Peter Kramer

Peter Kramer
Thank you for your service.

14 words

14 words
We do for the love of our people.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peter Kramer visits New Zealand

We are very happy to have Peter in New Zealand with us.

He is available for meeting with New Zealand Nationalists. Also to talk with the media.

We are traveling around New Zealand atm.

Peter has done his Chosen Men oath in Christchurch.
In formation with some members in Christchurch

We will update as we get to other areas.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From a list of questions

I understand that you are promoting equal right for the white community in New Zealand and defending the jobs and culture in New Zealand but is there any particular group that threatens these aspects of the white community?

Answer: Yes there are a number of elements at work. Firstly their is the threat of Chinese communists gaining stronger number as they get more people. They already have the citizen party that they control from China.

Chinese culture in general is alien to us, so any large number of them will affect our development as a nation anyway. Firstly, kiwi culture has a relaxed working ideal, we work so we can play. We expect a good wage and to be treated Farley, with a 40 hour week job and perks if you have to do more. Chinese but maybe Asians in general see working long hours for less rewards as ok, in fact they think we are lazy and unorganized. Their way of life doesn't fit with us, so they WILL try and change us to suit them better. Also they find it hard to learn Engrish, or to us English. If they have large numbers they will dominate and we could be forced to learn their language one day. Also they are less tolerant as a society and more acceptable to public execution's genocide of whole races who rebel against them, total domination of the political elite with military backing. That's not a world I want to live in. Oh I know the lefties will say they are fleeing that, but that's not the case. I have worked in the hotel industry, and my Chinese co workers all admitted to be communists. The fact the Chinese wave commie flags at Olympics and are still so pro their homeland and dismiss the brutality of it peoples shows they are no haters of their regime Also the contracted 1000 workers per year as part of the free trade deal will not be common laborers they will be hardened communist paid up party members, communism is an expansionist ideal, they think they are right so they must force others to believe. Wellington Power lines are owned by a Chinese General. The company who are doing internal computer systems updating are tied in with the Chinese military and spy networks, large farms and other valuable land and resources are being bought by Chinese companies, many of which have military or communist party backers. In history we have seen that when a powerful country has invested people and resources to a point, they will justify a take over.

A Tongan captain who had been privy to Polynesian Chinese military talks (our old allies that our government neglects)  said that the Chinese defense systems include a defending area that includes New Zealand and other countries they don't yet control.

Read Sun Su, "the art of war" he says "to win the war without fighting is best", and "to change the hearts of the people". They are doing this right now and only a very carefully organised propaganda campaign covers it up. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the Uni dumps your essay idea.

There are of course Muslim issues and Zionism.

Zionism props up all economic trading deals and anything else that helps bankers and global companies get richer and exploit new opportunities for profit. Multiculture is a way to create people who have no loyalties to nation, and by doing so the worker looses a scene of identity and finds themselves in golfed in the desire to only work and buy, the perfect drone for the Capitalist/Zionist system.

This Capitalism is all about moving people around, destabilizing people and nations. They ARE really in control of Muslims spreading around as they drop the boarders to allow trade, cheap labor and the recipe for the destruction of everything. Sorry I don't have the persons name for this quote as I don't have time to look for it. But someone said, something like this  "the only form of politics that protects people from capitalism and employment slavery is the Nationalist, so they must remove all nationalists and free up every boarder and every trade lane in order to create a one world free trade system". Multiculture is the recipe to get the all do "gooder's" on side to destroy nations, for the single purpose to create working buying drones.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Great Radio article

Sunday, March 24, 2013

7 Sharp program

One of the first things we notice is that even though they say the article is about RWR, they only showed small amounts of 2 RWR members interviews. The rest of the people interviewed were individuals not associated with our organisation, or those from Blood and Honour and National Front who have some different views to us .

They give the Asian live air time, while we get a very harshly edited clip. Once again it was designed to give the message they wanted to give instead of actually show what we were there for.

We would like to point out that we are a growing organisation, they may try and make us look small and irrelevant but we are seeking like minded people to join us. We are the White Civil Rights activists. We are standing up against the demise of white rights and the identity of being white.

They also went out of their way to avoid showing the larger numbers of our uniformed members as they know it is a draw card for us.

Understanding the media.

As we have come through this week ends media, its worth noting a few tactics of the media and why they are so anti us.

