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Thursday, December 8, 2011

RWRNZ 2011 Report

Before anything else I must send a big thank you to all our Officers for the great work they do and the support they give me and enable me to keep up with things. Good Officers create a great environment for growth and stability. We as officers of RWR are also very thank full for the active members and our great network of support through the "Friends of the resistance".
The media with often slanderous reporting and lazy investigation that brings stories that are essentially lies have still been a great draw card for us. Once you ignore the nutters who think their brainwashed opinions matter to us, and the freaky people who just seem to like talking to controversial people, we have the pot of gold! What its all about, no matter how many negatives we get (which are fewer and fewer) we get more supporters and more members. It is great for us to see their are people willing to research for themselves and to identify us as a vehicle for change.
The results we get are from hard work, we stick our necks out on the line, and just as well we are thick skinned with all the death threats from Asians after the anti Asian invasion flyer campaign, the groups created just to be anti us (very flattering by the way) and the nut jobs who send irrational txt from time to time. Through all this we rock on. We are dedicated, we aim to find other like minded folk who can feel safe talking amongst people with the same views.
We get many great ideas that our organisation could do to improve the lives of our people and those around us. We care about our communities and we want to be pro active in doing what we can with what little we have. We continue to be at the forefront of the white rights movement, the sensible immigration issues and the many injustices that this country is now going through under a corrupted money hungry Government who are only worried about helping their own type of people.
The main points of this year have been:
Street Patrols
Our Patrols this year have continued to bring us a lot of success. There were some confrontations that lead into an ongoing problem with a Homie style gang. This has passed now with much success for our people. We have started patrols in other areas as our numbers have grown and the need has been there. This continues to bring us a fare amount of public support from the real people in the lower income suburbs that we patrol in.
Flyer Drops
As most will know our flyer drops this year have been succeeded in attracting media cover and in turn bringing our message to the public. We have sought through these campaigns to find people like minded to us. Not only those who have Nationalist ideals, but those who are like us in wanting to be active and progressive in fighting for our cause. Our numbers have grown through this simple tactic. Even many have joined us who simple received a flyer in the mail box.
White Pride World Wide Day
After the Earthquakes it was decided against a Public march for the WPWW day event, instead we planned to have a BBQ for our people and their families at a local park. The rain put an end to this event how ever and we instead set up for this social time at the RWR social house in Christchurch known as the Whitehouse. Blood and honour and other friends came along and we had a great event.

Our Second Anniversary,
We celebrated our year 2 Along with the presentation ceremony of our New Zealand shirts. This was a turning point for us as we wanted all members to have waited before receiving this shirt, some didn't wait as long as others, but it was an vent to be remembered, we did it the same week end as WPWW day allowing us to have a full week end that was well recorded with photos and the growth of the many new people that came to us as they saw we were social and active.
New Zealand Flag Day
RWR members in the North Island went along to the National Front run Flag day in Wellington. In Christchurch the same day Christchurch RWR held a flag day event also. It was one of the best events we have brought together with a great turn out and no trouble. The BBQ afterwards was also a social to tip the scales in size and unity.
As we have got more attention and our HQ chapter has grown, so to has our branches around new. On top of these we have;
Moved into many new towns and Cities in New Zealand
Establishing Australian Chapters
Expanded into the international movement
We have formed "RISN" our Resistance Inmate Support Network
Our Youth movement has grown and now have their own T-shirts
To sum it all up we are proud to be part of an active and progressive movement. We will keep moving forward even while other criticise us and mock us. Our rewards are simple and obvious, we get to feel part of something real. We are part of the most active nationalist organisation in New Zealand and we have a strong caring brother/sisterhood that supports each other. Loyalty is everything, and we strive for this character as the substance of all we do. Loyal to our Family, our organisation, our people, our country.

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