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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Majority oppose asset sales

Preliminary results from the referendum show that 895,000 voters oppose* asset sales, with 432,000 voters supporting the sales. RWRNZ believes that the nation's assets are safe when owned by the government. Wealthy New Zealanders have shown limited interest in privately buying these assets. The forecast is clear: majority foreign ownership is almost guaranteed under John Key's plan.

John Key once again shows no desire to be of service to New Zealand, only his own interests in world trade and the global economy that makes his mates richer and the rest of us into slaves of the globalists.

Majority oppose asset sales

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Positions in RWR

We are happy to say our organisation will be showing a more professional level in the near future. We are creating new departments that will support RWR and the TRP.

One of these is the Tech Div, we have had this for some time, but it now has new leadership and shows far greater potential.

Also we are now calling new secretaries around the country to make contact and process more efficient.

Plus we have more people willing to help with written material such as press statements and articles.

So expect to see more from us. But don't worry, we still intend to get in the face of the system and shock the unbelievers with the facts that they want to to turn away from. Our raw street movement will be active also.

We have stronger branch leaders now and we will have new levels of local protest being organised around the country.

If you share our views and would like to join RWR please let us know. now is a good time to join as we are looking for Officers to take key positions, Could this be you? Maybe... contact us to arrange an interview and to get the job decryption.

Kyle needs officers to be trained and to one day prepare to take his place. The evil powers that control the masses will one day want to shut him up and take him out. So others need to be prepared to take his place. We need strong minded but loyal motivated and active people who can show diplomacy and wisdom with people inside the org and with those leading other orgs.

Also we need more intelligence agents for watching and documenting our enemies (such as antifa)

Email if you are interested.

How Evil is China

China hurts and kills its own people and has done ever since the communist took over. Mao Z Tong started the merciless agenda with about 40,000,000 murders of people who he felt were political opposition, too rich, too important or just because he wanted to cull off some of the population. They have no respect for human life. It is in their history and it is in their current system. They do all this to the people they rule over. Do you want them to rule over you?

China has around 10 million labour slaves, 3 million of them are there because of their religion, some are there for political reasons and they say some are there because of criminal activity.

Organ harvesting!
Some of those in the slave labour camps are singled out for organ harvesting, these organs are sold to rich people around the world. They are sold at a high price because the Forlong Gong religious members who they kill for organs are healthy and highly sought after by the creepy people who want to rob bodies of their parts.

Shot in the head!
If you are a political opponent, activist human right advocate or petty criminal in China you could be shot in the head, more then 5,000 people per year are killed this way. It could be up to 10,000. (The Chinese government lies about everything it does so figures that come from them can never be trusted). This is a brutal practice where the high power rifle is placed at the back of the head and fired, blowing the face off and destroying the skull. This is done to young people and women and include peaceful protesters who just want the genocide in Tibet to end.

Protesters killed!
Many people now down play or even pretend the Chinese never killed over 5,000 people during protests for human rights in Tiananmen square. They don’t want to face such atrocities because they make too much money from these evil sadistic criminals in power over in China.

Boarder Disputes!
China is trying to claim land and islands of 7 neighbouring countries. Some they claim total dominance of what should be self governing countries. China is an imperialistic country seeking economic and political dominance of not only its own people but any country stupid enough to deal with them.

In china it is expected that if you have money and power you can get away with more, bribery and corruption are rampant in every level of government bureaucracy, industry and military.

World Power!
Western powers give money to China through trade, they help prop up an evil sadistic empire because of greed. They allow themselves to get into debt with a monster of a country who will want these debts paid in some way sooner or latter. Through free trade and immigration treaties they are getting stronger foot holds in many nations including New Zealand.

Is our Prime minister and government evil?
In any way you look at it, by propping up evil you are evil, if you support a country that commits genocide then you are helping commit genocide, by supporting a country that murders people for their organs you are guilty of murder. By having military personnel including war ships come to our country we are condoning that military who carry out mass murder and war crimes regularly and to this day.

How do you live with yourself?
How do you justify voting for Labour and National? Labour started the ball rolling with a free trade deal with China that is far better for them then us. National keeps it going and increases its influence in our economy and sells off assets to them on whole sale. They are selling us out to profit themselves and their mates.
Don’t vote for Labour or National or any of their puppet parties. They don’t care if they kill our culture or you!

Join the resistance!
Right Wing Resistance and The Resistance Party
PO Box 10376, Christchurch, 8145

Support us, we get things done!

RWR Five Years

WPWW Day NZ Poster

Monday, October 28, 2013

People smugglers

Armed Coast Watch being formed...

I saw a news story about people smugglers going to target NZ. Must be time we set up the RWR boarder patrol, arrest these parasites and hand put them in our own version of prison, maybe build one on a remote island...

We are going to put together a collection of private boat owners and citizen patrol groups for watching over remote coastal areas.

At sea there are less authorities, and we will aim to make up the difference in combating illegal people smuggling and other problematical issues like illegal foreign fishing.

Its another step to New Zealanders taking responsibility of our own country. Our government has proven they don't care about anything accept pleasing their globalist mates and getting the next pay check in pocket. We must protect our future.

