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Peter Kramer
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14 words

14 words
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WPWW day Tshirts

We still have the WPWW shirts.
Buy yours now to get ready for the big day.

Female RWR Supporters Shirt

We are happy to now have the Womens shirts ready for the female supporters of RWR.
This is not a club. How ever when things start to organise within the female ranks it may turn into one.

New Tshirts are ready to go.
$25 per Tshirt. Mens and womens

Friday, November 12, 2010

Anti Red Action

We have started to counter the Reds by playing their own game. We have never really done it in the past in a big scale because often we couldnt be bothered. But we can be bothered now. We are sick of the Reds comming to our demoes and insulting us. Its not that it bothers us what they say. Its that they need to learn about how words need to be accountable as well.

We had a BBQ after. Was a great day for it.

At the CHCH flag day this year, the reds had some scaties with them. So we made our first action to go to the scatie park and hand out our new anti red flyers. It went well. We hope the flyers will get to the actual reds. The flyers will be handed out to any left wingers we see around.

We have other actions planed in future. We intend to make their activities frustraited untill we feel they have learnt something.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Skinheads & the Nationalist Revolution

Ripped off by Capitalism
The Skinhead movement was born from the frustration of white working class youth. This part of society is, more than any other, being pushed to the bottom of the capitalist scrap-heap, because capitalism is only interested in big profits from cheap labour. And cheap labour means either moving immagrants in to work, or moving factories out altogether to a cheap labour country.
Therefore, white working class youth are the first to be inflicted by internationalist capiyalism.
Additionally, not only are we denied work, we are also denied the variouse privilages, educational, training and employment oppertunities given by the system to ethnic 'minorities'.

Hated & Feared
Skinheads are the most hated and feared of any group by the system. Their police single us out for harassment for no other reason than the way we dress and our shaved heads. The media pictures us as stupid and worthless to isolate us from other whites.
The system hates and fears skinheads becuase we are the only counter-culture to reject the systems liberal propaganda about multicurelism, pacifism and other politicaly correct rubbish.
The system wants to create a mass of slaves to serve capitalism. To do this, the system must make people afraid of state authority, they want everyone to be too gutless to resist, they incourage the ideas being "peacful", "loving everyone", and all the other liberal ideals pushed onto youth at schools, by the t.v, movies, magazines and pop music.

Brainwashing Rejected
Middle class youth have been brainwashed and guilt filled into believing these weak ideas. Those working class youth who have the courage to reject it all for strength, honour and pride in their race have formed their own culture: The Skinhead Nation.
These youth reject the middle class long haired sloppy 'fashionable' trends promoted by the system and those with finacial agendas. Instead they take on a military look: shaved head, boots and uniformed clothing. Skinheads look like and army, thats why the system fears them. They fear what we might become.

The Left: System Lackeys
The brainwashed white middle class youth become phony 'radicals' by joining socio-anarchistic and communist causes. They fear National Pride just as much as the system does. They fear anyone with true conviction. The left are NOT radical and they are not revolutionary. They serve the system and capitalist globilisation they claim to be fighting.
Multicultureism is the main tool the capitalists use to break down national boarders that get in the way of free trade. The left prop up muliculture in the name of human rights while it is destroying the only mechanism that can fight capitalist, 'Nationalism'.
In countries where skinheads organised and diciplin themselves, the system gets threatened, and uses not only the police but all the lefty so called 'revolutionaries' to TRY and break-up skinhead marches, meetings and concerts. The left are the Lackeys of the system...

National Resistance: The only solution
Skinheads are the only true modern revolutionary force. However we do not pose any threat to the system when we have not organised and become diciplined. We are not a good warrior when we are too drunk or drugged up to fight effectively, or when we are in jail for some petty crime.
There are many effective organisations around the world run and maintained by skinheads. The 'lone wolf' mentality is ineffective and must be left in the past with the other anarchistic ideas of the old 70's Punks. Inderviduals are weak, that is why capitalism teaches people to only care about themselves.
United we are STRONG, organised we are STRONGER.
Duty, Honour, Dicipline
Join the Resistance!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

White Pride March Christchurch

If you interested in the WPWW day demonstration in March next year get in contact ASAP. Anyone who wants to come from out of town should get their tickets that week end now. Fly down and it is super cheap if you do it well ahead of the event.

RWR is working with Blood and Honour to make this weekend a great one. It will also be the National Meeting and foundation Aniversary for the Right Wing Resistance. We incourage all our members and recruits to come for it.

RWR will have it Anual general meeting and Aniversary Cerimony on the Saterday for RWR members and recruits. There will be a location hired for the saterday night for the concert by Blood and Honour. The Demonstration will be on the sunday around mid day in a centre city location.

Contact us with your interest.

Student Vid

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flag Day Report

Main events of the day.
over 35 patriots showed up to support our nations flag in Christchurch
about the same in wellington I was told. so great success. The RWR flag flying proud at both events. Thats over 70 people all up. Great!!

The reds had a pathetic showing. In wellington they got about 15 rag tag punks in their usuaul face covers etc. In Chch they had about 40 very young guys. they looked like a class project, maybe some commie scum teacher put them up to it. They even waved a Soviet Flag, showing their true collours. They were told about how 100 million people were killed under that flag and some heated bantering came soon after, they are a bit mis guided and badly educated, they have no idea how stupid it is to have anti Nazi signs while waving pro commie signs when the Societs killed more people then Nazi. They were una ware that their anti nazi signs had the only nazi emblems on the day.

We had a low key BBQ and beers after the event. Great day all up!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flag Day 2010 comming up fast!

RWR Supports Flag Day and the ongoing work the National Front are doing to show active endorsement for the New Zealand Flag.
We have members from all over the country going to the Wellington Flag day including members from Christchurch.

We will also be supporting Flag Day from Christchurch. RWR is helping to organise the ongoing event for those who cant make it from the South Island up to Wellington. We have commited to have at least 20 of our own members and close supporters at the event along with other associates. We welcome anyone else who is in the Canterbury or even South Island area to come and stand united to show pride in our Nation and her Flag.

Our whole movement is growing in the South Island. It will be great to see everyone show up and and show they can do more then talk about loving our culture and Nation.

Contact Vince and the Wellington NF about wellington.
email us about Christchurch.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tagging Prevention Task force

Help us to stop the tagging. No more cleaning fences, stop the tagger before he gets there.


Just a quick report about some recent activity our lads in Christchurch have been up to.
After the succefull pratrolling in the Brighton area (with many shop owners and those living in the area being supportive and happy about the reduction in crime as a direct result of our patrols there). We have expanded one aspect to the whole city that we can reach. When ever we see tagging now we intervien. We have some very positive success (along with the odd roughing up).

We would like to invite other White Nationalist to get involved with this most rewarding activity. It helps us to see some results for our efforts.

Its better then bleating on a computer while waiting for the authorities to do anything.

Monday, August 30, 2010


We havnt been active online for some time. However we have continued to recruit and to work on our progress. We have had some problems along the way. Police have labelled us a gang and have been raiding our members. This has ment a loss of good equipment.
We are currently working on a new system of street work and intend to include different people in this.
If anyone is interested in helping tydy up the suberbs the police have forgotten about, please let us know.
We are now selling new styles of Tshirts. Skinheads New Zealand. We still have WPWW and some others available.