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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Auckland Meet up

I will be going to Auckland in the near future. Anyone wanting to meet with RWR Auckland and myself are welcome to come along. All we ask is that you register your interest before the event so a pre event meet up can be organised by local members. This is to ensure the safety of all those who will show up.
We welcome people from Hamilton and other people around the top of the north to this event as well.
We will be making plans for up coming events and look at ways to work together in that area.
There has long been White Nationalists in the Auckland area and its time to see how these people can work in with RWR in up coming activities and campaigns. We have had a lot of support from AK after the 'Stop the Asian Invasion campaign'. It time to see how many people will now keep their interest moving forward.
Register by emailing us
please add your contact phone number.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A look at the Asian invasion campaign and the reaction

Their ambitions for more control in our country is evident with the forming of their own political party, their block voting that sways the policies of other parties at general elections and gets Mayor candidates sucking up to them for city issues.
Many of them have ties with communism or other controlling dominant types of governments with oppressive police and military. These people are used to control and fear based policies. They have proven during our campaign that they wish to bring in these types of policies in our country. They want to take away our freedom because we have issues with them. That's not what we do in free countries.
Many of the people who come to New Zealand are still loyal to their own country, so we could never rely on them if our country was in danger. If we had problems with their country they could be an internal threat. It is not unreasonable to suspect that Chinese agents already live among us.
There is evidence that some of the purchasing they do is to put their business in control of essential services like the power lines in Wellington, and the attempt to buy large parts of our dairy farming. This gets them into positions where we need what they provide. This is a strategy suggested by Sun Sui a historic military tactician in ancient China. One of his main philosophies is "to win the war without fighting is best" and "to change the heart of the people". In these regards the Chinese business is very successful. Along with the Multicultural lie that is feed to us by the leftist morons and greedy capitalist who both have no foresight and have become allies of this take over while they jump on the boat and they attack Nationalism and all attempts to protect us from this asianisation. We are losing our control of our own nations industry.
With large numbers of Immigration, a strain on housing has brought rentals and house pricing up making it unaffordable for many New Zealanders.
With large numbers of people who are willing to work for low incomes the standard of pay and workers rights goes down. It could take pages to spell this out, but in simple terms, if you have someone willing to work for a bowl of rice come here and he is happy with minimum wage, the local workers have a raw deal as they have to compete with those who feel rich with their new wages.
It is evident that nearly all Asian countries have low human rights records. They don't hold human life very high. China alone kills everyone who oppose them. They line people up in the hundreds at a time and shoot them in the head. They run people down in tanks when they protest, they are committing genocide on Tibet and anyone who defies them despairs. Even the non communist countries in Asia have many of the same kinds of issues. The people who are fresh of boat from these countries are likely to have this mentality. In all my days of Nationalist Politics its only Asians who threaten my family and wife. In general they often have a more cruel and ruthless way of looking at life.
Child kidnappings were brought here by Asian organised crime. Street battles between Cambodians and Vietnamese have accrued and foreign owned media have minimal reports sweeping it away so people don't react. The more foreigners come the more problems they bring. Its not hard to see. The Political Correctness has become a brainwashing tool to stop people seeing the obvious. The money these people bring is not worth the hassle.
With masses amounts of people who wont/cant assimilate into New Zealand we are threatened with a new way of life. Our kiwi culture dies away while they become more dominant. The friendly neighbour is already becoming a thing of the past, especially in Auckland with Asian and other foreign populations are more numerous.
RWR is now the primary Resistance movement. Our flyer campaign has been the most effective single flyer campaign in NZ right wing history. We have successfully taunted the wealthy and the left into getting us media attention. We have got many Asians to show their true colours with their pages aimed at us with threats and abuse, with no real arguments for what they are doing here. The left are so uptight they are having their heads blow off with their anger and shame. Its their shame that makes them so emotional. They have become so afraid and shamed of anything un PC that they totally over react about it and they loose the ability to think straight.
The left have reacted foolishly by giving us so much attention, yet they are such emotional creatures they cant help themselves. They have helped us to expand and unite. The threat txts etc have given our members someone to have as enemies with full justification. We will be taunting them on their phones long after their emotional bursts are over.
The spoon Spoonly
The so called experts like Spoonly who has never even had contact with any real right winger is a joke. He just makes stuff up. He has never agreed to a public debate even when groups have challenged him. If he was so sure of himself he would, but he is a cunning creature. He knows he has to just avoid us and give the media the same old crap over and over and they will suck it up. He knows what they want to print, its not the truth, its all about keeping him employed. Even his stance that the media should keep reporting us is so much crap. From all the media we get our numbers have grown dramatically. We are so busy doing new member packs and organising new units that we are over loaded with work again. It always happens. I suppose we should thank the spoon for helping to keep us going, but hes just so full of crap about everything he says. Like his theory that Skinheads don't live long in the North. Hamilton has one of the largest Skinhead populations. Auckland has always had people loyal to myself and the right organisations. This campaign has brought many more out of the wood work. We were struggling to find them in Auckland until now. I don't know of any city in the north that doesn't have a good number of White Nationalists including the very visible skinhead crews. Spoonly has also lied about groups in the past. He even got basic information wrong in his published material. But because he knows how to suck up to the right lefty dickheads and Zionists at Waikato University he has a good position there.
Lincoln Timtan and the media

