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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thanks whaleblubber

Thanks to the famously depressed whaleblubber guy we have found another good pic of the action 11 demonstration. Its funny how much help these over opinionated mental ranters actualy help us. They provide extra advertising for our activities. Now and then the photo resources come in handy.

Its stupid how some fools out there actualy take these idiots seriously. They have no journalism skills, and do even less investigation then the regular usless reporters.

Anyone who is seriouse about knowing what we are about is welcome to contact us and get the facts and our side of the story.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Resistance 12

We are working on the Nationwide anti imagration campaign and the challenge to the politicians who are screwing us over. RWR are looking at combining these two operations to form the "RESISTANCE 12" campaign. There will be a series of activities under this label, there will be a badge created for it for those who are active in this. We will be doing more for this campaign, so we will expect people to be part of a number of these activities. At least 2 of them to earn the badge. Feed back welcome. But if your part of the planning and put ideas in, we would expect you to be part of it. Anyone who wants to know more details needs to be someone we know face to face, if not, then contact your local RWR rep. When the first of these events happens it will be a surprise for the system. We plan to keep details under raps till the last moments. This worked well last time, Cheers. Hail RWR Victory!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

RWRNZ 2011 Report

Before anything else I must send a big thank you to all our Officers for the great work they do and the support they give me and enable me to keep up with things. Good Officers create a great environment for growth and stability. We as officers of RWR are also very thank full for the active members and our great network of support through the "Friends of the resistance".
The media with often slanderous reporting and lazy investigation that brings stories that are essentially lies have still been a great draw card for us. Once you ignore the nutters who think their brainwashed opinions matter to us, and the freaky people who just seem to like talking to controversial people, we have the pot of gold! What its all about, no matter how many negatives we get (which are fewer and fewer) we get more supporters and more members. It is great for us to see their are people willing to research for themselves and to identify us as a vehicle for change.
The results we get are from hard work, we stick our necks out on the line, and just as well we are thick skinned with all the death threats from Asians after the anti Asian invasion flyer campaign, the groups created just to be anti us (very flattering by the way) and the nut jobs who send irrational txt from time to time. Through all this we rock on. We are dedicated, we aim to find other like minded folk who can feel safe talking amongst people with the same views.
We get many great ideas that our organisation could do to improve the lives of our people and those around us. We care about our communities and we want to be pro active in doing what we can with what little we have. We continue to be at the forefront of the white rights movement, the sensible immigration issues and the many injustices that this country is now going through under a corrupted money hungry Government who are only worried about helping their own type of people.
The main points of this year have been:
Street Patrols
Our Patrols this year have continued to bring us a lot of success. There were some confrontations that lead into an ongoing problem with a Homie style gang. This has passed now with much success for our people. We have started patrols in other areas as our numbers have grown and the need has been there. This continues to bring us a fare amount of public support from the real people in the lower income suburbs that we patrol in.
Flyer Drops
As most will know our flyer drops this year have been succeeded in attracting media cover and in turn bringing our message to the public. We have sought through these campaigns to find people like minded to us. Not only those who have Nationalist ideals, but those who are like us in wanting to be active and progressive in fighting for our cause. Our numbers have grown through this simple tactic. Even many have joined us who simple received a flyer in the mail box.
White Pride World Wide Day
After the Earthquakes it was decided against a Public march for the WPWW day event, instead we planned to have a BBQ for our people and their families at a local park. The rain put an end to this event how ever and we instead set up for this social time at the RWR social house in Christchurch known as the Whitehouse. Blood and honour and other friends came along and we had a great event.

Our Second Anniversary,
We celebrated our year 2 Along with the presentation ceremony of our New Zealand shirts. This was a turning point for us as we wanted all members to have waited before receiving this shirt, some didn't wait as long as others, but it was an vent to be remembered, we did it the same week end as WPWW day allowing us to have a full week end that was well recorded with photos and the growth of the many new people that came to us as they saw we were social and active.
New Zealand Flag Day
RWR members in the North Island went along to the National Front run Flag day in Wellington. In Christchurch the same day Christchurch RWR held a flag day event also. It was one of the best events we have brought together with a great turn out and no trouble. The BBQ afterwards was also a social to tip the scales in size and unity.
As we have got more attention and our HQ chapter has grown, so to has our branches around new. On top of these we have;
Moved into many new towns and Cities in New Zealand
Establishing Australian Chapters
Expanded into the international movement
We have formed "RISN" our Resistance Inmate Support Network
Our Youth movement has grown and now have their own T-shirts
To sum it all up we are proud to be part of an active and progressive movement. We will keep moving forward even while other criticise us and mock us. Our rewards are simple and obvious, we get to feel part of something real. We are part of the most active nationalist organisation in New Zealand and we have a strong caring brother/sisterhood that supports each other. Loyalty is everything, and we strive for this character as the substance of all we do. Loyal to our Family, our organisation, our people, our country.


When people are against you, keep your head high, we are on a mission to protect our Nation and people. No matter what the lazy, the negative people and the drama queens say, we must carry on. With focus in our minds and love in our hearts we march forward.


Loyalty in the brotherhood has to go all ways, even when there could be someone who you personaly dislike, your loyalty to that brother must be kept at a high standard. Loyalty is letting go of the little dramas, the mistakes the shit talking. Loyalty will carry a club through the hard times. It is about each brother and sister knowing they must see the bigger picture, to know they stand next to other warriors on a forward movement. Its one of the most upsetting things to here if a brother backstabbing you, or working against you. Loyalty must be maintained, when someone bad mouths your brother tell them to shut up, if they do it again give them a crack! If your brother is being attacked, have his back, stand at his side. If he goes down you go down. If your brothers moving house, dont wait to be asked, make the offer to help him. The club must be loyal to its members, members must be loyal to the club, the members must be loyal to each other. Loyalty is everything. Its better to have a geek who is loyal then a tough guy who only thinks of himself.