The Seven Sharp reporter asked me "why do you think people hate you?" I said because of the lies the media tell, she repeated the question a couple more times, but I reaffirmed my answer each time. The media have designed scripts to separate us from public support. They do this because we stand against everything they support (multicultural, greed, lies, brainwashing, left wing and socialism, and the most important their foreign owned media outlets).

In any other industry its considered bad taste to comment on things that you have a conflict of interest. However the media take advantage of peoples ignorance  Don't be ignorant  know this, its a conflict of interest for multinational companies like Fairfax and other part of Murdoch mass media networks to comment on people who are opposed to them, they are our enemy in all aspects and they show it with every report. Its not journalism, its propaganda, they copy the same scripts in everyone, these are scripts they created, they through the truth out the door and built a network of lies and deceit.

Satan is the master of all lies, so that makes the lier evil, Evil will try and make good look like its evil, they will tell the same lies over and over until you think its truth. This is a typical tactic that works. It works because people are ignorant of it.

We are the good guys, the fact they need to tell lies to keep us down is one level of evidence on our side. Fact we love our family, nation and people, we support the right of all people to have freedom and to practice their own ideals and culture. We want the same right and to not be brow beaten, this is what we represent, yet the media script this into, Hate of other cultures, Nazism, racism, evil things and all sort of terrible insults, even personal attacks. The media have many/most if not all left wing reporters. this props up multiculture and then multinational companies. The left have made themselves our enemy because they want to shut us up because we ask the questions they don't want to answer. When the left cant answer, they abuse you. Anyone who has had an argument with them knows how it goes down hill quick, they are so self righteous in their ignorance.

We on the other hand see that anti racism is anti white, it is aimed at white people ONLY, white genocide is real. We don't want to convert those who chose not to listen  but we want those who already have some doubts to come to us and learn more. The media want to prevent this. They will do anything to crush us as a threat to their ideals and their crazy dreams of having no white people left in the future. They feel so threatened that they get ministers who are equally stupid to say reactionary comments in a way to try and shame us and to belittle us.

We welcome the free thinkers to contact us and help us build a movement of hope.

Please see the media lies and tactics for what they are, its system control and its all bad for you! Wake up and link with us.We bring hope to a negative and devious world, full of money grabbing MPs and all their cronies, lying media, dodgy dealing from corporations and the list goes on.

We are that ray of sunshine, and even though they try to black us out too, just to make sure your total with their program of globalization and total dronish control, we will stand strong until we are in the afterlife were we will stand waiting for those who did so much evil against us, and we will stand as a witness about their crimes.

So if you are tired of the lies, let us know, we will show you the hope!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pics from the demonstration

Great Day for WPWW

White Pride March 2013

We had a great day today. Sun was shining, walking side by side with our friends and comrades from different organisations are clubs. We had a few laughs and enjoyed the company of our people while also enjoying the entertainment of the freak show who turned out to once again show how ignorant they are.

Like usual the left (who claim to stand up for the lower classes lol) use the standard attacks from their prejudice that we are uneducated. Using the fact we are lower class and potentially less educated then them as a way to degrade us and find fault. The left only finds fault when you don't follow their scripts. They have sad arguments, so they must try and insult us and stop our right of freedom. They don't get it, that either you are free or your not. Maybe their educations are just so great they have some amazing understanding beyond our comprehension, or they are just a bit mental. Going by what I saw there were a lot of the later going on.

The typical gays were there who in one breath demand rights for their freedoms, then in the next try and take ours away.

Well enough the entertainment, as yes even though they are hypocrites (with the same mentality as a cat in a plastic bag) they were funny. Some of the same old scripting got boring but some of the signs were funny. They are easy to mock and confuse, but now and then one of them had something that made me laugh. Since they think I'm an illiterate moron why did they write so many signs? lol I don't get that.

The event was a complete success from our point of view. We had nearly 80 people, it was a bit of a drop from last year, unfortunately some transport issues prevented some people getting there. But we were happy with what we got and happy how it all went.

A major point of the day was the introduction to the public of our new uniforms. The feed back for these was great.

As usual with all media coverage we got some new recruits. A few old supporters and members come back into the scene and we boosted our alliances with our long standing friends like Blood and Honour, National Front and other groups.

Another great part of the event for us was the visiting of Jim Saleam our good friend from Australia First Party. One of the best Nationalist speakers in the southern Hemisphere. Also visiting from Australia was a key member of Nationalist Alternative. These friendships are of great importance to us. And having Jim endorse our upcoming local Elections bids was an honour for us.

