Peter Kramer

Peter Kramer
Thank you for your service.

14 words

14 words
We do for the love of our people.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

T-Shirt Sale

All freedom T-shirt designs are on sale. WPWW, Urban Combat battalion, boots and shotgun logo, white unity, Working Class.

$15 for all front print shirts.
$25 for all shirts with printed arms.

No hoodies our long sleeve shirts left.

This is a sale untill all shirts are sold. Then we will close Freedom T-shirts.
Freedom T-shirts

New Media person being selected

Anyone wanting to present themselves for the media position for RWR NZ can contact us via the form in the side bar.
They must have sensible "Third Position" or "Nationalist Right" ideals and beliefs. 
Also a good knowledge of NZ political history (or a willingness to learn)
The person needs to be articulate, present themselves with a good attitude and be able to stay calm under pressure.
The media is essentially an enemy to the right and we need someone willing to counter act their brainwashed per-conceived views.

South Island Director

The South Island Director of RWR NZ will remain the unchanged. His wisdom and experience is invaluable to us.

New Northern Director to be anounced soon

We are happy to announce that the Northern Directorship is being worked out now in the final stages.
Details of this will be put up soon.

RWR NZ Disclaimer

Some of the former leadership of RWRNZ have broken away and formed their own group called Resistance.
Unfortunately they have kept The RWR NZ emblem and now use it for their own.
We would like to publicly let it be known RWR NZ is not associated with this group or its current leadership.
We separate ourselves from any behavior this group does and do not wish to be branded with them.

The primary leader of this break away faction had said publicly that he does not want to be associated with Kyle Chapman, and that he was tired of Kyles name being used in every article that he was part of.

This author is puzzled why he still uses the emblem that Kyle designed. It is likely by doing so some less informed people will think he is still part of something Kyle created.

RWR wishes any productive organization well and will carry on with its own activities.

We wish to refresh our movement and distance ourselves from Gang like activities, including drug use, criminal behavior and random drunken violence.

We wish to be an organization that sets the standard of positive activity for our country and we will be working on this over time.

We feel that RWR NZ lost track over the last two years and focused too much on media and internet cover. Facebook is a tool of an oppressive system, we will not be using it anymore as a place to organize or argue.

Activity that we pursue will be based around positive outcomes.

Many thanks to our founding members who are now helping to rebuild RWR NZ to be what it was meant to be.

Sadly ending Peters leadership.

Hello, My name is Peter Krämer I just finished my time as a world leader of the Right Wing Resistance. I am now a member of another organization. I took this decision when I saw that I could not get Sweden to grow in members. To be successful you need to have many willing people to help in the current crisis we the indigenous find ourselves in. I have moved over to an organization that operates in the Nordic countries. I spent six years with RWR, I was the first Swedish leader, I went up in rank to Scandinavia's leader. I started working really hard to build up RWR, I spent about 17 hours per day. I managed to get 18 countries into RWR. I was promoted by the founder of RWR Kyle Chapman to European leader. It was something that suited me. I went to different demonstrations around Europe. and I also did some himself with RWR In Sweden, I was over in the UK three times to show them my support. I was in NZ in 2013 where I met most of the members of the NZ RWR crew. Kyle Chapman handed over the leadership to me for around 2 years ago. I became world leader of RWR. This was something that was a weight on my shoulders at the time. My mentor Kyle handed over the responsibility to me. I felt that I would not be able to walk in his footsteps. The knowledge he possesses, I lacked. I have been active since 1988. I tried to get the Right Wing Resistance to become a name to reckon with in the future. It has always been there in the back of the head that Kyle was the backbone of the organisation. I went to say goodbye to Australia and NZ. But When I came to Australia, New Zealand immigration administration called to the border security, they told me that I was not welcome to NZ. She told me that my political views were wrong. I then sought entry into Australia instead, seeing as I was already there, but was denied there too. I was put in handcuffs and moved to a prison for one day, to be deported back to Sweden. What mighty strength the New World Order have. They treat us as they want without any boundaries. Human rights and freedom of expression does not exist when it comes to those with our political stance - FACT, we are oppressed, there is no freedom anymore just a false sense of one. I will now fight even harder, turning my attention to a cause within the zone of the world I live. Hopefully it will spread from there. I wish RWR all the best but I am now involved with a new thing altogether. Hail Victory . Peter Krämer.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year from the new staff of RWR leadership

Stability is returning.

RWR NZ officially supports all active organisations. Most of all we support RWR brothers and sisters world wide.

Thank you to the loyal members who could see something wrong and took action to make things right.

alcolism and any form of mind altering chemical addiction is a cancer to our movement.

We are committed to functional rational and productive actions.

Stay strong.