WPWW travel

a reminder to all that if you plan your travel at the last min its very expensive and will probably not happen, book everything early and its cheaper and easier for everything. We will pick up anyone from airport and supply a main meal and snack food for each day of the week end for those coming from out of town to help with the cost.


we r happy to say after some meetings and direct talks unity is back on track. to spit the people who would like to see it die. we are a united movement again. lets keep that all year this time.

Items of Note for WPWW Day

Earn your Front-line patch. We will do some embroided writing patches this year just for WPWW attendance also. We already have WPWW CHCH patches. and WPWW T-shirts, Long sleeves and will try get some hoodies for this next one. Contact us if you are interested in these also.

Flag Day 2013

Flag day went great. No problems at all, we have completed defeated the left wing in the capital, there wasn't one to be seen, their resolve has been proven once again to be flaky at best, they only have the net now to cry about us and make up drama. Now they seem to have no legs working for them.

We did have trouble from Authorities though including them stopping Jim Sealem coming to NZ with no justifiable reason considering he has been here a few times.

Thanks to the NZ NF for their efforts again.


RWR did a $29,000 investment for 18 months for the land base money, we will get about $1,500 return from it. All donations, and auto payments into this are welcome. Anyone who helps with this project will have a piece of land they can always be welcome in with like minded folks. We urge all members who are lacking in there fees need to get these sorted ASAP. A brotherhood is an equal share of responsibility and sacrifice. All RWRNZ shirt members and those wanting to be, do pay fees, no exceptions. Absolutely no exceptions! This is a project of importance for us. With it we become a serious factor in our future stability.

WPWW day 2014

For those who want to be active and play a real part in the movement, the next event will be WPWW day. 22 March. We recommend getting there 21st, The Friday. Now RWR has a large club house in CHCH we will hold all the social events there. So beds and venues are all good this time round. Contact us if you want to come and book your bed.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Some proven tactics for recruitment in your local area:
1, Don't be afraid to get out there. Show you are in the scene, show that someone is willing to take a stand, and others will follow. 
2, When you see Skinheads and obvious white pride folk on the street, pull over and approach them, they could be the start of growth for your unit. Give them a biz card or flyer and get their cell number. 
3, Do regular flyer drops on local issues, and of course the big issues. people really are sick of multicultural rubbish and their guns and rights being taken away, show them that someone local is willing to stand up for their rights.
4, Send flyers to the news paper with a phone number, even if you decide to stay anonymous, create a fake name and speak to the media, send them statements etc. The media are our enemy and they will take every chance to demonize us, but while they are doing that, other good folk who already know what crap talkers the media are will contact you, and more people will look at your online resources, recruitment always comes from this, always.
5, If you are really game, run for public office, do inventive stunts during the elections to get yourself more publicity. It is amazing how much free publicity you will get from running for public office of some kind. Local Elections are the best.
6, Go to and support other orgs protests etc. Show the other people who show up that our org is the best to join and they will have a family and place with us.
7, Don't scare of new people. Create the inner circle and the chosen inner circle for talking about real controversial issues and those that will in-danger your freedom and safety. Let people work their way into the inner workings of the org.
8, Show loyalty to the organisation, be active, stand up for yourself against those who will mock you and your brothers. People respect strength in others, let them hate us, as long as they fear us...
9, Help the community, but be sensible. street patrols, clean up projects are all great. But sometimes just sitting in a mall with a hand full of the brothers in the club kit will draw you new people.... Be inventive.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Email

Greetings Folk.

We are happy to report the Retaliators Social Club Shirts are now ready.

All people who join between now and flag day will become founding members.

This is a social club, it is designed to be a mass movement. It is to open up the chance for more supporters to join something with as much commitment as they are willing.

All first interested people are welcome to buy a shirt. $40 Tshirts, $75 long sleeve, $85 hoodies (double color print makes it a bit more then other shirts).
Anyone can buy these shirts and start their casual membership of Retaliators SC.

There will be city shirts done in future for established units of the Retaliators.

Attached is the shirts photo.

Any questions please contact us. We are excited about this new part of our movement. We feel it is time to hit the streets with as many of our people as possible. This is the way. This will bring more unity then before as we will focus on our common goals and not the problems.

This does not replace RWR, it serves a different function, just like the TRP serves a function. As with all serious orgs in history we evolve and learn, just as our ancestors did and become the greatest civilizations we will do the same and fight the current agenda.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Mayor opening.

It is time to make your vote count. Every vote for me makes the Government and the media pay attention. Christchurch has had many false promises, and they keep on going. If you want to be herd now is the time to do it.

I will address housing in Christchurch, affordability of rents, more council housing and working out how to provide more housing through not only pushing the need to bring labor here and to house them, but also work on speeding up the process to build.

Our current council is over paid and has too much bureaucracy. Its time for a change! I will license to people not just bow to the Government and rich.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Local Elections

Hi Folks

Well its time again we get ready for the local elections. We didnt have anyone stand last time. So lets make it happen this time. 

So to the guts of it. We need money. We have to register to run, it costs $200 for each position. I will run for Mayor and community board in CHCH. We have a couple of others who will stand if they can get some help in other areas.

We also need to get flyers done and if we can raise enough pay for some advertising.

The Press said recently that with Bob Parkers withdrawal from the race in CHCH "Kyle Chapman may come 2nd". That would be a major victory for us. With the current wave of unhappy people our ability to draw the strongest protest vote is there. We may even win the community board.

