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14 words
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Freedom at Facebook

Àny one who has white nationalist points of view, right wing ideals, or even conservative will know how hypocritical Facebook terms and conditions are. In one breath they say they will protect peoples rights, then in the next they delete peoples pages just for supporting ideals that those who run Facebook don't like.
I have even seen them recently punishing people who criticize Obama. They have even blocked me and deleted me for having pictures of the Celtic sun wheel saying it is offensive, nice that now these lefty dogooders have made our culture offensive.
If Facebook is an example of freedom on the net, its a very sad case.
However there is a social networking site that allows freedom of political views. its called, maybe because its Russian and not part of the brainwashed west. Russia is also less affected by Zionism as the western countries and the money hungry people ruling them.

So we encourage people to leave the Zionist control with the lefties who love it and its multicultural agenda so much with Facebook, and those who want to be free to speak go to and enjoy some freedom to show what pictures you like, say what you like, and criticize who you like.

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