Monday, November 28, 2011

RWRNZ 2012 Protests

RWR are very pleased with the results of 2011 flyer drops and protests. Both have brought us a high level of media and increased our membership.

We now prepare ourselves for a harsh political climate, financial burdens, and
an increase in our movement like never before.

To make sure people know we are doing what we claim, we will challenge the
Government on the streets with an increase in Protests.

Just like this year we will plan out our activities and organise them to get maximum results. Each part of the year we will focus on a new target.

In one part of the year we will target:
Immigration Department Offices. This will be a National project, and maybe even get our Australian Branches on board. We have a few different kinds of protests planed for this. Along the lines of civil disobedience style demonstrations. Some will be with just a hand full of members, others will be swamped with large numbers of members.

Another will be to target Members of Parliament who are at the forefront of the issues New Zealander's are facing.

Along the way we will continue our street patrols, support our people, do regular unit sized flyer drops and social activities.

This is a year of picking up on the many people who will be affected by the growing level of financial bad management and greed this government does to ensure their own mates are given opportunities to get rich while the rest of us are left to slumber in the low income areas.

We are still working on the land base. This project will be up and running either the end of next year, or early into the following.

2012 is a key year for us. Join up now and help us to take this movement forward.

We are the Resistance!

The year ahead

The next 3 years are going to be harsh. Life will be hard for the average person while Key and his mates grow stronger and more wealthy. Our movement will thrive under this situation. Its sad that people only wake up when they suffer, but we have to be ready and organise for them. RWR will work harder, and make sure people dont forget that we are the resistance. We have a line of protests planned for next year. Imagration, National Party MPs and other relivant targets will be brought to light through the new type of protest.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Election Day Activity


We would like to say that we have no plans for protest tomorrow accept to vote for parties other then National and Labour. Make a difference with your vote, stop voting for the liars, the twisted people who just want our money not to serve.
Vote tomorrow, we encourage you, vote for parties that will help NZ.

Just remember that the Greens and Alliance are Reds. So beware!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr Burns cant count

This is the 12 people mr burns says came to that meeting. There are 36 people. The media love to try and make our numbers look smaller then they are, its a consistant lie they do.
Mr Burns also claims the gathering had 50-60 people, sorry to say again he is mistaken, our inside man counted no more then 30, so Mr Burns has lived up to our point about politicians being liars.

Election video

Monday, November 21, 2011

Election Statement

Action 11
RWR Election activism
We the Nationalist/Patriots of New Zealand would like to give the Members of Parliament and those who are running for Parliament a message.
This message is to insure that you know we are not happy with the way you are running our country.
The Main points of this are:
We are tired of the immigration invasion that is swamping us with people from alien cultures. These people drain our resources and lower the standard of life in our country. They do this by giving employers cheaper options in wages and their accepting of lower working conditions. They take up our state housing, leaving poor New Zealanders on long waiting lists. The growing population in New Zealand is over crowding our roads, raising rent and property out of the affordable reach of many New Zealanders.
The people are tired of seeing the salaries of our politicians rise. More and more we see that those who are meant to serve us are ripping us off through their perks and the salaries that put them into an upper class while the lower class are suffering. These politicians will not relate to the average Kiwi who suffers from a lowering standard of living.
Politicians are now seen as people who will help their own mates out. This is a level of corruption that never seems to be investigated for the criminal act that it is.
Our Government is seen as being weak and bowing down to international rules while larger countries are seen to break humanitarian laws and dominate weaker countries. The United Nations is a scam, and by supporting it we support hypocritical economic bullying.
The rich and greedy need to know some facts in our country:
Extremist groups are growing and becoming more active.
Crime is rising even though the media say it’s not. The Police just don’t have the resources any more to address the rising crime. They are known to not even go to burglary call outs and many violent crimes now are not investigated. The police resources are seen to be taken up collecting revenue to fill the government’s coffers.
We are now going into the civil disobedience level of unhappy people. The next level is people creating insurgency movements. After this it is rebellion. We would like to know why so many educated politicians are so ignorant to think a country with a very small army and an over worked police force can afford to have a growing unhappy/angry population.
It cost a lot of money to build more prisons employ the guards, increase the justice department employees, the police and army that will be required to subdue an unhappy population. It is better to fix the problem and treat people Fairly then have all this cost to burden the population further.
It takes 3 generations to recover from civil war.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Don't make the mistake to vote for anything but MMP, the tricky slimy government have tried to confuse people by chucking in other options, MMP ain't perfect but its better then the one party system these anti democratic people want to go back to.

I will say it here and now, if you vote National or Labour your just voting in the same bunch of liars and hypocrites, who blame each other for things they do themselves, their MPs have been ripping off the system, neither of them can stick to their promises, and they both are happy to sell us down the river, Labour started asset sales, don't forget that. They also sold out our work force with the free trade deals that make companies send their factories into other countries. They are immoral and will continue to bring in anti family policies.

National and Labour serve foreign interests not New Zealand. They will both swamp us with immigration, they will both serve the wealthy on the backs of the poor, don't be fooled by them again, vote for the other parties. get blue and red out. In this country we must vote for the smaller parties...