Its a good time to run, good time for all our people to make sure they are registered to vote.


New Site

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Retaliators Social Club

We are looking at adjusting the Retaliator's Branch of RWR into a full social club of its own to cover the need many of our people have for that side of things. We will introduce an updated club shirt for this and present the idea to people who have had that type of lifestyle that stops them being committed to RWR but they still want to be active in some way. 

This will be a political social club. It is made up of members, and supporters of RWR.

Emblem to follow. But all current Members will have the current shirt. The emblem will stay the same, some writing will be changed, so the focus will be on the Retaliator's social club.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Support our face book page

please support us to get the page back up to the likes it had. FB in their control freak moments take down anything that doesn't support their internationalist goals.

Please also get them donations cumming in, we are working hard atm, and need support to pay for flyers and the prep work we need for the party and the up coming local elections.

We have a hand full of people who will stand in their areas, I will be working with some other people soon to get them on board with The Resistance Party and to run for us in their areas.

Help us save our country!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Support The Resistance Party

to get on the email list send email to.

To have a membership form and some flyers sent out, also email the above...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

China debate

To sum up this never ending argument about China is this, I have provided information in the below article that provides evidence of Chinese imperial ambitions, their military build up for Navel and marine operations, the boarder disputes with a few countries including the claim of ownership on Taiwan, land claims against Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and the invasion and eventual extermination of Tibet.

One of their plans is to Dam rivers to South East Asia so they can supply water to themselves making a drought in these other countries. They are supported by Capitalist countries who move in companies to help exploit resources from conquered areas (making this situation even more dangerous for us). We are a country with many untapped resources. Our laws protect them from big business, under china they would have access to our untapped oil and gas, gold, water and anything else of value to them currently under reserve lands or in protected areas.

They have among the worst human rights record on the planet not caring for any culture or ethnic minority, they have corruption at every level.

They kill more people through state executions then any other country (in the thousands, over 5,000), they are ruthless in everything they do. Their mind set is very different to ours, so a take over would result in us being put to work or put to the bayonet like Tibetans.

Evidence of the eventual take over is this:
Chinese Vertical Integration system, they are buying up whole markets in NZ to take control of production and movement of products. Its a standard communist way to manipulate capitalism. Communism is designed to make use of the weakness in capitalism, Marx spoke allot about this. When they control the market they control a lot more.

They spy on us and are building ways to spy more. They use our telecommunications as a way to get into our systems, their company is building these now.

As said above, they have a large Marine force, Marines are designed to attack from the sea. Why would they have such a force if they don't intend to use it? They are building a Navy with a few aircraft carriers, even one such ship makes a Navy very impressive as it takes its own air power to any place it goes, the 6 they are building will make their invasions of countries impossible to repel. Good Military tactics are that you use artillery and planes to weaken your enemy then you send in the troops. With 6 carriers they will have hundreds of planes to support their tens of thousands of marines backed up by an army in the millions.

When a country is full of loyal followers (like through immigration) a nation always lays claim on such countries.

All the trade, underhanded companies pretending not to be Chinese and the greed of our Elite Government and company directors, gives them a doorway right in. To quote the most used military commander in China and all of Asia "Sun Su", "to win the war without fighting is best", he also talks about changing the hearts of the people to accept them. That is the current strategy, but have no doubt, one day the troops will come in to make the claim real.

The way to free us from this is to break all ties with China, have no military or financial contact with them, grow closer to Australia and built up our Alliances in the pacific to strengthen against China's will. We must work with countries like India to help create a wall against China.

We must change our Government system to one that removes the current way they manipulate the system to keep the same people in power.

We must slow down immigration and strengthen our ties with traditional countries like ours.

We must strengthen our culture and fight all attempts to destroy our National Identity. Its this one true fact that will save us from elimination. Nationalism is the only tool that we have to stop total take over by Economic powers and Enemy countries.

Friday, April 12, 2013

China, and its plan...

This was sent to me today by a supporter.

I read this article;

Where it discusses Ozs relationship with China

"During her last trip, the Chinese raised the issue of foreign direct investment rules and Australia's seemingly discriminatory approach to Chinese firms, the issue of Chinese workers to reduce business costs and to speed up projects in Australia and critically, Australia's defense ties with the US and possible bases in Australia. "

Now to translate; they want Oz to sell their companies to China; they want Oz to allow Chinese workers in to work in their businesses; they want Oz to cut ties to the USA.

The question is then raised "Has NZ already agreed to this?", and if so does that mean that NZ no longer cant tell China we want to trade with you but we don't want to sell our production to you? Do we have to accept Chinese workers? and how many are military age with military training? Also are we not allowed to have defense relations with the US and Britain?

Is China really a benefit to NZ or a curse on us?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Facebook page

RWR first Quarter Update

Greetings Friends and Folk

This is just a quick update to keep the ball rolling after WPWW day and our visits from our friends from other countries. Including the visits from Australia First and Nationalist Alternative, then more recently Peter Kramer the RWR leader for Europe.

With the mixed levels of media we had from WPWW day and the usual scrypting that the printed media use in order to alienate us from the general public we have to be vigilant in our work to present information through flyers and internet to maintain an ongoing counter to all bad media.

