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14 words
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Star times report.

A news paper with a history of lies bad reporting and terrible investigation has the check to say we are evil. Oh lets not forget phone tapping, forign owned big money interests and the fact they have turned into a tabloid. Lies and deciet are evil. The modern Government is evil, the money hungrey bullys who run our system are evil.
We are not evil!! we are the good guys, the David verses Goliath story. We get bullied, lied about demonised, yet we strive to do good for our people and just get equality. Even the old hippy who was trying to make out he was all peace and love, got all hate filled when he got near us. Hypocricy is evil too!

As long as any media use spoonly as a source for anything to do with the right wing they are failing in their task at investigating. He hasnt done a study on the right wing for about 25 years and never once tried to interview or even contact any of the modern key people.
In the old days the league of rights challenged him to a debate, he even refused to show for that.
Note to the media, if you want a credable person for your reports on the right go to Jarrod Gilbert or Greg Newbold. They have at least taken the time to meet with key people and have direct contact with the movement as it is today, not 30 years ago like spoonly dwels on.

But on a positive note at least they said some of the positive stuff for once. They usualy leave anything good we say out.

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