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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

No March planed in Auckland

Lincoln Tan the reporter behind this story made up this idea of a March in Auckland. I suspect he has his own motives for it considering he helped to organise one himself in the past to go against us. He looked like a fool on 60mins when they did a story on us both. So this must be his way of getting some revenge.

We have plans for activism in Auckland and other cities for the Elections, but these plans are ours to hold onto until we are ready to bring them out.

Its a surprise at how many media sources just jumped onto this crap story without even phoning us to make sure its real. The problem is how many morons actually believe these lies and get all upset over it because they believe anything they read.

Its one of the reasons we have contempt for the system, it breads idiots who will suck up every bit of rubbish they are fed. They dont question or research anything for themselves, they just take it all in.

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