One of the things our friend from the Nationalist Alt presented to us was the bugs system of dealing with the rhetoric from the left and the media. It is a functional and practical way to debate with the brainwashed and the illogical arguments of the anti white movements.

We were very Honoured to have Jim Saleam come to New Zealand and help us to launch our Local Elections campaign coming up this year. It got us a bit of media that got us in early for the race. This will take us through to the possibility to form a Political Party. 
We feel like our brand of protest movement will give hope to people in fighting the system and allow us to take our fight to new levels. We encourage all our members and supporters to register to vote and help those around them to do the same. Also we would like to ask people to give us feed back on ideas for the local elections, interest for the potential party and anyone who is willing to stand under the Resistance label.

We seek funding, as with everything we do we always need more money. We raise funds ourselves, but in order to achieve our future goals we need a growing fund to pay for projects, flyers, election advertising, registration costs for candidates etc.

Our Land base account is well over $25,000 now and we are confident we can hit the $50,000 mark by the end of next year and purchase a property. This will give us a great base for Elections and to sway public opinion of us as an organisation. As we achieve our goals we get a step closer to the next and bring in more people.

We may not be perfect but we are doing our best, and with more people to help we will do better  so if your willing to help run a branch let us know.

We have been very happy to have Peter from Sweden here, he and myself (Kyle) have been meeting with people around New Zealand, this was a great success, with pledges of support from a number of people.
Peter is still in Christchurch. We will try and get him some media before he goes home. 

We have plans to get other white rights leaders from other countries over to speak to us, and for this we are setting up a fund to help. For more information on this please contact us.

To finish with we would like to address an issue of some note for our readers. It is obvious that many people have lost hope or struggle to keep some hope. This is what the capitalist system wants to achieve, the driving out of all "Nationalist Hope", this is because we are the only major resistance to the world financial system and the open door trade policies of the UN and its puppets. We would like to say we have hope, we have growth all through New Zealand and we have growing alliances around the world. We ask you to all to get involved and be part of what works. We are what works!

Please send your ideas in to us. It was great to do so much brainstorming while we traveled around, that is how the party idea come about.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peter Kramer visits New Zealand

We are very happy to have Peter in New Zealand with us.

He is available for meeting with New Zealand Nationalists. Also to talk with the media.

We are traveling around New Zealand atm.

Peter has done his Chosen Men oath in Christchurch.
In formation with some members in Christchurch

We will update as we get to other areas.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From a list of questions

I understand that you are promoting equal right for the white community in New Zealand and defending the jobs and culture in New Zealand but is there any particular group that threatens these aspects of the white community?

Answer: Yes there are a number of elements at work. Firstly their is the threat of Chinese communists gaining stronger number as they get more people. They already have the citizen party that they control from China.

Chinese culture in general is alien to us, so any large number of them will affect our development as a nation anyway. Firstly, kiwi culture has a relaxed working ideal, we work so we can play. We expect a good wage and to be treated Farley, with a 40 hour week job and perks if you have to do more. Chinese but maybe Asians in general see working long hours for less rewards as ok, in fact they think we are lazy and unorganized. Their way of life doesn't fit with us, so they WILL try and change us to suit them better. Also they find it hard to learn Engrish, or to us English. If they have large numbers they will dominate and we could be forced to learn their language one day. Also they are less tolerant as a society and more acceptable to public execution's genocide of whole races who rebel against them, total domination of the political elite with military backing. That's not a world I want to live in. Oh I know the lefties will say they are fleeing that, but that's not the case. I have worked in the hotel industry, and my Chinese co workers all admitted to be communists. The fact the Chinese wave commie flags at Olympics and are still so pro their homeland and dismiss the brutality of it peoples shows they are no haters of their regime Also the contracted 1000 workers per year as part of the free trade deal will not be common laborers they will be hardened communist paid up party members, communism is an expansionist ideal, they think they are right so they must force others to believe. Wellington Power lines are owned by a Chinese General. The company who are doing internal computer systems updating are tied in with the Chinese military and spy networks, large farms and other valuable land and resources are being bought by Chinese companies, many of which have military or communist party backers. In history we have seen that when a powerful country has invested people and resources to a point, they will justify a take over.

A Tongan captain who had been privy to Polynesian Chinese military talks (our old allies that our government neglects)  said that the Chinese defense systems include a defending area that includes New Zealand and other countries they don't yet control.

Read Sun Su, "the art of war" he says "to win the war without fighting is best", and "to change the hearts of the people". They are doing this right now and only a very carefully organised propaganda campaign covers it up. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the Uni dumps your essay idea.

There are of course Muslim issues and Zionism.

Zionism props up all economic trading deals and anything else that helps bankers and global companies get richer and exploit new opportunities for profit. Multiculture is a way to create people who have no loyalties to nation, and by doing so the worker looses a scene of identity and finds themselves in golfed in the desire to only work and buy, the perfect drone for the Capitalist/Zionist system.

