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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Auckland Meet up

I will be going to Auckland in the near future. Anyone wanting to meet with RWR Auckland and myself are welcome to come along. All we ask is that you register your interest before the event so a pre event meet up can be organised by local members. This is to ensure the safety of all those who will show up.
We welcome people from Hamilton and other people around the top of the north to this event as well.
We will be making plans for up coming events and look at ways to work together in that area.
There has long been White Nationalists in the Auckland area and its time to see how these people can work in with RWR in up coming activities and campaigns. We have had a lot of support from AK after the 'Stop the Asian Invasion campaign'. It time to see how many people will now keep their interest moving forward.
Register by emailing us
please add your contact phone number.

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