We had an amazing after function, lots of good times with a multi raffle, drinks, food and lots of entertainment.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today's Press Article

Hi Joelle Dally

Re Press article 22nd March.
This is Kyle Chapman. I read the article today. I'm unsure why you say you phoned all our phones when no one said anyone had rung them.
I had some missed calls, but on a busy time I will miss the odd call. Someone doing journalism would usually make some effort to make contact before stating that they couldn't contact us like there is some point in stating that. We both know the Press don't ring me because I don't like talking to scripted (Nazi, white supremacist, racist) news papers who don't research or make any effort to seek the truth and put up a balanced article.

RWR is a Nationalist, white civil rights group who stand for action against an unbalanced system that shames whites and destroys patriotism. We believe in controlled immigration. More information can be found on our website. Easily found on Google.

Its typical though of your article that you used the same script that every article your paper does. Don't you get board saying the same stuff every other reporter says?
I have to ask, is it actually that your editor wont let you do a truthful article?
We are one of many countries who run WPWW days. England has already done their one this year, Canada and USA are doing them this week end as well. I doubt the reds will get 200 people there.
The reason the person doesn't want to be named is they tell lies and have no clue about what we are marching for. Fortunately for us we will get a chance to show our case to all those who look at our site as a result of shabby journalism.

This email will be put on our website and other online information resources. 

It would be nice one day to read something original and less full of typical left wing scripting.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

WPWW Motivation speech

Greetings like minded friends and family
Thank you all for the support we get for the work we do. We appreciate having a large support network. 
As we get closer to WPWW day we see more and more people with the courage to stand. Many of us are pioneers in New Zealand for right wing street action,
but now we see this growing formation of people willing to step out of their comfort zone and be part of a great week end of activity. 

Until you have been to a street based demonstration or other action you can never know the thrill of it and the sense of self achievement that will last for the rest of your life.
The fact that after such an event you will be part of the front line members of the movement, those who went out and did something.

Some people down grade the effectiveness of these actions. But I can tell you, the amount of foreign media get hold of it now, makes them think twice about coming here to stay.
It slows down government anti free speech actions also as they are less willing to do such when they know a number of the population will stand against it.

We as a movement stand here to give you hope, we have that hope already because we work hard to make it happen, to hold onto our beloved nation and culture. 
Hope is what will move us forward with a positive heart and a forward thinking.

I urge all our supporters to register to vote and get ready for the up coming local elections. We will be standing a few people in these around the country. The more votes we get the stronger our movement becomes, the stronger we become the more they have to listen to us. 

Action is the key to progress!

We are moving forward, will you join us?

Kyle Chapman

Friday, March 8, 2013

UK WPWW day tomorrow.

Good luck to our UK brothers and sisters for the their WPWW day tomorrow.

2 weeks untill we have ours. Canada has confirmed they will do one and we have contact with guys in the USA who are doing it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Help us from behind the scenes

The Right Wing Resistance is looking for technical and financial support

If you are looking for an effective platform for protest, then consider supporting the Right Wing Resistance. Unlike the left, we do not set ballot boxes on fire or get into scraps with Police. We go out in public with a professional image, and we show our opposition to the government through marches and demonstrations. This physical presence shows that we take our activism seriously. We understand that street-level activism is not everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s why we allow for anonymous donations and support. In October we intend to stand a Mayoral candidate, as well as candidates for community board and council. Each candidate will cost $300 and we are seeking funding for this endeavor  because it will expand our profile in the community. Aside from financial support we are also in constant need of people who can either develop or maintain websites. The skill-set we currently need is someone who knows HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP. This person will ideally know what Drupal is, and will be confident enough to modify themes for Drupal. If you think you can help with this then please contact us via phone 02203433593 email

Housing prices

Current issues affecting New Zealand

On 28th of February, 3News published an article on their website which says almost two-thirds of voters want home-buying restrictions on foreigners (see “Calls for controls on foreign home buyers” 3News website). The Right Wing Resistance suggests that New Zealanders oppose the government’s non-action on this issue, and in doing so, reduce the cost of property for New Zealanders.

Uniforms evolving

We are happy to show our new Uniforms are coming together. We hope to have about 30 members at WPWW day in uniform. We intend to present the uniforms publicly then with help from the media.

Research has shown that Uniformed organisations are more attractive to people then civilian looking groups.

As we grow we will be training our members to do formation marching and to create a few more systems to be more effective as a street based political group.