This Capitalism is all about moving people around, destabilizing people and nations. They ARE really in control of Muslims spreading around as they drop the boarders to allow trade, cheap labor and the recipe for the destruction of everything. Sorry I don't have the persons name for this quote as I don't have time to look for it. But someone said, something like this  "the only form of politics that protects people from capitalism and employment slavery is the Nationalist, so they must remove all nationalists and free up every boarder and every trade lane in order to create a one world free trade system". Multiculture is the recipe to get the all do "gooder's" on side to destroy nations, for the single purpose to create working buying drones.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Great Radio article

Sunday, March 24, 2013

7 Sharp program

One of the first things we notice is that even though they say the article is about RWR, they only showed small amounts of 2 RWR members interviews. The rest of the people interviewed were individuals not associated with our organisation, or those from Blood and Honour and National Front who have some different views to us .

They give the Asian live air time, while we get a very harshly edited clip. Once again it was designed to give the message they wanted to give instead of actually show what we were there for.

We would like to point out that we are a growing organisation, they may try and make us look small and irrelevant but we are seeking like minded people to join us. We are the White Civil Rights activists. We are standing up against the demise of white rights and the identity of being white.

They also went out of their way to avoid showing the larger numbers of our uniformed members as they know it is a draw card for us.

Understanding the media.

As we have come through this week ends media, its worth noting a few tactics of the media and why they are so anti us.

The Seven Sharp reporter asked me "why do you think people hate you?" I said because of the lies the media tell, she repeated the question a couple more times, but I reaffirmed my answer each time. The media have designed scripts to separate us from public support. They do this because we stand against everything they support (multicultural, greed, lies, brainwashing, left wing and socialism, and the most important their foreign owned media outlets).

In any other industry its considered bad taste to comment on things that you have a conflict of interest. However the media take advantage of peoples ignorance  Don't be ignorant  know this, its a conflict of interest for multinational companies like Fairfax and other part of Murdoch mass media networks to comment on people who are opposed to them, they are our enemy in all aspects and they show it with every report. Its not journalism, its propaganda, they copy the same scripts in everyone, these are scripts they created, they through the truth out the door and built a network of lies and deceit.

Satan is the master of all lies, so that makes the lier evil, Evil will try and make good look like its evil, they will tell the same lies over and over until you think its truth. This is a typical tactic that works. It works because people are ignorant of it.

We are the good guys, the fact they need to tell lies to keep us down is one level of evidence on our side. Fact we love our family, nation and people, we support the right of all people to have freedom and to practice their own ideals and culture. We want the same right and to not be brow beaten, this is what we represent, yet the media script this into, Hate of other cultures, Nazism, racism, evil things and all sort of terrible insults, even personal attacks. The media have many/most if not all left wing reporters. this props up multiculture and then multinational companies. The left have made themselves our enemy because they want to shut us up because we ask the questions they don't want to answer. When the left cant answer, they abuse you. Anyone who has had an argument with them knows how it goes down hill quick, they are so self righteous in their ignorance.

We on the other hand see that anti racism is anti white, it is aimed at white people ONLY, white genocide is real. We don't want to convert those who chose not to listen  but we want those who already have some doubts to come to us and learn more. The media want to prevent this. They will do anything to crush us as a threat to their ideals and their crazy dreams of having no white people left in the future. They feel so threatened that they get ministers who are equally stupid to say reactionary comments in a way to try and shame us and to belittle us.

We welcome the free thinkers to contact us and help us build a movement of hope.

Please see the media lies and tactics for what they are, its system control and its all bad for you! Wake up and link with us.We bring hope to a negative and devious world, full of money grabbing MPs and all their cronies, lying media, dodgy dealing from corporations and the list goes on.

We are that ray of sunshine, and even though they try to black us out too, just to make sure your total with their program of globalization and total dronish control, we will stand strong until we are in the afterlife were we will stand waiting for those who did so much evil against us, and we will stand as a witness about their crimes.

So if you are tired of the lies, let us know, we will show you the hope!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pics from the demonstration

Great Day for WPWW

White Pride March 2013

We had a great day today. Sun was shining, walking side by side with our friends and comrades from different organisations are clubs. We had a few laughs and enjoyed the company of our people while also enjoying the entertainment of the freak show who turned out to once again show how ignorant they are.

Like usual the left (who claim to stand up for the lower classes lol) use the standard attacks from their prejudice that we are uneducated. Using the fact we are lower class and potentially less educated then them as a way to degrade us and find fault. The left only finds fault when you don't follow their scripts. They have sad arguments, so they must try and insult us and stop our right of freedom. They don't get it, that either you are free or your not. Maybe their educations are just so great they have some amazing understanding beyond our comprehension, or they are just a bit mental. Going by what I saw there were a lot of the later going on.

The typical gays were there who in one breath demand rights for their freedoms, then in the next try and take ours away.

Well enough the entertainment, as yes even though they are hypocrites (with the same mentality as a cat in a plastic bag) they were funny. Some of the same old scripting got boring but some of the signs were funny. They are easy to mock and confuse, but now and then one of them had something that made me laugh. Since they think I'm an illiterate moron why did they write so many signs? lol I don't get that.

The event was a complete success from our point of view. We had nearly 80 people, it was a bit of a drop from last year, unfortunately some transport issues prevented some people getting there. But we were happy with what we got and happy how it all went.

A major point of the day was the introduction to the public of our new uniforms. The feed back for these was great.

As usual with all media coverage we got some new recruits. A few old supporters and members come back into the scene and we boosted our alliances with our long standing friends like Blood and Honour, National Front and other groups.

