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Saturday, June 2, 2012

RWR Update

Greetings to our friends and supporters
RWR Update.
After such a great event for WPWW day this year, things have wound down for winter in New Zealand. However, a flyer drop in Hawkes bay has got some media along with an article done for a London news paper about the rise of the Right Wing groups in Europe and some news from Sweden about RWR and activities there has carried our name forward. Thank you to those who have been working hard for our movement to keep going ahead.

RWR CHCH has a meeting secretary now. Any officer or unit leader from any RWR branch or chapter is welcome to get on the list for email of the mins of CHCH meetings to help keep everyone up to date. Please let us know and we will forward your email address to her.

CHCH patrols will be stoped for winter now, our last patrol was pointless as in the dark and cold there is no one else around. We will start them back up in a month or two. We had three flyer drops and some other recruitment activities.

CHCH is now split into 3 Chapters. These now meet monthly as separate crews. The CHCH wide meetings are now only 2 monthly as a trial. We have assigned 2 and 3 in commands for each Chapter to help keep these functioning.

We encourage everyone to focus on training and supporting each other over winter and the down times. Unity is always key to our ongoing success. This are really hitting the fan world wide and our movement grows stronger. Greece, Russia, Italy, France and many other countries have large scale right wing success.

Here in NZ our Government chooses to crunch the numbers, and as usual they keep their own high salaries, endless over paid advisers, high expense accounts and continue to prop up the rich while they take away some of the most basic things from the average person. They chose to not do anything for the common person. This will result in more success for RWR. We intend to look at new community projects in order to promote support for our communities and to show people that the we are part of the solution. We want people to know we are active and that we care about people, our country, and the suffering that our Government and the world bankers and top rich people bring on us.

In CHCH we have plans to set up a large housing and activity project to give those who are struggling to find some where to live another option.

We continue to save and raise money for the Land Base. It is now well over $15,000.

It is great to see Hawkes bay become the most active part of the Northern RWR. It was an area we thought would never go anywhere because of the large scale Maori radical activity and Gang problems there. But in all things the more opposition the stronger our movement will become.

RWR is the main resistance movement in New Zealand, while the left do crying in the streets we make the Nation pay attention to us.

RWR NZ/World