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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Anti Red Action

We have started to counter the Reds by playing their own game. We have never really done it in the past in a big scale because often we couldnt be bothered. But we can be bothered now. We are sick of the Reds comming to our demoes and insulting us. Its not that it bothers us what they say. Its that they need to learn about how words need to be accountable as well.

We had a BBQ after. Was a great day for it.

At the CHCH flag day this year, the reds had some scaties with them. So we made our first action to go to the scatie park and hand out our new anti red flyers. It went well. We hope the flyers will get to the actual reds. The flyers will be handed out to any left wingers we see around.

We have other actions planed in future. We intend to make their activities frustraited untill we feel they have learnt something.

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