RWR has some activities planed for the elections. We will update soon.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flag Day gathering

Quick Flag Day report

Great day in CHCH, the sun come out, the turn out was the best we have had so far. With over 60 people counting women and children. The cops were not on good form though and seemed more interested in pulling over our people as they drove away instead of actual interest in the protest we registered. The BBQ after was also a great event with no problems. we have been told that Wellington event
went well also.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Flag Day details

Greetings to our friends and family

We are getting ready now for the New Zealand Flag day. This sat Labour week end.

Each year we gather to protest against the people who want to steel away our Identity.

In Wellington Things will start about 11am in the city. But it is recomended that you meet at the camp ground and go on the bus into town with the team.
Dont miss out on the social after the event. Its one of the best in the whole year.

In Christchurch we will meet at the start of New Brighton Mall around 1pm. There will be a BBQ after the talks.

Please come and support our history and heritage.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Von Tempsky

Our stories. Vicki Price.
From New Zealand Herald
Von Tempsky - artist, musician, but a master of guerilla warfare.

Wednesday marked the 143rd anniversary of the death of one of New Zealand's most well-known soldiers of the Land Wars.

Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky was killed by gunshot in a South Taranaki skirmish, ending the career soldier's life, which had seen action through many lands.

Maori respected his bush-warrior skills and named him Manu-rau, meaning "a hundred birds" or "the bird that flits everywhere". It was testament to his uncanny ability to appear from nowhere in many parts of the country's thick bushland.

Von Tempsky was born in Prussia-Poland and served in the military there, but the boredom of routine saw him travel in search of adventure.

He found it in the jungles of Central and South America where he learned guerrilla warfare and the value of the Bowie knife, a long knife shaped especially for stabbing.

From Australia, the lure of gold brought him tto New Zealand with his wife Emilia and young children. The family began life here in the Otago goldfields, but the freezing weather drove them to goldfields in the Coromandel.

Eventually the persistent news of fighting over land sales and confiscations throughout the country, particularly around the Waikato and Taranaki, proved too much of a lure. Von Tempsky the soldier was about to make a lasting impression here but he would be dead within just six years of arriving.

In one of his more famous exploits in the Waikato, von Tempsky laid low in a flax swamp for 48 hours without food and fresh water, at times surrounded, unseen, by hundreds of warriors.

Together with MacDonnell of the defence corps, he had started out on a secret mission to explore the "front" during the Land Wars in 1863.

A party of Maori spent the day pigeon shooting within speaking distance of the hidden men and later dogs belonging to the tribe yelped through the swamp after a pig. The men had their knives ready to kill the dogs that came near and threatened to give away their cover, but they were soon saved by the heavy rain that brought an end to the hunt and it continued until night when they stole away.

The wars that occurred in North Taranaki had resulted in the government confiscating large amounts of land. This in turn led to rebel conflicts in the south of the region, as Maori there resented the government's actions. Major von Tempsky led one of the assaults against Maori in May 1865.

He and his men had camped near Kakaramea for several days. After some of his men fell in with a group of Maori on the left bank of the river, von Tempsky assumed their pa must also be there. Smoke alerted him to the fact that it was actually on the right side of the Patea River on a flat surrounded by tall thickly forested hills.

Von Tempsky set out to explore a path some distance to the pa and later took a group of 48 forest rangers and 16 Waikato militia and various men of military rank with the plan of attacking the pa at night. They left at 1pm on a Saturday, but the plan was ruined by the difficult terrain. At one point, in order to cross a 45m cliff, the men were forced to use supplejacks and flax ladders to make progress.

They then lost their way and after trying two different tracks which didn't lead them to the pa, they found one that did. By now their would be no surprise attack, it was 6:30am.

Another track led the men to a high hilltop group of whare, which had recently been deserted, the fires still warm. A neighbouring hill now had large plumes of smoke drifting from it and the troops headed there. The pa site was a clearing surrounded by dense bush and a gully. The whole perimeter was barricaded and within the fences were about 30 flax whare and 80 people.

Von Tempsky and his men peered through the gate and crept around the barricade to see if there was a way in, but their only option was to make a noisy forced entry. Instantly the men faced a volley of fire but no-one was hit. By returning fire, they managed to force those in the pa back and into the thick bush behind the clearing. Casualties soon mounted on both sides.

One soldier, Ensign Whitfield, was hit by a bolt which went right through his right arm and a bullet which penetrated his liver. Private McBean was shot in the head and Captain George had the top of his right thumb blown off. Six to eight of the pa inhabitants were killed during the battle.

The steep hilltop position, thick surrounding bush and one path entry, gave the tribe an advantage. Von Tempsky, concerned at the enemy calling up reinforcements, decided to retreat. McBean died on the way back to camp.

Von Tempsky's eventual death came later after returning to Taranaki from fighting in the Auckland and Waikato areas.

A bungled retaliatory attack at the pa of warrior leader Titokowaru, Te Ngutu o-te-manu, saw 24 European settlers killed along with their fearless leader. Von Tempsky was shot in the head as he tried to help one of his fallen men.

Von Tempsky was a man of high regard, not only for his daring exploits, strong optimism and leadership skills, but also for his almost heroic air. He craved glory and honour along with fortune. He was a man of culture who spoke four languages, painted, played music and wrote. His demeanour was described as gallant with an air of defiance and adventure. His grey eyes had a "bold, fearless look" and his chin "spoke of determination and strength of will".

With tall boots and a curved sword at his side, von Tempsky looks every bit the dashing soldier. His thick dark hair and clean-shaven face made him a handsome man. But he was a soldier without much care for the politics of a war. His favourite tool was his Bowie knife, which he could "throw with deadly accuracy". While descriptions of him often sound romantic, there is nothing romantic about war.


