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Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Uniforms

Greetings Members and supporters.
This is the New RWR securty Uniform. It will be used when we do our Community Security Patrols and when we do public events as our own uniformed security (All full members will be part of this). 
At the end of next year we will be running in some local elections. We hope to have a full uniformed membership by then and show up at election meetings in our uniforms.
Comments and ideas from other activists are always welcome.
It is going to cost about $95 per shirt once all the badges have gone onto a strong labour shirt. We are doing fund raising currently to create a surplus of Uniforms on stand by and to help those who need support to buy their uniform. 
Black Military pants and black high lace up boots will be the best compliment to this shirt. 
We are still working on what will be on the Collars of non officers, and what will be on the arms for uniform shirts for our non members (maybe a simple emblem in black and white). We are also working on getting our Black grey and white NZ flag patches that will be on the Shoulder of the right arm.

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