As I blogged earlier he had his own reasons for making up lies. But again we should thank him, many people have emailed just because they wanted to help with the March he made up. I don't get his logic, maybe he needed this to get himself a boost in his Carreer. He was a no body journalist and now he has a few key stories all based on the lie he told about the RWR anti Asian march. I told him we have action planed and he made up the rest. On ya Lincoln. You helped to boost us even more. Even when the media avoid interviewing me themselves we have got more people asking us about it.
The media in general have played into our hands. Even though they probably think it has made some movement against us. They don't realise we need that anti movement as well. Anyone who has studied psychology will tell you that the low ranking people like ours need to have enemies in order to get motivated. This is the key to unity. Without it I could never keep our intense members and supporters unified. They fight among themselves when there is no common enemy. It cracks me that the media know this, the experts know this, but they played into it anyway.
To the coward scum who threaten us and our families.
Even though we know that txt and email threats and abuse are from scared little rabbits who would call the cops if we ever found them. The low level of things they said was of note, and those saying it claimed to be Asians, such as threatening to kill my children and rape my wife. These are the kinds of ideas that come from foreign cultures. They have no place here, yet you lefty morons who support them allow it with your do-gooder crap.
If anyone ever found their way to my home in anger, and they didn't manage to kill me, they would die. I would do the lag to protect my family and home. I am a usually calm person, but when it comes to my family I would let my rage out. I would give no mercy to such, as there would be none deserved. The one thing from our ancestors I would put into practice would be to remove their head.
Spell Nazis
Its funny how the do-gooders always hassle us for our spelling. They are so focused on education instead of the message. It shows how fake and materialist they are. I have nothing but contempt for these people. They want to give everyone human rights while they take ours away. They think that since we are white we should do better for ourselves. Their institutional racism is so strong they hate us because we complain against the unfair system that walks over low income kiwis while shoving their help in everyone else's faces to look good for their PC mates. The education system along with the media are mainly left wing. No low income white kids will ever get a fare go in this country, that's why our numbers grow. Hypocrisy really stings, and people remember it. There is no understanding for our people because they are white. These do-gooders would rather we died then did anything that could help us improve our lives.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No March planed in Auckland

Lincoln Tan the reporter behind this story made up this idea of a March in Auckland. I suspect he has his own motives for it considering he helped to organise one himself in the past to go against us. He looked like a fool on 60mins when they did a story on us both. So this must be his way of getting some revenge.

We have plans for activism in Auckland and other cities for the Elections, but these plans are ours to hold onto until we are ready to bring them out.

Its a surprise at how many media sources just jumped onto this crap story without even phoning us to make sure its real. The problem is how many morons actually believe these lies and get all upset over it because they believe anything they read.

Its one of the reasons we have contempt for the system, it breads idiots who will suck up every bit of rubbish they are fed. They dont question or research anything for themselves, they just take it all in.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Media

As many of you will know we had a fantastic live debate last night on Closeup. The Professor they chose could hardly speak English, she played right into the hands of Kyle who took every opportunity to get the true reason for the flyer drops.

Other media has been the usual lies, today's Herald article by former rival protester Lincoln Tan, showed how low they will go and made up more crap to put in a paper. Kyle talked about the idea of some action for the elections, but never talked about what he put in there. He changed all the bits and peaces around and turned it into a peace of crap journalism like usual for lefty New Zealand News papers. another paper we wont be talking to in future.

This has dragged on through radio interviews, talk back, news papers all over NZ and local TV Chanel's. It has been thee most successful right wing flyer campaign ever in New Zealand.
Thank you brothers and sisters for the effort that made this happen. The plan to target high income areas paid off. Man them people love to moan and complain, too much time on their hands ah. better to put a hundred flyer's in rich letter boxes then 10,000 in the lower income. The media we get is worth $100,000 worth of free adds. before the closeup interview we had about 50/50 support/negative feed back. After it we have been getting 90% support. The media are primarily left wing and will now try and do scummy things to make us look bad. Its they way the roll. They are part of the systems control, mass brainwashing at its best.

Yesterday on radio live the reporter got so angry that Kyle apposed his left wing views that he hung up on him. How unprofessional lol. Cant handle the jandle.

We will add some of the news links to our media links section when we have time. At the moment we are dealing with the huge new member increase and constant emails and txt of support.