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Sunday, April 29, 2012

From our email

Nationalist News from Romania (PHOTO+VIDEO)
About 150 nationalists (according to police sources) and 200 (according to organizers) answered "Here!" on Saturday afternoon at the call of the Timisoara local branch of “Noua Dreapta”, the largest radical nationalist youth mouvement in Romania, and took part at the march directed against the entire political class, which is considered responsible for the present social and economic situation of Romania. The action was also directed against the colonialist attitudes of the great international capital, particularly identified as International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.
Along the comrades from Banat region marched several other branches of “Noua Dreapta” from around the country: Arad, Petrosani, Cluj, Bistrita, Sibiu, Iasi, Ramnicu Sarat, Brasov, Piatra Neamt, Mures and Bucharest. Also a delegation of Serbian Action from the neighboring country arrived on the shores of Bega river.
The column of participants started from the Queen Marry Park at 16:00 o’clock and headed for the Mitropolitan Orthodox Cathedral in city center. Along the route there were several state institutions, like the Prefecture, the County Council and the City Hall.
During the entire action the nationalists waved Romanian Flags as well as green flags displaying the Celtic cross and chanted patriotic slogans such as “World Bank out!”, “Down with IMF government”, “Romania to the Romanians”, “Francmasonry destroys Romania”, “We do not want to be a nation of slaves!” or “PDL-USL: they all come from Communist Party”. In addition, several banners were displayed with the following messages: “Romania not for sale”, “We want our country back”,“Romania is a national, sovereign, independent, unified and undivided state”,“For a Great Romania, dignified and strong”, “Down with the unique Party of Corruption: PSD-PDL-PNL-UDMR-UNPR. The only opposition – single alternative - Noua Dreapta”.
Among the ones that held brief speeches in front of the Orthodox Cathedral, there were lawyer Tudor Ionescu, the leader of Noua Dreapta, Bogdan Popa, leader of the local branch and also a representative of the comrades from Serbia. All speakers criticized the dictatorship of world financial organizations which chained the European nations through obedient politicians.
“The political parties did nothing since 1990 but steal and sign disadvantageous agreements for our country. Everything is now for sale in Romania, starting with natural resources and finishing with football. We, through this march, wanted to raise an alarm signal”, Bogdan Popa declared in front of the participants.
“It is because of IMF that we reached the point we are at now. The World Bank solution was disadvantageous for Romania. The IMF agreements were disastrous. Cutting salaries, freezing pensions… Only Romanians had to suffer. We must not believe that if the Ungureanu government fell things will get better. It is still the IMF government ruling the country”, stated Tudor Ionescu, leader of Noua Dreapta.
For pictures and video images from this acction you can visit this link:
PS: If you decide to publish this news on your blog / website, please send us the link. For an Europe of the Nations!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who we Are

This is who we are!

