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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flag Day Report

Main events of the day.
over 35 patriots showed up to support our nations flag in Christchurch
about the same in wellington I was told. so great success. The RWR flag flying proud at both events. Thats over 70 people all up. Great!!

The reds had a pathetic showing. In wellington they got about 15 rag tag punks in their usuaul face covers etc. In Chch they had about 40 very young guys. they looked like a class project, maybe some commie scum teacher put them up to it. They even waved a Soviet Flag, showing their true collours. They were told about how 100 million people were killed under that flag and some heated bantering came soon after, they are a bit mis guided and badly educated, they have no idea how stupid it is to have anti Nazi signs while waving pro commie signs when the Societs killed more people then Nazi. They were una ware that their anti nazi signs had the only nazi emblems on the day.

We had a low key BBQ and beers after the event. Great day all up!!

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