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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Press Lies

The Christchurch Press has once again allowed their poorly motivated staff to put up lies in their story.
This has happened in the past and they have even been busted by the press council for doing it. Their research is Nil if at all. In the latest article they pretended they contacted the RWR. But this is not true. They know we wont talk to them so they don't even phone us anymore. Why don't we talk to them... because they lie, they are supportive of the left and they are foreign owned. How can a industry be considered credible when its reporting on an org that is against its existence. It cant, and they prove that with every bit of Garbage they do. They never take legal action when we call them liars because they are. We have a hand full of stories now where they told blatant lies.
We have seen hundreds that they twisted the truth. Why even lie about phoning us? Why pretend they had contact with us. They need people to think they are researching their garbage. They don't want to say that we refuse to talk to them now.
The other thing we noticed about the newest story is they don't have the blog option anymore. This is also simple to explain. They see that half the people are sick of the Asian invasion and some even support RWR. They cant handle this level of freedom.

A few points about this story:

They never phoned us or emailed us. So no one said they wouldn't give their name or say what spam had happened.The Spam all goes into a Junk box, it doesn't affect us at all.In the recent lot it was about 2-3 people for a whole week who spammed us, they could have all been the same person (as its usually one nut job who does it).Every time someone sends spam and it gets through to our email (which is rare) we just tick it as spam and it never comes back lol.

Good one Press, you prove how low you can go again.If anyone wants to see the evidence of Press lies in the past contact Kerry Bolton who won a case againt them when they slandered him.


  1. Hi, I was reading on about your pamphlet drops so I ended up here. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the media. They don't seem to want to tell it how it is. I just wanted to say though, that I read your mission statement at the top of this page and I find it ironic that you want to band against the dilution of your european culture and pride, when in fact you are in NZ, a pacific country, practically invaded by europeans in the days when Maori people were the majority. Maori custom and identity pretty much went out the door up until a few years ago but its far too late. This is the case for european colonies all around the world throughout history. Maybe something to consider? I thought I'd mention, I'm 100% european.

  2. Thanks for the feed back. Your point is noted. We stand by the fact though that our current culture which is currently of mainly European make up is at risk of take over and destruction by the third world occupation in place.