With all the false information and ignorant comments we see about our organisation, we thought we should address some of them:Many of our people are from the Skinhead subculture. It gets a bad rap, but like everything there can be good people and people associated with it. We see ourselves as the good guys, we fight the government, the media, and the deceiving anti-white liberals who use every tool at their disposal including lying, exaggerating and even creating problems against us to ensure the general public hate us, there is a lot we are up against. We who have the ability and the drive will continue to do all we can to build better, safer communities for our people.We encourage all people to immerse themselves in their own culture and to preserve it. We simply want the same rights to racial and cultural preservation as everyone else.RWR is not focused on Hate! we are driven by love of our family, our club, our Nation, our culture and our people. We strive to defend all that which we love.Many of us have some form of belief in God, like many things about us it is an individual thing. Some of us get great strength from our Gods. We don’t see religion to be an issue unless that religion is about destroying everyone else, such as Zionism and Islamic Extremists.In RWR we have members of different political lines. We believe ultimately in freedom. We will never be like many of the modern systems in the world and condemn people just because of what they believe in. Even the political groups that make us their enemies like socialist anarchists and communists, we would engage in dialogue with them for the good of our people.We have members from extreme politics and we have members with moderate Nationalist ideals but our main source of unity is that we respect those unique rights as individuals while working as a community for the good of us all instead of just the individual.Because many of us are from the Skinhead subculture there are parts of the skinhead culture that are present in the Right Wing environment. Even the salute that people perceive as being evil, is just an old anti-social symbol that was used originally to offend, and then evolved into being a greeting to brothers and sisters, it has cultural significance. If anyone bothered to study what a salute means or where it came from they would know that it is an ancient symbol of peace, holding up your palm to show that there are no weapons as you greet people. The Romans used this along with ancient Celts and Germanic tribes. Just because modern mainstream media says that certain European Cultural symbols, such as the Nordic runes are evil, it does not make it so, most of them have a long history of being representations of honour and bravery. Why should we bow down to what the ignorant masses tell us to do? Why should we have to drop our culture and our heritage just because the rest of the misinformed masses are pressuring us to do so? Do we not have the same right to practice our own culture as we see fit as everyone else?People say we pretend to be something that we are not, but we are honest about who and what we are, it’s just the media who try and make it look like we are trying to hide things, they miss out large parts of our interviews, and they spread misinformation often as a way to sell their sensationalist stories, designed fundamentally to make money and manipulate public opinion.
We believe in freedom of thought.
We have teams helping communities, but we are low on resources. We have projects that we fundraise for and we achieve what we set out to do. We stand out when others are too depressed and too tired to stand up and fight for what they believe in.RWR has people willing to clean Graffiti, not for personal gain but for the good of the community. We aim mainly for public buildings and parks, but we also consider shopping areas when asked.RWR does street patrols in areas that need them and where we have the men and resources to do so, we would patrol other areas on request if our costs are covered and a donation is put toward our on-going community projects, we want to help our communities.RWR is working to build community gardens, we would gladly help with any projects of this kind already in need of personnel.RWR is currently working on a labour pool for our members to contribute toward the labour needs of Christchurch which is currently in dire need of support. It is untrue that all our people are seasoned beneficiaries or “doll bludgers”. The majority of our people are either studying, working or seeking work. As well as all this, we have members that still have the energy and the drive to do other things to help our people and their communities.We seek people who have the same ideals as us and want to work hard alongside us to help us protect our communities, people who help us to find alternatives for our youth and who help us be an instrument of good in our decaying society. The media likes to dramatize and criminalize us as this pushes their agenda and also sells newspapers. The media is mainly left wing and firmly against our alternative lifestyle and unique Right Wing/Third Position beliefs. Our members are predominantly against the current government regime, the corruption, the greed and the irrational way that they pander to a small number of powerful individuals while neglecting the needs of the lower and , middle classes. We do not want to sit around and complain, we believe in actively bringing about change, for us this means action which includes political activities but also real projects that improve the lives of our people. When you are white and poor you don’t have special workers paid by the “politically correct” system to help, nor any right to special grants. We have to help each other in these dark times. We encourage all groups to work together and help the communities they live in.We welcome anyone who is willing to help or meet us and discuss issues.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest article about world issues

Here is a little "joke" that was passed on to me from, “respectable British-Canadian Whites”. At first I found it funny, but upon further reflection decided to write a short article about it:“Parvinder and Habib are panhandlers in different areas of Toronto.Habib panhandles just as long as Parvinder, but only collects 2 to 3 dollars every day.Parvinder brings home a suitcase FULL of $10 bills, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend.Habib says to Parvinder, "I work just as long and hard as you do - but how do you bring home a suitcase full of $10 bills every day?"Parvinder says, "Look at your sign, what does it say?"Habib's sign reads, "I have no work, a wife and 6 kids to support."Parvinder says, "No wonder you only get 2-3 dollars."Habib says to Parvinder, "So what does your sign say?"Parvinder shows Habib his sign:It reads, "I only need another $10 to move back to Pakistan."Most Whites find this "joke" funny, but after the initial hearty laughter, I had to spoil the party by coming back to reality.There is a huge measure of truth associated with this "joke" that, in today's servile aura of political correctness makes it "funny" primarily because it "shockingly" expresses a relatively real and true sentiment that many "Whites" have repressed and are subconsciously yearning to set free.Pakistanis,- probably more so than any other racial "minorities soon to be a majorities", in what were once considered "White controlled" nations,- typify a segment of our "diverse society" that increasingly looks down upon or disregards traditional "Northern European" values. Values from which most people in White, English speaking nations base their present day culture upon. That it takes a "joke" to express this latent sentiment of discontent is in my view a symptom of a societal psychosis that is epidemic in all (once?) "White Nations". This psychosis could be classified as a sort of mild form of “Mass Bipolar Disorder” and is in my view a probable result of social engineering by the Zionist Criminal Matrix.Most Third World "minorities soon to be a majorities", are fair game by "Whites", at least amongst themselves, when it comes to expressing dislike of those who disregard traditional "White European" values or who pull the "Racism" card in order to push their "Values" on the "dwindling White majority". Many older Whites are seeing their culture being transformed before their eyes to third world slums and are growing increasingly tired of it, but are afraid to offer anything other than limited resistance in the form of muffled "jokes".
And so it goes across the racial spectrum...Whether it’s Chinese or Pakistani sweat shops, Sikh or Islamic dress code protestations, Vietnamese grow ops, murderous Jamaican gang-bangers, Tamil "gang related" people smugglers, or illegal "Latino" migrants, Whites are harbouring increasing simmering ill will toward the slow demographic and accompanying cultural downward spiral.This devolution is increasingly manifesting itself into social changes where once prosperous White Nations will increasingly resembles the disorder and chaos most observed in the Third World. Typically European social aspirations, that people in most White nations once looked towards as their moral compass, are fast being replaced by a mass media induced "Ghetto Kultura".Yet beyond this socially engineered, "Mass Racial Bipolar Syndrome" (fear of expressing discontent), there is another "superimposed upon" mass mental illness that in many ways compounds our fearful bipolar psychosis. This illness is the "no-go zone" that is typified by the socially engineered, "Mass Stockholm Syndrome" when it comes to the Jewish Lobby.The Jewish Lobby is by far, more than any other Racial Minority, busy undermining "traditional White culture" and at the same time bringing very real and negative consequences to those who dare to mention the immensely destructive power they exert upon once largely White societies.Imagine the outrage and career consequences that would befall the poor unsuspecting White person if he/she happened to crack the same "joke" but replaced the Pakistani with an Irishman and the Sikh with a Jew as follows:

" Rory and Shlomo are panhandlers in different areas of Toronto.Roroy panhandles just as long as Shlomo, but only collects 2 to 3 dollars every day.Shlomo brings home a suitcase FULL of $10 bills, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend.Rory says to Shlomo, "I work just as long and hard as you do - but how do you bring home a suitcase full of $10 bills every day?"Shlomo says, "Look at your sign, what does it say?"Rory’s sign reads, "I have no work, a wife and 6 kids to support."Shlomo says, "No wonder you only get 2-3 dollars."Rory says to Shlomo, "So what does your sign say?"Shlomo shows Adolf his sign:It reads, "I only need another $10 to move back to Israel."What is more poignant regarding the taboo nature of poking fun, in a truthful sort of way, at the Jew is the FACT that the Jewish Lobby,- more than any other Lobby in the World,- is behind not only most of the wars, financial collapses, tax payer funded Bankster bail-outs (thefts on a heretofore unimaginable scale), corporate driven mass agro-poisonings, materialism, speculation, sex slavery, etc., etc., etc., but is also behind the large demographic shift and downward spiral that has made the original "joke" of Habib and Parvinder possible. If you can spare 15 minutes take a look at this Youtube video by David Duke: above Youtube video by Dr. David Duke,- who is constantly smeared by the powerful Jewish Lobby as being a KKK, Neo-Nazi, anti-Semite,- touches briefly on the "double standard demographic shift" in America and Europe that is pushed by the predominantly Jewish controlled financial institutions and mass media, yet is almost totally opposed by Jews all over the world as something that Israel should also adopt.In poll after poll Whites are opposed to wars in the middle east.Yet primarily in the English speaking world,--where the Jewish Lobby has an overwhelming lock on the dying, once considered traditional and “Main Stream” Media, and where Jewish political lobbyists are fighting hard to extend this lock into the realm of the New Media of web based reporting,--do we see leader after leader stand up and praise Israel as a strictly “Racially Jewish State” with hardly a peep from the seemingly paralysed public.So the next time your establishment supporting cocktail party associate whispers a "Habib-Parvinder joke" and with tepidity seeks approval from those who surround him/her remember that the “Jews” have designed your humour for you and that it is also the Jewish Lobby that is engineering your eventual demographic extinction.
Roy Albrecht

Guest article about immigration

"Here is a situation that I discovered the other day through a personal encounter. I have a question for the Immigration Department and a question for any who read this.
The other day as I was walking to my workplace I saw standing outside my workplaces gate a Chinese individual who was delivering food. (a Chinese food deliveryman)
I asked him did he wish to enter my workplace and if so to follow me to another door. He responded in broken English ' I don’t speak English', 'I don’t speak English'.
So I motion him to follow me and led him into my workplace where he delivered some Chinese food to a guest of the business. Any communication between us was down to hand signals and one word dialogue 'come'.
He delivered the food to the guest speaking in mandarin and then had to ask the guest in mandarin 'how do I leave' which was translated into English for my sake.
I led him out of the building".
Now here comes my question to Immigration.
How the hell did he get into the country and get a work visa? Are you guys sleeping on the job? How much are they bribing you to give them a visa?
The same questions needs to be directed to us as a country too.
How does someone who can’t speak enough English to communicate with someone on the street come into our country and get a work visa?
Is this what our immigration policy has come down to?
Is this person an example of the highly educated and skilled people that we are letting into our country?
Maybe he paid ten million dollars to what, become a delivery boy?
Is he an illegal? Possibly, if so then how did he come into the country? Walk across the border? Oh, maybe he drove a Combi van and sang hippie songs from the 60's.
Why isn't our Government checking on this issue or is this one of the Chinese Chefs that our Government 'has to' allow into our country each year under the free trade agreement with China.
What will they send us next 'Military Band Leaders'?
This situation needs to end as if we are multicultural than NZ does not have one culture (A NZ one), and if we cant communicate with people living in our country then how do we know when one of them is shouting 'fire', 'fire', there is a fire in my house?
So finally 'Immigration', what is your excuse for not doing your job properly?