Another great part of the event for us was the visiting of Jim Saleam our good friend from Australia First Party. One of the best Nationalist speakers in the southern Hemisphere. Also visiting from Australia was a key member of Nationalist Alternative. These friendships are of great importance to us. And having Jim endorse our upcoming local Elections bids was an honour for us.

We had an amazing after function, lots of good times with a multi raffle, drinks, food and lots of entertainment.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today's Press Article

Hi Joelle Dally

Re Press article 22nd March.
This is Kyle Chapman. I read the article today. I'm unsure why you say you phoned all our phones when no one said anyone had rung them.
I had some missed calls, but on a busy time I will miss the odd call. Someone doing journalism would usually make some effort to make contact before stating that they couldn't contact us like there is some point in stating that. We both know the Press don't ring me because I don't like talking to scripted (Nazi, white supremacist, racist) news papers who don't research or make any effort to seek the truth and put up a balanced article.

RWR is a Nationalist, white civil rights group who stand for action against an unbalanced system that shames whites and destroys patriotism. We believe in controlled immigration. More information can be found on our website. Easily found on Google.

Its typical though of your article that you used the same script that every article your paper does. Don't you get board saying the same stuff every other reporter says?
I have to ask, is it actually that your editor wont let you do a truthful article?
We are one of many countries who run WPWW days. England has already done their one this year, Canada and USA are doing them this week end as well. I doubt the reds will get 200 people there.
The reason the person doesn't want to be named is they tell lies and have no clue about what we are marching for. Fortunately for us we will get a chance to show our case to all those who look at our site as a result of shabby journalism.

This email will be put on our website and other online information resources. 

It would be nice one day to read something original and less full of typical left wing scripting.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

WPWW Motivation speech

Greetings like minded friends and family
Thank you all for the support we get for the work we do. We appreciate having a large support network. 
As we get closer to WPWW day we see more and more people with the courage to stand. Many of us are pioneers in New Zealand for right wing street action,
but now we see this growing formation of people willing to step out of their comfort zone and be part of a great week end of activity. 

Until you have been to a street based demonstration or other action you can never know the thrill of it and the sense of self achievement that will last for the rest of your life.
The fact that after such an event you will be part of the front line members of the movement, those who went out and did something.

Some people down grade the effectiveness of these actions. But I can tell you, the amount of foreign media get hold of it now, makes them think twice about coming here to stay.
It slows down government anti free speech actions also as they are less willing to do such when they know a number of the population will stand against it.

We as a movement stand here to give you hope, we have that hope already because we work hard to make it happen, to hold onto our beloved nation and culture. 
Hope is what will move us forward with a positive heart and a forward thinking.

I urge all our supporters to register to vote and get ready for the up coming local elections. We will be standing a few people in these around the country. The more votes we get the stronger our movement becomes, the stronger we become the more they have to listen to us. 

Action is the key to progress!

We are moving forward, will you join us?

Kyle Chapman

Friday, March 8, 2013

UK WPWW day tomorrow.

Good luck to our UK brothers and sisters for the their WPWW day tomorrow.

2 weeks untill we have ours. Canada has confirmed they will do one and we have contact with guys in the USA who are doing it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Help us from behind the scenes

The Right Wing Resistance is looking for technical and financial support

If you are looking for an effective platform for protest, then consider supporting the Right Wing Resistance. Unlike the left, we do not set ballot boxes on fire or get into scraps with Police. We go out in public with a professional image, and we show our opposition to the government through marches and demonstrations. This physical presence shows that we take our activism seriously. We understand that street-level activism is not everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s why we allow for anonymous donations and support. In October we intend to stand a Mayoral candidate, as well as candidates for community board and council. Each candidate will cost $300 and we are seeking funding for this endeavor  because it will expand our profile in the community. Aside from financial support we are also in constant need of people who can either develop or maintain websites. The skill-set we currently need is someone who knows HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP. This person will ideally know what Drupal is, and will be confident enough to modify themes for Drupal. If you think you can help with this then please contact us via phone 02203433593 email

Housing prices

Current issues affecting New Zealand

On 28th of February, 3News published an article on their website which says almost two-thirds of voters want home-buying restrictions on foreigners (see “Calls for controls on foreign home buyers” 3News website). The Right Wing Resistance suggests that New Zealanders oppose the government’s non-action on this issue, and in doing so, reduce the cost of property for New Zealanders.

Uniforms evolving

We are happy to show our new Uniforms are coming together. We hope to have about 30 members at WPWW day in uniform. We intend to present the uniforms publicly then with help from the media.

Research has shown that Uniformed organisations are more attractive to people then civilian looking groups.

As we grow we will be training our members to do formation marching and to create a few more systems to be more effective as a street based political group.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Mantra

The Mantra

Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.
The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and "assimilating" with them.
Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.
What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?
How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?
But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

This was sent in to us.

