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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jim Saleam arrival in New Zealand in March

I just spoke to Jim Saleam (President of Australia First Party) today, he has confirmed that he is coming to WPWW day, he will come for 4 days and will present AFP progress to a private meeting of organisation leaders, plus he will give a talk at the demonstration. They have been successful recently in local elections and they want to share their progress with us.

He has also stated that he will assist us in our launch of our next challenge in local elections. The announcement of both Right Wing Resistance and National Front candidates for local elections. Its has been encouraging to see so much success with like minded parties around the world. But we are particularly enthusiastic with the electing of an Australian First member to a council and the potential for more as they grow momentum. 

Jim is hoping we can work together and learn from the growing support in Australia. 

He will be available for interviews while in New Zealand. 

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