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14 words
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

RWR International News

Hail Brothers and sisters, RWR will be setting up liaison members for Different continents. Each of these will be people who have close contact with Kyle and can support HQ in this role of expansion internationally. RWR is now seen as an active and progressive organisation. We will keep this focus and work with our brothers and sisters internationally to protect our people and work on issues that are relevant to our networked countries.
With the growing number of states in the USA with RWR Youth and now full RWR membership being established we have appointed a trusted member to work with the USA and Canada.
Europe will be managed from our established branch in Finland. We have interest from Britain, Germany, Sweden and Italy.
South America and Oceania will be under HQ direction until an alternative set up is needed.

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  1. hail rwr nz ,,,scottish rwr are proud to be on board ,together we shall work for a better future for our folk .