brothers and sisters that by doing this you will get the most satisfying results in your life and your own personal progress in this world will be significantly better. I have experienced this many times in my own life. As a leader Iv let my own bitter feelings for the system the media and the irrational left wingers we clash with get to me. It has driven me to be a more negative person than I would like to be. Doing community projects has brought out a love of my country that was becoming dormant.

Role up your sleeves with me and let’s get this done.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Helping Homeless annoys the left wing.

Over the last few weeks a left wing agitator has been trying to cause problems for me by pretending to be a Nationalist emailing people saying I'm a traitor etc.

I suspect this is the same person who has phoned me threatening to kill my wife and children.

This person has also been taking photos of me and sending them to the media of my involvement in charity work in Hamilton when I am visiting there. I am looking at moving to Hamilton full time by the end of this year. I suspect they got the Labour Office on board because they are a bit witless in regards to the facts of life.

The Hamilton City council is very anti the work done with the Homeless. They started making problems right from the start. So now they use their puppets in Fairfax run newspaper waikato times and the MP for Labours Office (Sue Moroney) to sabotage this work because of my political affiliations. Instead of helping people these groups seem intent on destroying the daily help the Hamilton Homeless Organisation does for the homeless and low income people of Hamilton.

This has got to be the worst conspiracy I have seen in real life. The behind the scenes interference from multiple organisations, including church groups who announced to the homeless that we are white supremacists and have even threatened some homeless that if they eat with HH they can not eat with them (great christian spirit there ah).

I am shocked at how evil the system has become, it feeds all them people who hate the system even more and it even shows established religions working with the status quo against legitimate work of support for the needy, a fundamental action that Christians and any decent human being should be part of.

They will not stop my involvement in helping people. It is who I am and what I am about, i've seen hypocritical left wing activists who love to shout out all the evil vile accusations under the sun then do nothing to actually improve the world.

I invite any good person or anyone trying to be, to come down and help people, see how good it is for the spirit. Charity work is not only great for the people of our community, it is also great for the individuals progress in this world.

The system hates good, so they do all sorts of lies and evil to stop it. Anyone working with these orgs is tarnished by their leaders evil works.

Anyone who wants to know the real story, meet me at the coal face serving the people in this city.
Kyle Chapman

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hamilton Anti-TPPA demonstration

This nationwide campaign of demonstrations, led by Greenpeace and attended by Mana, Labour, Green and Maori party supporters was nothing short of a shamble in Hamilton.

An assortment of old-fashioned Hippies, young Neo-Commies and middle aged Champagne Socialists put on a display of terrible "music" and "poetry" punctuated by impassioned but rambling and forgettable speeches decrying the TPPA.

I was on hand to take some close up pictures with my phone, and I was astounded to see a man bearing a red flag of some Socialist group, so I decided to try and take a picture of said flag. At which point, he asked me if I were with "them" - meaning Kyle and other RWR supporters. When I said that I was, he called me a fascist and demanded that I not take his picture - and then a Mana flag waving woman joined in by telling me " Go away, you Nazi!" He then proceeded to attempt to take my phone, shouting " I'm going to smash that f-ing phone!" he gave me a few shoves, and grabbed at my phone but I stood my ground. I wasn't about to be intimidated by the likes of him.

Having done what I'd gone for I withdrew, but not before giving the pair of them a two finger salute.

Ecce Homo!  (Behold the man or look at the homo if you like)

Now, the flag he was carrying looks like this -

Which is the logo of the Committee for a Workers International, a far-left, unashamedly Trotskyist organisation. No wonder then that he acted the way he did. I also noticed that his shirt depicted and bore the words "Free Teina" referring to Teina Pora, the twice convicted Rapist and Murderer of Susan Burdett. As you can see in the photo, Mana seems to be very much in league with him and his group.

Amongst all the main body of protesters, we saw not a single New Zealand flag, which is odd since New Zealand sovereignty is what protesting the TPPA is about. We saw the above flag, Mana flags, Green flags and the Maori sovereignty flag though.

It was only RWR that flew the flag of this nation, the lefties seemingly don't care for it.

This double sided sign is 100% accurate, but what they don't realise is that they support the very same people who are behind this trade agreement through their support of mass immigration and Multiculturalism.

 I would estimate that about 100 people attended, with a severe drop off in numbers towards the end.

Chinese takeover already underway in Auckland

Auckland unit also sent the Prime Minister a "dear John" of sorts, sending this missive to our very own dear leader.