1. Taranaki Herald, May 27, 1865, page 3; 31 October 1863, page 3; January 30, 1869 page 3; NZ Truth, July 21, 1906, page 7; New Zealand Illustrated Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 6, 1 March 1900, page 37.

2. Rhonda Bartie, Major Von Tempsky - Soldier of Fortune, http:/




Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elections 2011

We have plans for the comming elections in CHCH. These will involve a level of risk as it will be an up front activity. We need people with balls who want to be part of a real activity. Email us your interest.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flag Day 2011

Flag Day protest comming up in Wellington. Labour week end saterday. Contact Vince from Wellington NF for accomadation details. Start your travel plans now. 2 months to go. Be on the frontline, be part of making things move forward. The social afterwards is a great networking event. Contact Vince by txtn him on 0272359208

Monday, August 22, 2011

10,000 flyers distributed so far.

Thanks to kind donations and the efforts of our members and supporters we have distributed 10,000, its alright to be white flyers in NZ alone.
Great work team. We will carry on with this campaign. Over the next few months we expect to send out 20-30 thousand.
Feel free to download and copy and help us spread the word against this guilt controling system.
Action is the key to everything, if we dont get media cover enough we will just keep going and bring this message to homes all over NZ and the world as our other branches are getting on baord with this.

RWR Support Tshirts ready NOW

$35 each, Tshirts only, print on front and back.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

International news

As RWR grows with our Australian brothers and sisters, we are happy to report that we now have Sworn in members in Chile and Scotland. We will soon add Canada, USA, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Colombia, Wales and Sweden to our our Oath takers.
We also have communication with English, Serbian and Sth African brothers. We will update the contacts section of this site soon.
Our Chile brothers are also creating our International Site and translating our material to Spanish. They are also forming our first RWR band. They are now Leaders for RWR in Sth America after showing their skills in designing the new emblems for most of the other countries.
We must also thank those in Germany who have created an alternative design for RWR members in European countries with oppressive laws about emblems. In these the wolf angle rune is banned.

Wellington news

Wellington region RWR held its monthly meeting here in the week ending 5th August 2011.

At the meeting members from the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa were sworn in strengthening the regions rapidly expanding active membership. The youths present were also welcomed into the RWRs increasingly popular youth section. Our success is due to the hard work our leader in Chistchurch is devoting to this most highly important cause, that is, to save our people from genocide.

RWR in the Wellington region have been active recently distributing ' Smash Multiculturalism ' leaflets in the area. So far we have gone through around two thousand and we are busy printing up hundreds more weekly. Our members have been met with a some what unexpected positive reaction to the leaflets. This has been measured by the high number of enquires to the RWR email address and phone number.

RWR Wellington have also been involved in a poster campaign. This was mainly confined to the Capital and the posters have been the same as the leaflets, ' Smash Multiculturalism '. These dont seem to stay up for long but hopefully someone will get the message. RWR Wellington plans to be unremitting in these activities, we are here for the long haul.

RWR Wellington are also very aware of the hazards posed by all electronic devices, especially communication by way of cell phones and the internet. Ways of keeping ourselves safe were discussed and everybody went away with something to think about and action. Remember, big brother is always listening and watching.

Join the Resistance

022 4834778

Thursday, July 21, 2011

RWR International News

Hail Brothers and sisters, RWR will be setting up liaison members for Different continents. Each of these will be people who have close contact with Kyle and can support HQ in this role of expansion internationally. RWR is now seen as an active and progressive organisation. We will keep this focus and work with our brothers and sisters internationally to protect our people and work on issues that are relevant to our networked countries.
With the growing number of states in the USA with RWR Youth and now full RWR membership being established we have appointed a trusted member to work with the USA and Canada.
Europe will be managed from our established branch in Finland. We have interest from Britain, Germany, Sweden and Italy.
South America and Oceania will be under HQ direction until an alternative set up is needed.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Youth site under construction

This is part of our International Project. We have youth Units set up now in a number of states in the USA and other countries are in progress.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Rule of growth. Activity. Get out and do flyers, posters, protests, and publicity stunts. These activities will bring media and interest from the public. Media are evil, but even these pricks can bring us huge amounts of new people. We are in the days of money problems and suffering. Its our time to grow and to find the people who are waking up to the problems of our day.
Key Rule of RWR "if you start problems, its your problem, if a problem comes to you, then its our problem" In other words, dont start shit and cause you brothers to face jail becauae of you. If we have to do time, let it be for something of honour and to protect our people.
The key to stop infighting, its pretty simply! Mind your own biz! Don't get into peoples personal life, don't make friends with your brothers women, don't get involved with your brother domestic problems, don't get into any of his problems unless he asked for your help. If someone has a drama and tries to get you involved, tell them you don't want to know about it. Religion is someone else's biz!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Comming soon!!

Right Wing Resistance are proud to say we will have a blog site up soon for our Youth Units.

Also we hope to have an actual RWR website up in the near future.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

RWR progress

RWR has been expanding into Europe and Australia. We now have Allies and new interest to form RWR in the USA. We will be recruiting state Reps to get things started and to build our structure up in the US.

RWR Support Tshirts ready soon.

These shirts will be for anyone who support RWR and our work toward a better future for our people.

The emblem will have "Friends of the the Resistance" around the top and 14/NA at the bottom. They will have "Support RWR" on the back in large Letters.

NA is Nationalist Alliance. RWR supports all organisations within the NA.

