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Peter Kramer
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14 words

14 words
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Monday, June 27, 2011

RWR progress

RWR has been expanding into Europe and Australia. We now have Allies and new interest to form RWR in the USA. We will be recruiting state Reps to get things started and to build our structure up in the US.

RWR Support Tshirts ready soon.

These shirts will be for anyone who support RWR and our work toward a better future for our people.

The emblem will have "Friends of the the Resistance" around the top and 14/NA at the bottom. They will have "Support RWR" on the back in large Letters.

NA is Nationalist Alliance. RWR supports all organisations within the NA.

These Tshirts will be $35 each plus postage. Like all our shirts the money made supports our activities and all surplus is Donated to the Land Base project of the RWR and Nationalist Alliance.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

North Island Growth

We are Happy to report that after the recent media interest in RWR and our Stop the Asian invasion campaign we have had success in growing in the North. We have always had people in the main cities and some towns in the north, but now our numbers have grown with fresh new people with good attitudes and high levels of motivation. Many have said this is what they have been waiting for. Stating that they have had enough and find it frustrating that so many people just sit back and let our country be taken over.

We discussed the new Citizen Party and how it is what we have warned about, Asians forming their own power base to take control of our government.

There are future activities for the Elections planned for around the country and have put into motion the activities for Auckland.

With the growing numbers of unhappy New Zealanders our numbers will grow. We are in this for our future. Everything we wanted from the recent campaign has come to fruit for us so far. Even the Anti movement that has sprung up to counter us is all part of the process for us to grow. Its funny how they bring us more attention and help us recruit through their own stupid activities.

Thank you to all the people who have taken care of me (Kyle Chapman) on my travels. I have been from Invercargill to Auckland visiting our people and meeting new activist. Our movement is growing from strength to strength. Great people involved. I am proud and privileged to work with such highly motivated and active people.

We look forward to further growth.

Join the Resistance!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

North Island visits

Anyone in North Island ares who would like to meet up please let us know. I will be going to a few cities and towns this year to follow up on our growing units.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New street patrol Campaign

We are designing the new pamphlet now for the street patrol campaign. We will be recruiting people who share our concerns about the growing troubles in our suburbs.

We seek financial support to pay for the uniforms. We will be putting together a proper security uniform for our people to go about the work of keeping our streets safe and free of graffiti.

Help us by send us donations, or by joining us in our project. We want people to feel safe in the affected areas again. So they can go for walks at night.

If you live in an area that has the high levels of crime and graffiti we are talking about we ask you to let us know. We will go to the places that we are most needed as long as we have the feet on the ground in that area.

If you don't want us in your area let us know. We wont go to areas that people don't need us. We don't want to waste our resources on ungrateful people who would rather live with the problem.