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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stop The Asian Invasion

Anyone wanting to be part of a Nation Wide 'Stop the Asian Invasion' Campaign are welcome to Email us on This will also put you on the emailing list. We are currently in the preparation stage. Looking at mass mail drops and poster runs around New Zealand. This will be happening in about a months time, around the end of April. We will be printing T-shirts for this act of resistance. Time to step up and show that we are NOT happy with what these lefty do-gooders and money hungry government power mongers are doing to us. We must resist this Invasion of our Country that will end with us being worker slaves to foreign owned companies, many of whom are Asians. If we want to stay free, we have to do something!!

We are going to start mass production of the flyer's this week.

Please send in donations if possible, plus if you could please let us know which City/Town you will be able to do the drops in this would be great. Thank you! Its time to stand up for our Country..


  1. I commented before on another post.

    I support what you uys are doing, HOWEVER...

    If we keep drssing up like skinheads people will look at us like NZAI's and we will never get support.

    We must get rid of this 'I look cool in black clothing with no hair' thinking, and dress normally. Gain peoples respect, and show them we are well-dressed individuals who care about whites. We will get no respect dressed like thugs.

    Sorry, I'm not trying to shit stir. We need to improve our image.


  2. Thanks for your interest. Your concerns are noted, but we have been through all this before. There are no straight looking people with the balls enough to stand up for our cause.
    We have looked for them before. There have been in the past but they have all got frustraited that they couldnt create a mass good looking movement. Skinheads have been the back bone of the White Nationalist movement. Untill some straight looking guys get their act together and get something going it will stay the Skinheads who do everything. Its strongly advised that anyone that has these comments about Skinheads should do what they are talking about instead of telling us about it. We know what we are doing, and we are doing it. We are interested in front up people anbd good behind the scene people. Some so called WN's are too scared to even meet up with us... Shows they will never do anything.

  3. Ok, I understand your point.

    Can someone be part of your group and not have short hair?

    Also, I posted comments before about flyer content. Did you guys check it out?

    ex. Where would Maoris get their benefits if there were no white people, multiculturalism only benefits non-whites, racial integration just causes more problems, why doesn't the government allow whites easier entry because they are more culturally compatible and assimilate better etc.

    1. All legitimate people who seek membership are welcome, also you can join The Resistance Party

  4. Your country was a part of UK whom lunched a military invasion against China during the opium war
    It is you who wrecked our lands and slaughtered thousands if not millions in the first place, we had a closed boarder policy, and it is YOU who cracked it open, why can’t we come over to your country when you did it first in a much more robust manner?
    You haven’t yet repaid what you owe us.
    It is your country who asked for trade and immigrated to China to begin with, why cant
    Your country is still exploiting our workers at this very moment, you bring all your primary manufacture over to China and get us to do the job for a small price, and that's what caused the environmental damage, because YOU don’t pay enough to clean up your own mess.
    You can claim that we agreed and wanted to export, and I can claim your government also agreed and wanted Chinese migrants.
    NZ sent troops to the Korean wall and killed thousands of Chinese military personnel, if you can invade Asia, why can’t we come over?

    1. I agree with some of your points, and we would stop taking advantage of your labour and we would stop the free trade deal. We would stop global companies who operate from New Zealand taking advantage of your people. Then you can seek payment from those who actually owe you something as we owe you nothing. Your country drains our resources as we speak...

    2. Nz was a part of uk when most of the invasion take place, so how can you claim that your not liable? and owe nothing?
      most of our heritage assets still yet lies in the western museum, why aren’t you giving them back?

      In terms of resource, your draining a lot more of our sources every minute.
      In addition, can you advise specifically how are we draining your resource? when we are investing billions of dollars into your economies each year?

      without our primary workers, most items on your shopping list will have it's price tripled.

      As regarding to environmental issues

      Back in 1952 5th of December- 8th of December 4000 people died in London from toxic air and pollution within just 4 days and 8000 died in the following 2 months.
      As in regards to Human right and free speech, Westerns nations and America had slaves before becoming industrialized and development of technology, we didn’t.
      You only got rid of slavery because you didn’t need it anymore, you’ve developed out of it, you had hundred’s years of time to develop yourself, while we suffered invasions from you.
      You had much more cunning policies then we did back at your development days, why are you accusing us?


      this table clearly shows you've taken way more goods from us, machinery, closing, and everything else.

      In addition, most of products we sold you was on a ripping off cheap price, which means the real value of these goods sent to NZ would have been 3~4 times their book value.

      tell me where is this drain source concept come from.

    4. oh my God, stop the free trade deal? to be honest and realistic, FTD contributes more benefits to NZ as a small isolated country than to China; for China, New Zealand is a very tiny market; for New Zealand, China is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge market. Even Warehouse has to buy some made-in-china from Australia because Chinese companies don't want to deal with NZ's small orders. NZ's European market is shrinking sharply, China will be the biggest market for New Zealand, without Chinese market.........., I cannot imagine.......Anyway, I am positively surprised with you manner,.

    5. And we did, my country stopped taking in your meats to begin with, as you wished. We blocked your meat exports as you suggested we should, why did your officials and ministers come back to us in tears, crying and pleading to resolve the problem and made it a priority? why aren't you keeping to your words?

  5. NZ is a part of UK who invaded and robbed us, NZ had been sending troops to asia which killed thousands of our soldiers, if you say your not accountable then tell me who is?
    You get more benefit compared to the negative impact from trading and migrating with us, and this has been proven by the your government economist.
    If you don't like it then tell your own government that, we are not accountable for this and shouldn't be held responsible by any means.

    If you just want to exploit, invade and not pay any resource in return then tell me how are you people not just an uncivilized robber?

  6. whites invaded Maori's land, what did Maoris say?

  7. we are all little people living on the earth, why can't everyone just see each other as a single human being. there shouldn't be asian, or white, or black, just human. it's not our choice to be asian or white or black, but we have a choice to be a better man.