These Tshirts will be $35 each plus postage. Like all our shirts the money made supports our activities and all surplus is Donated to the Land Base project of the RWR and Nationalist Alliance.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

North Island Growth

We are Happy to report that after the recent media interest in RWR and our Stop the Asian invasion campaign we have had success in growing in the North. We have always had people in the main cities and some towns in the north, but now our numbers have grown with fresh new people with good attitudes and high levels of motivation. Many have said this is what they have been waiting for. Stating that they have had enough and find it frustrating that so many people just sit back and let our country be taken over.

We discussed the new Citizen Party and how it is what we have warned about, Asians forming their own power base to take control of our government.

There are future activities for the Elections planned for around the country and have put into motion the activities for Auckland.

With the growing numbers of unhappy New Zealanders our numbers will grow. We are in this for our future. Everything we wanted from the recent campaign has come to fruit for us so far. Even the Anti movement that has sprung up to counter us is all part of the process for us to grow. Its funny how they bring us more attention and help us recruit through their own stupid activities.

Thank you to all the people who have taken care of me (Kyle Chapman) on my travels. I have been from Invercargill to Auckland visiting our people and meeting new activist. Our movement is growing from strength to strength. Great people involved. I am proud and privileged to work with such highly motivated and active people.

We look forward to further growth.

Join the Resistance!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

North Island visits

Anyone in North Island ares who would like to meet up please let us know. I will be going to a few cities and towns this year to follow up on our growing units.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New street patrol Campaign

We are designing the new pamphlet now for the street patrol campaign. We will be recruiting people who share our concerns about the growing troubles in our suburbs.

We seek financial support to pay for the uniforms. We will be putting together a proper security uniform for our people to go about the work of keeping our streets safe and free of graffiti.

Help us by send us donations, or by joining us in our project. We want people to feel safe in the affected areas again. So they can go for walks at night.

If you live in an area that has the high levels of crime and graffiti we are talking about we ask you to let us know. We will go to the places that we are most needed as long as we have the feet on the ground in that area.

If you don't want us in your area let us know. We wont go to areas that people don't need us. We don't want to waste our resources on ungrateful people who would rather live with the problem.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Auckland Meet up

I will be going to Auckland in the near future. Anyone wanting to meet with RWR Auckland and myself are welcome to come along. All we ask is that you register your interest before the event so a pre event meet up can be organised by local members. This is to ensure the safety of all those who will show up.
We welcome people from Hamilton and other people around the top of the north to this event as well.
We will be making plans for up coming events and look at ways to work together in that area.
There has long been White Nationalists in the Auckland area and its time to see how these people can work in with RWR in up coming activities and campaigns. We have had a lot of support from AK after the 'Stop the Asian Invasion campaign'. It time to see how many people will now keep their interest moving forward.
Register by emailing us
please add your contact phone number.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A look at the Asian invasion campaign and the reaction

Their ambitions for more control in our country is evident with the forming of their own political party, their block voting that sways the policies of other parties at general elections and gets Mayor candidates sucking up to them for city issues.
Many of them have ties with communism or other controlling dominant types of governments with oppressive police and military. These people are used to control and fear based policies. They have proven during our campaign that they wish to bring in these types of policies in our country. They want to take away our freedom because we have issues with them. That's not what we do in free countries.
Many of the people who come to New Zealand are still loyal to their own country, so we could never rely on them if our country was in danger. If we had problems with their country they could be an internal threat. It is not unreasonable to suspect that Chinese agents already live among us.
There is evidence that some of the purchasing they do is to put their business in control of essential services like the power lines in Wellington, and the attempt to buy large parts of our dairy farming. This gets them into positions where we need what they provide. This is a strategy suggested by Sun Sui a historic military tactician in ancient China. One of his main philosophies is "to win the war without fighting is best" and "to change the heart of the people". In these regards the Chinese business is very successful. Along with the Multicultural lie that is feed to us by the leftist morons and greedy capitalist who both have no foresight and have become allies of this take over while they jump on the boat and they attack Nationalism and all attempts to protect us from this asianisation. We are losing our control of our own nations industry.
With large numbers of Immigration, a strain on housing has brought rentals and house pricing up making it unaffordable for many New Zealanders.
With large numbers of people who are willing to work for low incomes the standard of pay and workers rights goes down. It could take pages to spell this out, but in simple terms, if you have someone willing to work for a bowl of rice come here and he is happy with minimum wage, the local workers have a raw deal as they have to compete with those who feel rich with their new wages.
It is evident that nearly all Asian countries have low human rights records. They don't hold human life very high. China alone kills everyone who oppose them. They line people up in the hundreds at a time and shoot them in the head. They run people down in tanks when they protest, they are committing genocide on Tibet and anyone who defies them despairs. Even the non communist countries in Asia have many of the same kinds of issues. The people who are fresh of boat from these countries are likely to have this mentality. In all my days of Nationalist Politics its only Asians who threaten my family and wife. In general they often have a more cruel and ruthless way of looking at life.
Child kidnappings were brought here by Asian organised crime. Street battles between Cambodians and Vietnamese have accrued and foreign owned media have minimal reports sweeping it away so people don't react. The more foreigners come the more problems they bring. Its not hard to see. The Political Correctness has become a brainwashing tool to stop people seeing the obvious. The money these people bring is not worth the hassle.
With masses amounts of people who wont/cant assimilate into New Zealand we are threatened with a new way of life. Our kiwi culture dies away while they become more dominant. The friendly neighbour is already becoming a thing of the past, especially in Auckland with Asian and other foreign populations are more numerous.
RWR is now the primary Resistance movement. Our flyer campaign has been the most effective single flyer campaign in NZ right wing history. We have successfully taunted the wealthy and the left into getting us media attention. We have got many Asians to show their true colours with their pages aimed at us with threats and abuse, with no real arguments for what they are doing here. The left are so uptight they are having their heads blow off with their anger and shame. Its their shame that makes them so emotional. They have become so afraid and shamed of anything un PC that they totally over react about it and they loose the ability to think straight.
The left have reacted foolishly by giving us so much attention, yet they are such emotional creatures they cant help themselves. They have helped us to expand and unite. The threat txts etc have given our members someone to have as enemies with full justification. We will be taunting them on their phones long after their emotional bursts are over.
The spoon Spoonly
The so called experts like Spoonly who has never even had contact with any real right winger is a joke. He just makes stuff up. He has never agreed to a public debate even when groups have challenged him. If he was so sure of himself he would, but he is a cunning creature. He knows he has to just avoid us and give the media the same old crap over and over and they will suck it up. He knows what they want to print, its not the truth, its all about keeping him employed. Even his stance that the media should keep reporting us is so much crap. From all the media we get our numbers have grown dramatically. We are so busy doing new member packs and organising new units that we are over loaded with work again. It always happens. I suppose we should thank the spoon for helping to keep us going, but hes just so full of crap about everything he says. Like his theory that Skinheads don't live long in the North. Hamilton has one of the largest Skinhead populations. Auckland has always had people loyal to myself and the right organisations. This campaign has brought many more out of the wood work. We were struggling to find them in Auckland until now. I don't know of any city in the north that doesn't have a good number of White Nationalists including the very visible skinhead crews. Spoonly has also lied about groups in the past. He even got basic information wrong in his published material. But because he knows how to suck up to the right lefty dickheads and Zionists at Waikato University he has a good position there.
Lincoln Timtan and the media

