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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flag Day 2009 Report

Greetings Friends and Comrades

We have great news for this report. For the first time ever there was no organised Left Wing counter protest. There was the odd crazy punk wondering around, but it was pointless for them. Also for the first time ever we marched through the streets of the CBD in Wellington. We walked to a mall and got to mingle with members of the public and finally got to present the actual message instead of it being blurred by the opposition. We handed out hundreds of flyers and the Unity for our movement was increased. We herd latter that the reason the Left never showed is that Asher Goldman (the Zionist Anarcho-Comie) has become too paranoid as a result of his Depression and other mental disorders.

The Media seemed to be less interested since the Left didn’t show up. They instead focused the last few days on Kyle Chapman and the Right Wing Resistance. The Dominion did its usual Left Wing Stance and tried to get in early with negative articles and then presented a report about a fence being painted as though our people had done it, even though it was obvious to anyone but there red colourer glasses that the Red Punks had done the vandalism.

We have had many new people join the news letter since the last one. We welcome them. We will not be doing very many but we will present reports when we can.

The Right Wing Resistance has now created their own Blogger Site to inform people about what they are actually doing. We encourage people to check it out.

As always we encourage feed back and would like to invite people to continue their donations for the Land Base. We have a new Bank Account now so please email us when you are donating and we will send you the new account.
We are also now forming the Board for the Incorporated Society. So anyone who is willing to help with that again, please contact us.

Nationalist Alliance
Admin Team


Officer Oath:

Do you Freely give your Oath:

To Act with Honour, Courage and Commitment
Be Loyal
To Fight for your Family, Race and Nation
To be of Service to your brothers and our people
To be Active in the advancement of our cause.
To be an example to other members.

I Freely give my Oath

Security Oath

Do you Freely give your Oath:

Be Loyal
To Fight for your Family, Race and Nation
To be of Service to your brothers and our people
To be Active in the advancement of our cause.
To Protect all persons and positions you are assigned to
with Honour, Courage and Commitment

I Freely give my Oath

Members Oath

Do you Freely give your Oath:

To Act with Honour, Courage and Commitment
To Be Loyal
To Fight for your Family, Race and Nation

I Freely give my Oath

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RWR Flyer

We are an organized unified resistance movement against mass immigration, the dilution of our European Culture and Pride, and the current multicultural agenda created by the current government networks designed to destroy our colonial rights and identity. We stand with an active structure that rewards those who work hard for the movement.
Our primary purpose is to recruit like minded individuals and groups into an organization of active men and women.
Activities we undertake are made to push our movement further and to get into the hearts and minds of our own people to encourage them to stand alongside us.
We openly seek financial support aswell as technical people. With these we create a broader and more resourced organization.
Foot-soldiers: Those who have recently become active in the movement and/or have not yet attended any major public events. Standard T-shirt.
Pay a $5 per week donation and buy their shirt.
Frontline Crew: Proven men and women who “Front-up” and show they stand proud of their membership in the movement. The Frontline Crew is the mainstay of the organization. These may have other roles as well, such as “Retaliators” (trusted men), “Defenders” (security), Rank can be obtained through recruitment and activity (May wear long sleeve shirt with “Frontline Crew” down the arms, Must have a camouflage shirt or jacket to put rank onto). Pay a $5 per week donation.
027 2579269

Welcome to the Right Wing Resistance!

Greetings Folks

Here is a Quick update so far on the RWR and its foundation story.

A few of the lads where thinking about what we could do to be more active and to prepare for the possibilities that lay ahead. Such as invasion by an aggressive army (such as China or Indonesia) or Government Oppression because of the political correct corruption in this world, that tries to stop us from being who we want to be and wanting to stand up for our Race, Culture, Freedom of speech and our Common law (Common Law is the right to our own freedom in our homes and Business and to raise our children in our own way etc). We will fight for our freedom. We will fight for our Common Law.

We got together to form an action based group. We support other Nationalist Groups also such as National Front and New Right and we are proud members of the Nationalist Alliance.
We support the Right Wing Policies of our day.

Our Ranks are made up of the men who are willing to try that little bit harder; we are the ones who are willing to stand when others hide away. We have some members who have their own reasons for keeping in the back ground however and we thank them for other services such as donations, IT services, Intelligence and other helpful activities.

Our Aim is to build and train a Resistance Organization that can at least stand up to a conventional army so we can help to defend this Nation of ours when the lefties and other traitors sell us out completely.

We resist the Anarcho-Como-Homoes and other Trash that constantly tells us we can’t be free to believe what we want to and we openly oppose their world agenda to destroy our identities as individuals and as a Nation. We Resist the Multicultural Lies we are told. We do not want to be part of the melting pot and turned into Mud. We want to stay White, We are proud of being WHITE. Why would we want to be anything else? We support all Races and Cultures to stand strong to their identity. We want the right to do the same. We will even Ally with Native IWI in the fight to keep our Nation strong against the Asian hordes and the Communist takeover.

Foundation Ceremonies:
Christchurch/Southern Division:
18th April 2009

Wellington/Central Division:
ANZAC Week End 25th Apr 2009

Hamilton/Northern Division:
6th June 2009

National Meeting will be held Flag Day week end each year.

First was held: 23 Oct 2009

We have now spread our Organisation to Eastern Waikato, Tauranga, Auckland, Tuapo, Oamaru and have plans for New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Napier, Dunedin, Invercargill and Nelson