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14 words
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wellington news

Wellington region RWR held its monthly meeting here in the week ending 5th August 2011.

At the meeting members from the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa were sworn in strengthening the regions rapidly expanding active membership. The youths present were also welcomed into the RWRs increasingly popular youth section. Our success is due to the hard work our leader in Chistchurch is devoting to this most highly important cause, that is, to save our people from genocide.

RWR in the Wellington region have been active recently distributing ' Smash Multiculturalism ' leaflets in the area. So far we have gone through around two thousand and we are busy printing up hundreds more weekly. Our members have been met with a some what unexpected positive reaction to the leaflets. This has been measured by the high number of enquires to the RWR email address and phone number.

RWR Wellington have also been involved in a poster campaign. This was mainly confined to the Capital and the posters have been the same as the leaflets, ' Smash Multiculturalism '. These dont seem to stay up for long but hopefully someone will get the message. RWR Wellington plans to be unremitting in these activities, we are here for the long haul.

RWR Wellington are also very aware of the hazards posed by all electronic devices, especially communication by way of cell phones and the internet. Ways of keeping ourselves safe were discussed and everybody went away with something to think about and action. Remember, big brother is always listening and watching.

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