As I blogged earlier he had his own reasons for making up lies. But again we should thank him, many people have emailed just because they wanted to help with the March he made up. I don't get his logic, maybe he needed this to get himself a boost in his Carreer. He was a no body journalist and now he has a few key stories all based on the lie he told about the RWR anti Asian march. I told him we have action planed and he made up the rest. On ya Lincoln. You helped to boost us even more. Even when the media avoid interviewing me themselves we have got more people asking us about it.
The media in general have played into our hands. Even though they probably think it has made some movement against us. They don't realise we need that anti movement as well. Anyone who has studied psychology will tell you that the low ranking people like ours need to have enemies in order to get motivated. This is the key to unity. Without it I could never keep our intense members and supporters unified. They fight among themselves when there is no common enemy. It cracks me that the media know this, the experts know this, but they played into it anyway.
To the coward scum who threaten us and our families.
Even though we know that txt and email threats and abuse are from scared little rabbits who would call the cops if we ever found them. The low level of things they said was of note, and those saying it claimed to be Asians, such as threatening to kill my children and rape my wife. These are the kinds of ideas that come from foreign cultures. They have no place here, yet you lefty morons who support them allow it with your do-gooder crap.
If anyone ever found their way to my home in anger, and they didn't manage to kill me, they would die. I would do the lag to protect my family and home. I am a usually calm person, but when it comes to my family I would let my rage out. I would give no mercy to such, as there would be none deserved. The one thing from our ancestors I would put into practice would be to remove their head.
Spell Nazis
Its funny how the do-gooders always hassle us for our spelling. They are so focused on education instead of the message. It shows how fake and materialist they are. I have nothing but contempt for these people. They want to give everyone human rights while they take ours away. They think that since we are white we should do better for ourselves. Their institutional racism is so strong they hate us because we complain against the unfair system that walks over low income kiwis while shoving their help in everyone else's faces to look good for their PC mates. The education system along with the media are mainly left wing. No low income white kids will ever get a fare go in this country, that's why our numbers grow. Hypocrisy really stings, and people remember it. There is no understanding for our people because they are white. These do-gooders would rather we died then did anything that could help us improve our lives.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No March planed in Auckland

Lincoln Tan the reporter behind this story made up this idea of a March in Auckland. I suspect he has his own motives for it considering he helped to organise one himself in the past to go against us. He looked like a fool on 60mins when they did a story on us both. So this must be his way of getting some revenge.

We have plans for activism in Auckland and other cities for the Elections, but these plans are ours to hold onto until we are ready to bring them out.

Its a surprise at how many media sources just jumped onto this crap story without even phoning us to make sure its real. The problem is how many morons actually believe these lies and get all upset over it because they believe anything they read.

Its one of the reasons we have contempt for the system, it breads idiots who will suck up every bit of rubbish they are fed. They dont question or research anything for themselves, they just take it all in.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Media

As many of you will know we had a fantastic live debate last night on Closeup. The Professor they chose could hardly speak English, she played right into the hands of Kyle who took every opportunity to get the true reason for the flyer drops.

Other media has been the usual lies, today's Herald article by former rival protester Lincoln Tan, showed how low they will go and made up more crap to put in a paper. Kyle talked about the idea of some action for the elections, but never talked about what he put in there. He changed all the bits and peaces around and turned it into a peace of crap journalism like usual for lefty New Zealand News papers. another paper we wont be talking to in future.

