Stand up

Stand up

Monday, June 29, 2015

Action brings growth.

Hail to our brotherhood.
Some ideas for growth in your area.
Media cover gets wider recruitment potential. For media aim your flyer drops and poster runs at middle class white areas as they are most likely to complain and go to the media. Especially on white pride topics or anti gay topics.
After media has hit do flyer drops in working class areas were whites are pissed off and waiting for information.
Make sure a phone number and email addy on the flyers and posters....
Talk to the media when they ring, they will mess up everything you say, but the media cover brings people to the information that will counter their tactic.

Action = success.

Ideals without action are dead, only by doing something can we hope to achieve anything. Its better to try and fail, then to fail by not trying. At least by trying you may not fail. Infact victory goers to the bold!
The sheep just get rounded up at the end and eaten.

World wide Movement

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rebs till dead.

Thanks Obama you fraudulent puppet of the Zionists. Your attack on the Reb flag will build even stronger resistance to your corrupt administration. Hope one of them drones you use to murder people turns on you.

Monday, June 22, 2015

RWR World WN womens organisation

We are very happy to announce the formation of world wide women's leadership for RWR Women's div/Valkyries... Growing in a country near you.

RWR Euro meeting August

RWR Euro chapters will be meeting at the white man march event in the UK. There will be a Euro meeting of organisations there.

We hope to announce by the end of the year a world wide established alliance of active like minded orgs.

This will work with orgs that are true to the scene and are part of the movement. We will move away from the fake orgs who seem to do more harm then good.

RWR World Mag

Greetings friends family and folk.
We are now working on the mag. We hope to have it ready to go for NZ spring. We have the publisher ready and a judge for the article competition.

We have some articles coming in. Its time to be immortalised. This is a six year review of RWR and activism. Be part of it.