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Peter Kramer
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14 words

14 words
We do for the love of our people.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stop The Asian Invasion

Anyone wanting to be part of a Nation Wide 'Stop the Asian Invasion' Campaign are welcome to Email us on This will also put you on the emailing list. We are currently in the preparation stage. Looking at mass mail drops and poster runs around New Zealand. This will be happening in about a months time, around the end of April. We will be printing T-shirts for this act of resistance. Time to step up and show that we are NOT happy with what these lefty do-gooders and money hungry government power mongers are doing to us. We must resist this Invasion of our Country that will end with us being worker slaves to foreign owned companies, many of whom are Asians. If we want to stay free, we have to do something!!

We are going to start mass production of the flyer's this week.

Please send in donations if possible, plus if you could please let us know which City/Town you will be able to do the drops in this would be great. Thank you! Its time to stand up for our Country..

Northern White Pride BBQ

Information for RWR and NF members and supporters in Northern Waikato, Hamilton, Auckland and anyone else who feels like the drive.

Great time to meet like minded folk and to make new contacts and build friendships.

This event will be held in Northern Waikato. Anyone interested in this event needs to contact Mike 027 8169286

Its this week end.

Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd Right Wing Resistance Anniversary National Meeting
We made sure we get the business part of the week end out of the way before we moved onto the social events. During our Friday night activities we had our New Zealand T-shirt presentation for all members who are that stage of our membership process. This will be available on you-tube when we find someone who has the skills and the time to make this happen. After this we also welcomed four new brothers into our movement and started four new people to the probation stage of our organisation. We invited our partners and friends to the ceremony parts of the meeting. After this we had a break with diner.
Our closed national meeting started with the introduction of new official documents for the members to read, and that will be presented to all new members as they join RWR. These documents along with current structural and organisational papers are a part of our stability and future growth and all members must accept them.
Following the new document inclusions we went through our reports. These included our regional reports, speciality reports such as security, recruitment and land base updates. Then we went through our plans for the WPWW week end.
Anniversary Party.
It has been commented that Skinheads take up their time with parties and other self indulgent activities. I can tell you that we have parties, we enjoy life. We earn our right to socialise with each other. This is because we get our feet on the ground to do things for our people. We will not bow down to the pressure of the system. We stand proud and fight in every way we have available to us. So when we party we party knowing we did our part and can rest from time to time and socialise with bonded brothers and sisters who stand beside us.
We started our evening with a fantastic feed. Two large lamb legs, a roast pork, and chicken along with some great side dishes provided by our members friends and partners. After this beautifully feast we had a fun filled social celebrating the 2 years of our organisation.
Well this day started out with rain, and the rain stayed long enough for us to have to cancel our plans for the WPWW event in the open park. We we made a swift plan change to suit the situation with the putting up some extra shelter at our pad we set it up to be our alternative venue. Many of us were glad this happened as it saved us setting up somewhere else and then having to pack up. It also meant that we had everything we needed for everything we wanted to do.
A few people showed up and left during the day and a good many stayed till late with some staying the night. It was one of the best events we have ever organised and I am very proud of our brothers and sisters who stepped up and helped out this week end. Thank you guys.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lies on the web!

Left wing forum trolls have been putting up articles in some forums about RWR. One claims that we want to take out the Rebels MC.
This is some little left wing fag who has no way to ever get us because he is so scared, so he creates some lie like this to create enemies for our organisation. They have done the same in the past.
We have no opinion on Motorcycle Clubs.
We have a Clare purpose. it is to fight communism and other scum that want to take away our freedoms.
We stand up for ourselves in what ever way we need to, we do not go looking for drama. These drama take us away from our purpose.
We seek to stop the Asian Invasion that will one day destroy our rights and freedoms.
We Fight a system that hurts its people.
We look after our own people and fight for them and their rights.

The left only have sneaky little tricks, they are cowards who don't stand up for what they believe in, they just find ways to manipulate other people. Its foolish to believe stupid forums and other public media sights like Inidemedia, Topix, Whale blubber, and those other stupid forums where some mental geek has nothing better to do then verbal attacks on other people

Friday, March 11, 2011


Greetings Folks

We have a solid plan now for the up comming to WPWW activities.

THERE WILL NOT BE A MARCH. But we will have a social meet and greet in a Park location. There will be some food and drinks provided.

Anyone interested in the Park we will be meeting in can contact us and get the details.
We expect an average turn out. Some people who were traveling to CHCH for this week end have pulled out because of fear of the Shakes.

However we are proud to say we have a few new contacts who have committed to comming.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Radio Interview

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Greetings to our members, friends and supporters

Some of you may be thinking about our movement in CHCH and how it is holding up after the last big shake.
The last one was much bigger then the september event. It has damaged parts of the city in such a way it is like a post Nuke war movie.
Most of our members live in the hardest hit areas, as we are mostly in the eastern Suberbs.

3 of our members lost their houses. But they are all ok and will get through this event.
Our main social house has beds to help our people out.
We have had food donated to our club that has been distributed to those who have emediate need,
and we have enough to host a shared meal with our local members and supporters this comming sunday night.
This will be to share experiances and to build our bonds even further.

Our numbers continue to grow in ChCH, as many people see the benifits of being part of an organisation.
We continue to make plans to help our movement grow and to seek out like minded folk.

The National Meeting will still go ahead on the 18th March, and all our members and probationaries are welcome to come to that.
This will still be followed by a social run by BnH on the sat and then a low key event for WPWW day in the form of a BBQ in a park, where we will have the
opertunity to reflect on the recent events and share some food and drinks with the wider white pride community.

We send our best wishes to anyone else who is in CHCH and suffering. Please contact us if you need our help.
We will do what ever we can to assist out people in this time.
Our members have already been out shovling silt, shareing their showers and other facilities, giving out food and stored water, and done countless missions around the city to assist people in variouse ways.

Our Org has now branched out in some areas as a result of the earthquake. We hope to report the forming of some new branches soon.

Please keep in contact.