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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Right Wing City

Greetings Brothers and Sisters

RWR is commited to being more active this year. In Christchurch we have already started this with our flyer drops. We will be doing more of this but also some key location Protest for high impact against our enimies. Targets will include the Imagration Office, Government departments that are putting forigners before New Zealanders.

We are now asking you our patriot friends for help. We need more funds to pay for the materials we need. We need others to commit to do activities in other parts of the Country.

Also we would like to invite anyone who like to be part of the Hub of the movement in Christchurch to move here and join with us in our fight to make more people aware of the problems our Nation is facing. We would help you find accomadation and point you in the direction of employment possibilities.

This is our year. We will put the first step forward. Will you come with us?

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