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Peter Kramer
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14 words

14 words
We do for the love of our people.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest letter

I have been looking over the media sites that present articles about your organisation.

I believe that the next time a media organisation asks questions about a NZ European group such as the RWNZ, you would be advised to promote this site as an example of ethnically supported groups;

then explain to them that so long as the NZ census office claims that we are NZ Europeans and as such a specific ethnic group we have the same right as any other ethnic body to create support for and promote our political interests in NZ.

Explain that if it is acceptable for a Chinese Group to support political actions and promote an ethnic political organisation for them then the same exists for RWNZ. If NZ is multicultural then NZ Europeans are a specific ethnic group with the same rights as any other body.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book your travel plans now and make it happen.

WPWW Day items

WPWW Shirts and Patches available now for sale. Long sleeve Ts, Tshirts and CHCH WPWW Patches and usual ones. Will have flags back in stock by the event as well. Also working on some new items atm. We are also setting up a donation system to help people who travel, to make sure that they have food drink and rides while they are here. So anyone willing to help with that please do.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


NZ WPWW Day will be 23rd March. I have worked in a local band to play and checked out a great venue. We will have a full week end, so please come and support it. We had about 130 people at the last march which is prety good for a little populated country. We will start selling tickets soon for the gig. These tickets will include food, some crates of beer and the band and venue. The tickets will also be raffle tickets, so these will be numbered for the night, we will have a few things to get raffled. We have accomadation sorted, just let us know in advance, we had a family Safe demonstration last year and plan to do the same again this year.

So lets get it together early and sort your travel etc. Anyone willing and able to donate to help others travel please contact Kyle.

We are expecting some of our Aussi brothers and sisters this year.

It will be held in Christchurch, we will be working out the points of movement of the March soon.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Uniforms

Greetings Members and supporters.
This is the New RWR securty Uniform. It will be used when we do our Community Security Patrols and when we do public events as our own uniformed security (All full members will be part of this). 
At the end of next year we will be running in some local elections. We hope to have a full uniformed membership by then and show up at election meetings in our uniforms.
Comments and ideas from other activists are always welcome.
It is going to cost about $95 per shirt once all the badges have gone onto a strong labour shirt. We are doing fund raising currently to create a surplus of Uniforms on stand by and to help those who need support to buy their uniform. 
Black Military pants and black high lace up boots will be the best compliment to this shirt. 
We are still working on what will be on the Collars of non officers, and what will be on the arms for uniform shirts for our non members (maybe a simple emblem in black and white). We are also working on getting our Black grey and white NZ flag patches that will be on the Shoulder of the right arm.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christchurch Report

As summer rolls in again, we are getting more active and growth is back on the menue.
As a reminder that we are a political org, we are introducing a security uniform for our public events and our street patrols.
When The next lot of local council elections kick in we will be standing at least one person for Mayor plus maybe a couple of community boards and council. These will be a good time to show our uniform look off. We have had talks with NF about doing a semi combined campaign for the Mayor elections around the country.
We now have nearly $21,000 in the bank for the land base.

We are happy to report a growth in numbers again for Christchurch.