By Dr Muriel Newman
The report by Fairfax media that Crown negotiators working for Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson on the Treaty settlement process have picked up million dollar fees shows the Treaty of Waitangi grievance industry has become an insatiable gravy train not just for the iwi elite, but also for ex-politicians and the ‘in’ crowd.[1]
The 14-strong negotiating team has been paid a total of $5.5 million. Michael Dreaver, an Auckland consultant was the highest earner at $1.5m, followed by Ross Philipson, formerly of the Ministry of Economic Development, who made just over $1m. Former Members of Parliament include justice minister Sir Douglas Graham (who was found guilty last year of making misleading statements while a director of Lombard Finance) who earned $186,901, former MP and iwi chairs forum member Tukoroirangi Morgan who received $439,085, and former Prime Minister Jim Bolger, who earned $29,912.
While Chris Finlayson has defended his team saying the money was well spent, taxpayers may well question the calibre of recent Treaty settlements. Many of those settlements appear excessively generous, significantly extending the boundaries established by previous governments to include ever more place name changes, the extension of the right of purchase of Crown assets to over 170 years, and increasing numbers of ‘co-governance’ deals that give iwi business operators equal power over public assets to that of government agents.
Last year’s Tuhoe settlement is a case in point. At $170 million, its value not only equalled those of the major Tainui, Ngai Tahu and the fisheries settlements, but it also included the co-governance of New Zealand’s biggest National Park - even though National Parks and conservation lands have always been considered ‘off limits’ for Treaty settlement purposes. How the government can justify awarding a private tribal corporation co-governance rights to a key national asset, is a question that has yet to be answered – especially as the deal also granted Tuhoe Mana Mutuhake, which means independence or self-governance. Awarding co-governance rights to our major National Park to a private tribal corporation that intends breaking away and establishing a nation within a nation is pure madness.
New Zealanders have never approved of the inclusion of co-governance deals in Treaty settlements. Iwi claimants are not official bodies - they are private business corporations driven by strong profit motives. Attempts to claim they are Treaty ‘partners’ – which is a convenient political construct promoted by Treaty activists - and therefore entitled to special privileges, should be seen as the fiction that it is. It is not acceptable that unelected, unaccountable private corporations driven by self interest are allocated special quasi-official roles that are not available to other New Zealanders.
Iwi have become experts at soft-soaping the public with talk of the ‘guardianship’ of assets. Let’s not be fooled by their rhetoric. Their agenda is to get their hands on as many public assets as they can, for private commercial advantage. This is evident in their claims for electromagnetic spectrum and of course, fresh water. If the Supreme Court supports the Maori councils’ claim for freshwater, and the government acquiesces to such a ridiculous notion, we will end up having to pay private tribal corporations every time we turn on the tap.
The reality is that the modern-day Treaty settlements are about money, not mana, and the drive for co-governance is about power not partnership.
Just last week Ngati Tuwharetoa, the so-called ‘guardians’ of Lake Taupo, announced that they intend to charge competitors in the New Zealand Ironman competition around $40 a head for the swimming leg of the race. This move to charge for the right to swim in the lake is expected to bring in around $56,000. It will be in addition to the income Tuwharetoa already receives from the commercial tourist ventures that use the lake, from a share of all fishing licence fees, and from an annual Crown payment of $1.5 million.
A similar decision to charge some lake users was made by Ngai Tahu a few years ago. Lake Ellesmere was included in their 1998 Treaty settlement, and at the time, assurances were given by the iwi and the Government that nothing would change regarding the public’s right to use the lake. In spite of those assurances an 8 percent levy on the earnings of commercial eel fishermen was imposed in 2009, and while recreational users of the lake have not been levied as yet, many fear that in time they too will be required to pay this ‘iwi tax’. Locals believe this levy is just the start. They say fishermen and boaties in other parts of the country should prepare for similar taxes being imposed wherever riverbeds, lakebeds and foreshore areas have been included in Treaty deals. They say that mooring buoys, jetties and bridges will soon be fair game for an iwi tax.
In response to complaints about the iwi tax, the Minister of Fisheries said there was nothing he could do, that it was a private matter between the public and the iwi. And there’s the rub – once these deals are done and public assets are given to private iwi corporations, the government washes its hands of any further involvement – they are “private” deals, involving what were public assets.
The problem is that our Members of Parliament have for a long time now adopted a policy of appeasement – they have caved in to pressure from Treaty activists. New Zealanders, who once enjoyed free and unfettered access to our rivers, lakes, and the coast, need to realise that unless public pressure forces our politicians to change course and stand up for the public interest, these spaces will no longer be available free of charge to all New Zealanders in the future. The changes will be incremental, a lakebed here, a riverbed or seabed there, all charges under the guise of ‘guardianship’ funded by ‘environmental levies’ or ‘conservation tariffs’.
I have said this before and I will say it again – public opinion matters. The public are being treated like sheep because we don’t speak out strongly enough. Through these newsletters, the New Zealand Centre for Political Research addresses public policy issues of concern and those readers who forward them on to their networks are helping us to inform the wider public and increase awareness so that collectively we can stand up to the rorts and hold the government to account.
This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Fiona Mackenzie, a political commentator with a background in education, finance and marketing, who has been assessing the Treaty propaganda that is being pushed by the Associate Minister of Education, Maori Party Leader Pita Sharples, and the Ministry of Education in our schools.
Fiona explains that when the Ministry of Education found that schools had difficulty implementing Treaty of Waitangi principles, they published a curriculum update to provide ‘guidance’: “The Ministry’s Update is very disturbing because it goes way beyond the teaching of Maori content. It is a blatant attempt to change and control the behaviour of schools, teachers and students, to promote the ‘Maori world view’ and to elevate ‘Maori’ to a superior status not afforded anyone else.”
Fiona ends her article What’s going on in our schools with a plea: “For all the sake of New Zealanders, it is time to end this crusade for Maori domination. We need to face reality and go forward as one united country. While we should definitely celebrate our many cultures, it is vital to the health of our nation that we operate equally under the same rights and obligations. If we persist in trying to revert to 1840 tribalism, re-write history and make economic slaves of those with no Maori ancestry, our problems will only magnify and our futures will become very bleak.” To read Fiona’s article click HERE.
Sir Bob Jones, an outspoken critic of race-based privilege, has used a recent Herald article to ridicule the sorts of cultural practices that are increasingly being forced onto New Zealanders. He commented on a bizarre ceremony that took place last month when a dead whale was washed up on Paraparaumu beach.
“Launching the Maori counterattack for idiocy talking honours, kaumatua Don Te Maipi, another in need of a dictionary, told journalists that ‘the dead whale is regarded as an ancestor’. Mr Te Maipi didn't say who specifically regarded that whale so, but if there's anyone apart from him who does, then the asylum beckons. Mr Te Maipi then moved into padded-cell-and-straitjacket territory when he added that he believed ‘the whale's death could have been connected spiritually to the death of Bruce Mansell’. Mansell, a non-Maori, was a local shopping centre manager who had died two days earlier. He was not over-weight and certainly not of sperm whale dimensions.”
“An Ani Parata, described as a local iwi representative, piped up and told the same reporter, ‘The whale has given up his life for us,’ adding, ‘This is a significant message to us. We come from a tribe of whalers’. No detailed explanation for this hogwash was given but nevertheless I can assure Ani Parata that the whale not only did no such thing but, in fact, would have been oblivious to her existence. What ‘the significant message’ was, understandably was not explained.”
Sir Bob then concluded, “Imagine if talking tripe was a criminal offence. Mr Te Maipi would be history. In his case it would be a maximum sentence with a minimum 10-year parole term. Ms Parata poses a difficulty, for she's a woman and the court would be confused by her trespassing into Maori male nonsense-talking territory. Her best bet would be to plead that she was in the middle of a week-long bender and was so drunk at the time that it would be unreasonable to hold her responsible for her words, for which she now has deep remorse.”[2]
It’s absurd that Maori should have a monopoly on dead whales. They are creatures of the international seas; any attachment to Maori is a fiction created to gain ownership of the valuable whale bones and teeth - and is no more relevant than their apparent belief in Taniwha. It’s time for honesty and frankness in the debate about Maori rights – it’s time to for politicians to stop pandering to a vocal minority and start listening to the majority, but for that to happen the majority must become vocal.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Article of interest

