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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Media

As many of you will know we had a fantastic live debate last night on Closeup. The Professor they chose could hardly speak English, she played right into the hands of Kyle who took every opportunity to get the true reason for the flyer drops.

Other media has been the usual lies, today's Herald article by former rival protester Lincoln Tan, showed how low they will go and made up more crap to put in a paper. Kyle talked about the idea of some action for the elections, but never talked about what he put in there. He changed all the bits and peaces around and turned it into a peace of crap journalism like usual for lefty New Zealand News papers. another paper we wont be talking to in future.

This has dragged on through radio interviews, talk back, news papers all over NZ and local TV Chanel's. It has been thee most successful right wing flyer campaign ever in New Zealand.
Thank you brothers and sisters for the effort that made this happen. The plan to target high income areas paid off. Man them people love to moan and complain, too much time on their hands ah. better to put a hundred flyer's in rich letter boxes then 10,000 in the lower income. The media we get is worth $100,000 worth of free adds. before the closeup interview we had about 50/50 support/negative feed back. After it we have been getting 90% support. The media are primarily left wing and will now try and do scummy things to make us look bad. Its they way the roll. They are part of the systems control, mass brainwashing at its best.

Yesterday on radio live the reporter got so angry that Kyle apposed his left wing views that he hung up on him. How unprofessional lol. Cant handle the jandle.

We will add some of the news links to our media links section when we have time. At the moment we are dealing with the huge new member increase and constant emails and txt of support.

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