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Sunday, May 13, 2012

What language do NZers speak?

Every day I go through New Lynn and Avondale in Auckland. Every day, I can count on the fingers of my hands how many times I actually hear a person speak English.
I keep on reading how English is our National language but no one ever asks the question as to where in New Zealand is it used?

It is not in Avondale or in New Lynn, so where else is it a language that is not being used?

In every fast food store, or small store I need to repeat myself again and again just to be understood (before a english speaker takes over) and even then as soon as they stop speaking to me, they revert to Mandarin or Hindi.

Therefore the question needs to be asked as to why we are not making English a language to be learnt before they come to New Zealand.

I hear that it occurs, the Immigration Dept. tells me that they make sure that immigrants can speak english. Though in my personal experience, they cant, so who is right and who is wrong here?

Are the Immigration Dept. lying to us? Are they selling out? Or maybe they are just confused? Maybe they are "temporary NZers" who hear English when Mandarin is spoken or Hindi, Korean, Tagalog, etc.

I am sorry to say, but NZ as a unified culture, as a place where the European and Maori NZers own the store instead of being owned by the immigrant store owner is dying out. Our own languages are dying out.

Multiculturalism has won and a unified NZ culture has lost. We are not one people and no one wants us to be. Not the immigrants, not the Immigration Dept. and not our Government.

Thier policies and choices show us that.

If the Immigration Dept. wanted a unified NZ, then at the very least they could make sure that we all spoke one language, but they don't and we cant.

So maybe we should learn the slave language 'Mandarin' as its the fastest growing language in New Zealand due to our immigration policy, or maybe Hindi as its just as fast.

Or maybe we should protest and stop the degredation of our language and our culture. Maybe we should expect New Zealanders to speak English, Maori or Sign language.

The three official languages of New Zealand.

Stand up for our language before it is lost. Ask your friendly neighborhood shop keeper, "Can you speak English, Maori or Sign? Do you speak English, Maori or Sign at home to your children?"

If not then why not? Those are our official languages.

Save our Language


  1. To whom it may concern. Interestingly enough I have been following your posts and I have heard a lot of talking about the preservation of NZ culture which I am totally for. 100%. But you also said that the RWR has skin head members and that some times reflects upon the RWR as it can give them a bad name. I was merely wondering would a member of the Maori community be permitted to join the RWR? This is a legitimate question as you spoke in your post about the languages of New Zealand, some what inferring that we should also preserve the Te Reo Maori culture. I would like to know, politically, where does RWR stand in terms of Maori in New Zealand?

  2. We stand by the Bi culture New Zealand. We respect that every person has a right to their culture. We want the same standard as everyone else gets.
    We will work with Maori orgs and inderviduals as needed and would gladly have talks with anyone who is willing.