Guest article about sunday star times

Some interesting points were made in today’s article by Martin Hunter. Casey Ryken, who was interviewed, says that other right-wing groups want to use violence to achieve their goals, but Ryken notes that the RWR is “doing something good for the community” (and presumably is non-violent). Ryken is then quoted as saying that violence makes all white nationalists look bad.Previously, the media has acted as if the RWR is a dangerous group, posing a violent threat to people with brown skin - an opinion which is complete bullshit. It seems that all the racially motivated attacks in Christchurch are carried out by non-members of the RWR. Funnily enough, the media criticises the RWR instead of the criticising the individuals who did the assault. Now how does that make sense? I never recall a case where Kyle advocated violence.Unfortunately Hunter’s article misses a key issue: accusations of racism. Some people have accused the RWR of disrupting “racial harmony”, suggesting that the mere existence of the group is somehow a problem. The idea of racial harmony is a load of baloney! Asians have created their own societies and clubs, and they pretty much have their own community. If you look at parts of Riccarton Road you’ll notice that some of it has transformed into Chinatown. Now, that is considered acceptable, but when white people get together it’s called “racist”. The fact is, some things are based around race and that’s not a problem. Asians have a monopoly on internet cafes, but does Brendon Burns consider that fact an affront against racial harmony or an attack on white people? I don't think so. "Racial harmony" is an odd phrase, be wary of anyone who uses it! The RWR is a legal organisation which is really no more questionable than the Chinese or Korean Society. If people are offended by the existence of the RWR, then that’s a personal issue they need to sort out. There are some who would like to extend the Race Relations Act, but it’s already powerful enough. The idea behind the RRA is basically that if somebody hurts your feelings then you can penalise them. The Race Relations Act is the Bill Of Rights, in reverse. The only problem with regards to the RWR, is the way precious people perceive it. In particular, the government. The government doesn’t like political activists, and sees them as a threat. The SIS and Police Counter-Terrorism are obsessed with spying on legitimate activist groups. Stupid people are easily managed, but people who join survival clubs or the RWR become part of an organisation. When people do this and get behind a cause or an idea, it irritates certain elements of the government. One of the reasons people join the RWR is because it’s safer to be in a group. Think about it: if an earthquake strikes and you don’t have enough food in the cupboard, it helps to have a friend who has 100 packets of noodles. Security and independence is important, but the government doesn’t like it. They prefer it when people shut up, stop protesting, and become dependent on Civil Defence. The control freak government is opposed to independence of any kind, and the RWR is another example of the independence that they hate. Radio and TV hosts ought to stop worrying and ninnying about how this and that is racist or evil. There are real issues to focus on, so let's ignore the shock jock TV idiots, and get back to business!

Sunday, April 1, 2012



Sunday Star times report.

A news paper with a history of lies bad reporting and terrible investigation has the check to say we are evil. Oh lets not forget phone tapping, forign owned big money interests and the fact they have turned into a tabloid. Lies and deciet are evil. The modern Government is evil, the money hungrey bullys who run our system are evil.
We are not evil!! we are the good guys, the David verses Goliath story. We get bullied, lied about demonised, yet we strive to do good for our people and just get equality. Even the old hippy who was trying to make out he was all peace and love, got all hate filled when he got near us. Hypocricy is evil too!

As long as any media use spoonly as a source for anything to do with the right wing they are failing in their task at investigating. He hasnt done a study on the right wing for about 25 years and never once tried to interview or even contact any of the modern key people.
In the old days the league of rights challenged him to a debate, he even refused to show for that.
Note to the media, if you want a credable person for your reports on the right go to Jarrod Gilbert or Greg Newbold. They have at least taken the time to meet with key people and have direct contact with the movement as it is today, not 30 years ago like spoonly dwels on.

But on a positive note at least they said some of the positive stuff for once. They usualy leave anything good we say out.