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14 words
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Plan

Greetings Friends and Brothers/Sisters

Happy New Year. May your 2013 be positive and active.

New Zealand RWR Have the following plans in Place for the year.

*Increased security patrols (with our new uniforms)

*WPWW day with demonstration, BBQ, and Gig. (This is also RWRNZ 4th anniversary as well). $30 per ticket pre event, $35 on the night (Tickets include food, beer, band, venue with bunks, and over 10 Raffle items).

*We have some new flyers to distribute, focused on up coming local elections this year and some other major issues.

*Training events

*A campaign to support White South Africans (our last years one was not very active because of not having access to SA officials).

*In support of the National Front we will attend Flag day.

*At the end of the year will be City Council Elections. We will run a hand full of candidates. This will bring more awareness to our cause along with advertising we would normally never get access to.

We are always looking for support, new members, and funding to help us in these plans.



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