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Monday, November 28, 2011

RWRNZ 2012 Protests

RWR are very pleased with the results of 2011 flyer drops and protests. Both have brought us a high level of media and increased our membership.

We now prepare ourselves for a harsh political climate, financial burdens, and
an increase in our movement like never before.

To make sure people know we are doing what we claim, we will challenge the
Government on the streets with an increase in Protests.

Just like this year we will plan out our activities and organise them to get maximum results. Each part of the year we will focus on a new target.

In one part of the year we will target:
Immigration Department Offices. This will be a National project, and maybe even get our Australian Branches on board. We have a few different kinds of protests planed for this. Along the lines of civil disobedience style demonstrations. Some will be with just a hand full of members, others will be swamped with large numbers of members.

Another will be to target Members of Parliament who are at the forefront of the issues New Zealander's are facing.

Along the way we will continue our street patrols, support our people, do regular unit sized flyer drops and social activities.

This is a year of picking up on the many people who will be affected by the growing level of financial bad management and greed this government does to ensure their own mates are given opportunities to get rich while the rest of us are left to slumber in the low income areas.

We are still working on the land base. This project will be up and running either the end of next year, or early into the following.

2012 is a key year for us. Join up now and help us to take this movement forward.

We are the Resistance!

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