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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Great Day for WPWW

White Pride March 2013

We had a great day today. Sun was shining, walking side by side with our friends and comrades from different organisations are clubs. We had a few laughs and enjoyed the company of our people while also enjoying the entertainment of the freak show who turned out to once again show how ignorant they are.

Like usual the left (who claim to stand up for the lower classes lol) use the standard attacks from their prejudice that we are uneducated. Using the fact we are lower class and potentially less educated then them as a way to degrade us and find fault. The left only finds fault when you don't follow their scripts. They have sad arguments, so they must try and insult us and stop our right of freedom. They don't get it, that either you are free or your not. Maybe their educations are just so great they have some amazing understanding beyond our comprehension, or they are just a bit mental. Going by what I saw there were a lot of the later going on.

The typical gays were there who in one breath demand rights for their freedoms, then in the next try and take ours away.

Well enough the entertainment, as yes even though they are hypocrites (with the same mentality as a cat in a plastic bag) they were funny. Some of the same old scripting got boring but some of the signs were funny. They are easy to mock and confuse, but now and then one of them had something that made me laugh. Since they think I'm an illiterate moron why did they write so many signs? lol I don't get that.

The event was a complete success from our point of view. We had nearly 80 people, it was a bit of a drop from last year, unfortunately some transport issues prevented some people getting there. But we were happy with what we got and happy how it all went.

A major point of the day was the introduction to the public of our new uniforms. The feed back for these was great.

As usual with all media coverage we got some new recruits. A few old supporters and members come back into the scene and we boosted our alliances with our long standing friends like Blood and Honour, National Front and other groups.

Another great part of the event for us was the visiting of Jim Saleam our good friend from Australia First Party. One of the best Nationalist speakers in the southern Hemisphere. Also visiting from Australia was a key member of Nationalist Alternative. These friendships are of great importance to us. And having Jim endorse our upcoming local Elections bids was an honour for us.

We had an amazing after function, lots of good times with a multi raffle, drinks, food and lots of entertainment.

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