This has dragged on through radio interviews, talk back, news papers all over NZ and local TV Chanel's. It has been thee most successful right wing flyer campaign ever in New Zealand.
Thank you brothers and sisters for the effort that made this happen. The plan to target high income areas paid off. Man them people love to moan and complain, too much time on their hands ah. better to put a hundred flyer's in rich letter boxes then 10,000 in the lower income. The media we get is worth $100,000 worth of free adds. before the closeup interview we had about 50/50 support/negative feed back. After it we have been getting 90% support. The media are primarily left wing and will now try and do scummy things to make us look bad. Its they way the roll. They are part of the systems control, mass brainwashing at its best.

Yesterday on radio live the reporter got so angry that Kyle apposed his left wing views that he hung up on him. How unprofessional lol. Cant handle the jandle.

We will add some of the news links to our media links section when we have time. At the moment we are dealing with the huge new member increase and constant emails and txt of support.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Press Lies

The Christchurch Press has once again allowed their poorly motivated staff to put up lies in their story.
This has happened in the past and they have even been busted by the press council for doing it. Their research is Nil if at all. In the latest article they pretended they contacted the RWR. But this is not true. They know we wont talk to them so they don't even phone us anymore. Why don't we talk to them... because they lie, they are supportive of the left and they are foreign owned. How can a industry be considered credible when its reporting on an org that is against its existence. It cant, and they prove that with every bit of Garbage they do. They never take legal action when we call them liars because they are. We have a hand full of stories now where they told blatant lies.
We have seen hundreds that they twisted the truth. Why even lie about phoning us? Why pretend they had contact with us. They need people to think they are researching their garbage. They don't want to say that we refuse to talk to them now.
The other thing we noticed about the newest story is they don't have the blog option anymore. This is also simple to explain. They see that half the people are sick of the Asian invasion and some even support RWR. They cant handle this level of freedom.

A few points about this story:

They never phoned us or emailed us. So no one said they wouldn't give their name or say what spam had happened.The Spam all goes into a Junk box, it doesn't affect us at all.In the recent lot it was about 2-3 people for a whole week who spammed us, they could have all been the same person (as its usually one nut job who does it).Every time someone sends spam and it gets through to our email (which is rare) we just tick it as spam and it never comes back lol.

Good one Press, you prove how low you can go again.If anyone wants to see the evidence of Press lies in the past contact Kerry Bolton who won a case againt them when they slandered him.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stop The Asian Invasion

Anyone wanting to be part of a Nation Wide 'Stop the Asian Invasion' Campaign are welcome to Email us on This will also put you on the emailing list. We are currently in the preparation stage. Looking at mass mail drops and poster runs around New Zealand. This will be happening in about a months time, around the end of April. We will be printing T-shirts for this act of resistance. Time to step up and show that we are NOT happy with what these lefty do-gooders and money hungry government power mongers are doing to us. We must resist this Invasion of our Country that will end with us being worker slaves to foreign owned companies, many of whom are Asians. If we want to stay free, we have to do something!!

We are going to start mass production of the flyer's this week.

Please send in donations if possible, plus if you could please let us know which City/Town you will be able to do the drops in this would be great. Thank you! Its time to stand up for our Country..

Northern White Pride BBQ

Information for RWR and NF members and supporters in Northern Waikato, Hamilton, Auckland and anyone else who feels like the drive.

Great time to meet like minded folk and to make new contacts and build friendships.

This event will be held in Northern Waikato. Anyone interested in this event needs to contact Mike 027 8169286

Its this week end.

Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd Right Wing Resistance Anniversary National Meeting
We made sure we get the business part of the week end out of the way before we moved onto the social events. During our Friday night activities we had our New Zealand T-shirt presentation for all members who are that stage of our membership process. This will be available on you-tube when we find someone who has the skills and the time to make this happen. After this we also welcomed four new brothers into our movement and started four new people to the probation stage of our organisation. We invited our partners and friends to the ceremony parts of the meeting. After this we had a break with diner.
Our closed national meeting started with the introduction of new official documents for the members to read, and that will be presented to all new members as they join RWR. These documents along with current structural and organisational papers are a part of our stability and future growth and all members must accept them.
Following the new document inclusions we went through our reports. These included our regional reports, speciality reports such as security, recruitment and land base updates. Then we went through our plans for the WPWW week end.
Anniversary Party.
It has been commented that Skinheads take up their time with parties and other self indulgent activities. I can tell you that we have parties, we enjoy life. We earn our right to socialise with each other. This is because we get our feet on the ground to do things for our people. We will not bow down to the pressure of the system. We stand proud and fight in every way we have available to us. So when we party we party knowing we did our part and can rest from time to time and socialise with bonded brothers and sisters who stand beside us.
We started our evening with a fantastic feed. Two large lamb legs, a roast pork, and chicken along with some great side dishes provided by our members friends and partners. After this beautifully feast we had a fun filled social celebrating the 2 years of our organisation.
Well this day started out with rain, and the rain stayed long enough for us to have to cancel our plans for the WPWW event in the open park. We we made a swift plan change to suit the situation with the putting up some extra shelter at our pad we set it up to be our alternative venue. Many of us were glad this happened as it saved us setting up somewhere else and then having to pack up. It also meant that we had everything we needed for everything we wanted to do.
A few people showed up and left during the day and a good many stayed till late with some staying the night. It was one of the best events we have ever organised and I am very proud of our brothers and sisters who stepped up and helped out this week end. Thank you guys.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lies on the web!

