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14 words
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From a list of questions

I understand that you are promoting equal right for the white community in New Zealand and defending the jobs and culture in New Zealand but is there any particular group that threatens these aspects of the white community?

Answer: Yes there are a number of elements at work. Firstly their is the threat of Chinese communists gaining stronger number as they get more people. They already have the citizen party that they control from China.

Chinese culture in general is alien to us, so any large number of them will affect our development as a nation anyway. Firstly, kiwi culture has a relaxed working ideal, we work so we can play. We expect a good wage and to be treated Farley, with a 40 hour week job and perks if you have to do more. Chinese but maybe Asians in general see working long hours for less rewards as ok, in fact they think we are lazy and unorganized. Their way of life doesn't fit with us, so they WILL try and change us to suit them better. Also they find it hard to learn Engrish, or to us English. If they have large numbers they will dominate and we could be forced to learn their language one day. Also they are less tolerant as a society and more acceptable to public execution's genocide of whole races who rebel against them, total domination of the political elite with military backing. That's not a world I want to live in. Oh I know the lefties will say they are fleeing that, but that's not the case. I have worked in the hotel industry, and my Chinese co workers all admitted to be communists. The fact the Chinese wave commie flags at Olympics and are still so pro their homeland and dismiss the brutality of it peoples shows they are no haters of their regime Also the contracted 1000 workers per year as part of the free trade deal will not be common laborers they will be hardened communist paid up party members, communism is an expansionist ideal, they think they are right so they must force others to believe. Wellington Power lines are owned by a Chinese General. The company who are doing internal computer systems updating are tied in with the Chinese military and spy networks, large farms and other valuable land and resources are being bought by Chinese companies, many of which have military or communist party backers. In history we have seen that when a powerful country has invested people and resources to a point, they will justify a take over.

A Tongan captain who had been privy to Polynesian Chinese military talks (our old allies that our government neglects)  said that the Chinese defense systems include a defending area that includes New Zealand and other countries they don't yet control.

Read Sun Su, "the art of war" he says "to win the war without fighting is best", and "to change the hearts of the people". They are doing this right now and only a very carefully organised propaganda campaign covers it up. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the Uni dumps your essay idea.

There are of course Muslim issues and Zionism.

Zionism props up all economic trading deals and anything else that helps bankers and global companies get richer and exploit new opportunities for profit. Multiculture is a way to create people who have no loyalties to nation, and by doing so the worker looses a scene of identity and finds themselves in golfed in the desire to only work and buy, the perfect drone for the Capitalist/Zionist system.

This Capitalism is all about moving people around, destabilizing people and nations. They ARE really in control of Muslims spreading around as they drop the boarders to allow trade, cheap labor and the recipe for the destruction of everything. Sorry I don't have the persons name for this quote as I don't have time to look for it. But someone said, something like this  "the only form of politics that protects people from capitalism and employment slavery is the Nationalist, so they must remove all nationalists and free up every boarder and every trade lane in order to create a one world free trade system". Multiculture is the recipe to get the all do "gooder's" on side to destroy nations, for the single purpose to create working buying drones.

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