No Freedom at Facebook

Àny one who has white nationalist points of view, right wing ideals, or even conservative will know how hypocritical Facebook terms and conditions are. In one breath they say they will protect peoples rights, then in the next they delete peoples pages just for supporting ideals that those who run Facebook don't like.
I have even seen them recently punishing people who criticize Obama. They have even blocked me and deleted me for having pictures of the Celtic sun wheel saying it is offensive, nice that now these lefty dogooders have made our culture offensive.
If Facebook is an example of freedom on the net, its a very sad case.
However there is a social networking site that allows freedom of political views. its called, maybe because its Russian and not part of the brainwashed west. Russia is also less affected by Zionism as the western countries and the money hungry people ruling them.

So we encourage people to leave the Zionist control with the lefties who love it and its multicultural agenda so much with Facebook, and those who want to be free to speak go to and enjoy some freedom to show what pictures you like, say what you like, and criticize who you like.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Public Image will be changing

This next year we will be putting more and more of our membership into uniforms.
Over the years we have had a lot of negative feed back because of other white nationalists being over sensitive to bad media about skinheads. We would like to set the record straight that we are not changing our organisations look because of the wingers in the movement or because of the lefty cry babies or the moderates over reaction to the skinhead look. The fact for the modern white nationalist movement in New Zealand is the skinheads are the frontline. It would be a mistake to rely on the average joe type "activist" only, as it could condemn the movement to die from a lack of action. There have been an exception to this however over the years, but generally the skinheads and similar subcultures have been the back bone of all activity.

We are changing our look as a natural progression of a Nationalist political organisation. We seek a military look that is smart, disciplined and unifying. It is also us reaching out to the growing number of like minded individual's that we wish to expand and have people from all different socio-economic back grounds in our ranks. We seek active people and we believe the uniform attracts such people while also creating a strength that will appeal to the many disillusioned New Zealand European population.

The influence for this uniform comes primarily from Military uniforms, with some influence from the British Union of Fascists who were a very successful street movement in 1930's.

Our membership is made up of people with several political standings, some are fairly moderate, while others are reasonably extreme. We believe in freedom of speech and we focus on what we have in common. This is primarily a love for our country and a willingness to resist bad Governments and their crazy selfish management of our beloved Nation!

We will be more active during elections and we will continue with flyer drops and other publicity operations. We seek members who are of a like mind in our common goals. This means they must be active. The upcoming local elections will be one of our campaigns with at least one Mayor candidate and possibly a handful of city council and community board candidates. Its is only financial restrictions that will slow our progress in these areas.