Left wing forum trolls have been putting up articles in some forums about RWR. One claims that we want to take out the Rebels MC.
This is some little left wing fag who has no way to ever get us because he is so scared, so he creates some lie like this to create enemies for our organisation. They have done the same in the past.
We have no opinion on Motorcycle Clubs.
We have a Clare purpose. it is to fight communism and other scum that want to take away our freedoms.
We stand up for ourselves in what ever way we need to, we do not go looking for drama. These drama take us away from our purpose.
We seek to stop the Asian Invasion that will one day destroy our rights and freedoms.
We Fight a system that hurts its people.
We look after our own people and fight for them and their rights.

The left only have sneaky little tricks, they are cowards who don't stand up for what they believe in, they just find ways to manipulate other people. Its foolish to believe stupid forums and other public media sights like Inidemedia, Topix, Whale blubber, and those other stupid forums where some mental geek has nothing better to do then verbal attacks on other people

Friday, March 11, 2011


Greetings Folks

We have a solid plan now for the up comming to WPWW activities.

THERE WILL NOT BE A MARCH. But we will have a social meet and greet in a Park location. There will be some food and drinks provided.

Anyone interested in the Park we will be meeting in can contact us and get the details.
We expect an average turn out. Some people who were traveling to CHCH for this week end have pulled out because of fear of the Shakes.

However we are proud to say we have a few new contacts who have committed to comming.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Radio Interview

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Greetings to our members, friends and supporters

Some of you may be thinking about our movement in CHCH and how it is holding up after the last big shake.
The last one was much bigger then the september event. It has damaged parts of the city in such a way it is like a post Nuke war movie.
Most of our members live in the hardest hit areas, as we are mostly in the eastern Suberbs.

3 of our members lost their houses. But they are all ok and will get through this event.
Our main social house has beds to help our people out.
We have had food donated to our club that has been distributed to those who have emediate need,
and we have enough to host a shared meal with our local members and supporters this comming sunday night.
This will be to share experiances and to build our bonds even further.

Our numbers continue to grow in ChCH, as many people see the benifits of being part of an organisation.
We continue to make plans to help our movement grow and to seek out like minded folk.

The National Meeting will still go ahead on the 18th March, and all our members and probationaries are welcome to come to that.
This will still be followed by a social run by BnH on the sat and then a low key event for WPWW day in the form of a BBQ in a park, where we will have the
opertunity to reflect on the recent events and share some food and drinks with the wider white pride community.

We send our best wishes to anyone else who is in CHCH and suffering. Please contact us if you need our help.
We will do what ever we can to assist out people in this time.
Our members have already been out shovling silt, shareing their showers and other facilities, giving out food and stored water, and done countless missions around the city to assist people in variouse ways.

Our Org has now branched out in some areas as a result of the earthquake. We hope to report the forming of some new branches soon.

Please keep in contact.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tribute to the lads.

Thank you to the brothers who once again came out, even when its not convenient. They come out with the Club to help raise awareness and to promote our cause. They work for our people even when most of our people dont care, even when most of our people hate us for it.

RWR is the most active WN org in NZ. This get proven more and more.

Last night 15 of us went into the middle of the mainly asian areas and put up posters and mailboxed flyers saying "stop the asian invasion". We do this as we must bring this issue to common discussion. It must not be let happen without someone to fight it.

We are the Frontline now of White Nationalism in New Zealand.

Join the RWR and help us make a difference. Help us and fund us. We need your support to make a greater impact.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Above New Shirts are nearly ready. These are the shirts worn by those who contribute to the National European Land Base project.

We are happy to report our numbers are continueing to grow in RWRNZ around the country.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tagging Prevention Task force update

We have had some success in this project.
We are happy to report that we have prevented some tagging and removed the tools of the offence from them. Thank you to our brothers who are helping with this project as it has shown a great deal of personal risk and time to perform these activities.

Anyone wanting to help out in this project can contact us,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Right Wing City

Greetings Brothers and Sisters

RWR is commited to being more active this year. In Christchurch we have already started this with our flyer drops. We will be doing more of this but also some key location Protest for high impact against our enimies. Targets will include the Imagration Office, Government departments that are putting forigners before New Zealanders.

We are now asking you our patriot friends for help. We need more funds to pay for the materials we need. We need others to commit to do activities in other parts of the Country.

Also we would like to invite anyone who like to be part of the Hub of the movement in Christchurch to move here and join with us in our fight to make more people aware of the problems our Nation is facing. We would help you find accomadation and point you in the direction of employment possibilities.

This is our year. We will put the first step forward. Will you come with us?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent News Cover

Many of you comming to this sight will be wanting to know more after the recent news cover about out Organisation and the recent flyer drop.

As usual the Press (no better then a tabloid) is just working on peoples fears and stress. We put out two flyers. We will put the other up in here ASAP. We only put out 200 of the others as a test to see what the reaction would be.

Obviously they are our views, and no one can take them from us. But the Race Relations department wants to take away our freedoms and our right to speak out about things that concern us. They think by charging us it will some how change the way we feel, and that our worries about mass imagration and third world take over will go away.

We would also like to point out that any report done by Global Media companies is a conflict of interest and should not be taken as real. All reports by Fairfax should be taken with contempt as they are duty bound to their global masters to fry us and to try and counter anything good we do, and to try and make us look bad. They want to seperate us from other people who think the same but are scared of what will happen if they come out and say it.

If you are sick of being afraid. If you would like to help us. Please do so. You can do flyer drops, come to Demonstrations, and if you need to stay behind the seens, send us money. It will go strait into information and recruitment programmes.

The Right is growing. I am happy to say even with the horrible reporting again by the Press, with their bad researve, their missleading story lines and their typical scare mongering, we still have had many people email us with support and some even offer their help with flyers.

Join us now while we are on a roll!!