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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Monday, November 28, 2011

RWRNZ 2012 Protests

RWR are very pleased with the results of 2011 flyer drops and protests. Both have brought us a high level of media and increased our membership.

We now prepare ourselves for a harsh political climate, financial burdens, and
an increase in our movement like never before.

To make sure people know we are doing what we claim, we will challenge the
Government on the streets with an increase in Protests.

Just like this year we will plan out our activities and organise them to get maximum results. Each part of the year we will focus on a new target.

In one part of the year we will target:
Immigration Department Offices. This will be a National project, and maybe even get our Australian Branches on board. We have a few different kinds of protests planed for this. Along the lines of civil disobedience style demonstrations. Some will be with just a hand full of members, others will be swamped with large numbers of members.

Another will be to target Members of Parliament who are at the forefront of the issues New Zealander's are facing.

Along the way we will continue our street patrols, support our people, do regular unit sized flyer drops and social activities.

This is a year of picking up on the many people who will be affected by the growing level of financial bad management and greed this government does to ensure their own mates are given opportunities to get rich while the rest of us are left to slumber in the low income areas.

We are still working on the land base. This project will be up and running either the end of next year, or early into the following.

2012 is a key year for us. Join up now and help us to take this movement forward.

We are the Resistance!

The year ahead

The next 3 years are going to be harsh. Life will be hard for the average person while Key and his mates grow stronger and more wealthy. Our movement will thrive under this situation. Its sad that people only wake up when they suffer, but we have to be ready and organise for them. RWR will work harder, and make sure people dont forget that we are the resistance. We have a line of protests planned for next year. Imagration, National Party MPs and other relivant targets will be brought to light through the new type of protest.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Election Day Activity


We would like to say that we have no plans for protest tomorrow accept to vote for parties other then National and Labour. Make a difference with your vote, stop voting for the liars, the twisted people who just want our money not to serve.
Vote tomorrow, we encourage you, vote for parties that will help NZ.

Just remember that the Greens and Alliance are Reds. So beware!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr Burns cant count

This is the 12 people mr burns says came to that meeting. There are 36 people. The media love to try and make our numbers look smaller then they are, its a consistant lie they do.
Mr Burns also claims the gathering had 50-60 people, sorry to say again he is mistaken, our inside man counted no more then 30, so Mr Burns has lived up to our point about politicians being liars.

Election video

Monday, November 21, 2011

Election Statement

Action 11
RWR Election activism
We the Nationalist/Patriots of New Zealand would like to give the Members of Parliament and those who are running for Parliament a message.
This message is to insure that you know we are not happy with the way you are running our country.
The Main points of this are:
We are tired of the immigration invasion that is swamping us with people from alien cultures. These people drain our resources and lower the standard of life in our country. They do this by giving employers cheaper options in wages and their accepting of lower working conditions. They take up our state housing, leaving poor New Zealanders on long waiting lists. The growing population in New Zealand is over crowding our roads, raising rent and property out of the affordable reach of many New Zealanders.
The people are tired of seeing the salaries of our politicians rise. More and more we see that those who are meant to serve us are ripping us off through their perks and the salaries that put them into an upper class while the lower class are suffering. These politicians will not relate to the average Kiwi who suffers from a lowering standard of living.
Politicians are now seen as people who will help their own mates out. This is a level of corruption that never seems to be investigated for the criminal act that it is.
Our Government is seen as being weak and bowing down to international rules while larger countries are seen to break humanitarian laws and dominate weaker countries. The United Nations is a scam, and by supporting it we support hypocritical economic bullying.
The rich and greedy need to know some facts in our country:
Extremist groups are growing and becoming more active.
Crime is rising even though the media say it’s not. The Police just don’t have the resources any more to address the rising crime. They are known to not even go to burglary call outs and many violent crimes now are not investigated. The police resources are seen to be taken up collecting revenue to fill the government’s coffers.
We are now going into the civil disobedience level of unhappy people. The next level is people creating insurgency movements. After this it is rebellion. We would like to know why so many educated politicians are so ignorant to think a country with a very small army and an over worked police force can afford to have a growing unhappy/angry population.
It cost a lot of money to build more prisons employ the guards, increase the justice department employees, the police and army that will be required to subdue an unhappy population. It is better to fix the problem and treat people Fairly then have all this cost to burden the population further.
It takes 3 generations to recover from civil war.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Don't make the mistake to vote for anything but MMP, the tricky slimy government have tried to confuse people by chucking in other options, MMP ain't perfect but its better then the one party system these anti democratic people want to go back to.

I will say it here and now, if you vote National or Labour your just voting in the same bunch of liars and hypocrites, who blame each other for things they do themselves, their MPs have been ripping off the system, neither of them can stick to their promises, and they both are happy to sell us down the river, Labour started asset sales, don't forget that. They also sold out our work force with the free trade deals that make companies send their factories into other countries. They are immoral and will continue to bring in anti family policies.

National and Labour serve foreign interests not New Zealand. They will both swamp us with immigration, they will both serve the wealthy on the backs of the poor, don't be fooled by them again, vote for the other parties. get blue and red out. In this country we must vote for the smaller parties...

RWR has some activities planed for the elections. We will update soon.