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14 words
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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Greetings to our members, friends and supporters

Some of you may be thinking about our movement in CHCH and how it is holding up after the last big shake.
The last one was much bigger then the september event. It has damaged parts of the city in such a way it is like a post Nuke war movie.
Most of our members live in the hardest hit areas, as we are mostly in the eastern Suberbs.

3 of our members lost their houses. But they are all ok and will get through this event.
Our main social house has beds to help our people out.
We have had food donated to our club that has been distributed to those who have emediate need,
and we have enough to host a shared meal with our local members and supporters this comming sunday night.
This will be to share experiances and to build our bonds even further.

Our numbers continue to grow in ChCH, as many people see the benifits of being part of an organisation.
We continue to make plans to help our movement grow and to seek out like minded folk.

The National Meeting will still go ahead on the 18th March, and all our members and probationaries are welcome to come to that.
This will still be followed by a social run by BnH on the sat and then a low key event for WPWW day in the form of a BBQ in a park, where we will have the
opertunity to reflect on the recent events and share some food and drinks with the wider white pride community.

We send our best wishes to anyone else who is in CHCH and suffering. Please contact us if you need our help.
We will do what ever we can to assist out people in this time.
Our members have already been out shovling silt, shareing their showers and other facilities, giving out food and stored water, and done countless missions around the city to assist people in variouse ways.

Our Org has now branched out in some areas as a result of the earthquake. We hope to report the forming of some new branches soon.

Please keep in contact.


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