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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent News Cover

Many of you comming to this sight will be wanting to know more after the recent news cover about out Organisation and the recent flyer drop.

As usual the Press (no better then a tabloid) is just working on peoples fears and stress. We put out two flyers. We will put the other up in here ASAP. We only put out 200 of the others as a test to see what the reaction would be.

Obviously they are our views, and no one can take them from us. But the Race Relations department wants to take away our freedoms and our right to speak out about things that concern us. They think by charging us it will some how change the way we feel, and that our worries about mass imagration and third world take over will go away.

We would also like to point out that any report done by Global Media companies is a conflict of interest and should not be taken as real. All reports by Fairfax should be taken with contempt as they are duty bound to their global masters to fry us and to try and counter anything good we do, and to try and make us look bad. They want to seperate us from other people who think the same but are scared of what will happen if they come out and say it.

If you are sick of being afraid. If you would like to help us. Please do so. You can do flyer drops, come to Demonstrations, and if you need to stay behind the seens, send us money. It will go strait into information and recruitment programmes.

The Right is growing. I am happy to say even with the horrible reporting again by the Press, with their bad researve, their missleading story lines and their typical scare mongering, we still have had many people email us with support and some even offer their help with flyers.

Join us now while we are on a roll!!

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