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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Public Image will be changing

This next year we will be putting more and more of our membership into uniforms.
Over the years we have had a lot of negative feed back because of other white nationalists being over sensitive to bad media about skinheads. We would like to set the record straight that we are not changing our organisations look because of the wingers in the movement or because of the lefty cry babies or the moderates over reaction to the skinhead look. The fact for the modern white nationalist movement in New Zealand is the skinheads are the frontline. It would be a mistake to rely on the average joe type "activist" only, as it could condemn the movement to die from a lack of action. There have been an exception to this however over the years, but generally the skinheads and similar subcultures have been the back bone of all activity.

We are changing our look as a natural progression of a Nationalist political organisation. We seek a military look that is smart, disciplined and unifying. It is also us reaching out to the growing number of like minded individual's that we wish to expand and have people from all different socio-economic back grounds in our ranks. We seek active people and we believe the uniform attracts such people while also creating a strength that will appeal to the many disillusioned New Zealand European population.

The influence for this uniform comes primarily from Military uniforms, with some influence from the British Union of Fascists who were a very successful street movement in 1930's.

Our membership is made up of people with several political standings, some are fairly moderate, while others are reasonably extreme. We believe in freedom of speech and we focus on what we have in common. This is primarily a love for our country and a willingness to resist bad Governments and their crazy selfish management of our beloved Nation!

We will be more active during elections and we will continue with flyer drops and other publicity operations. We seek members who are of a like mind in our common goals. This means they must be active. The upcoming local elections will be one of our campaigns with at least one Mayor candidate and possibly a handful of city council and community board candidates. Its is only financial restrictions that will slow our progress in these areas.


  1. Greetings from U.S. I am ATB/C18 Massachusetts state rep. Would you be willing to work together for White Unity? All The Best brothers. -A

  2. Hello from the USA.

    Just visiting your site. In particular, I like your group's new uniform style. Very white nationalist.

    Ward Kendall
    author of Hold Back This Day

    Hold Back This Day
    The Towers of Eden

  3. Smart as fuck, but sadly illegal under UK law!