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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today's Press Article

Hi Joelle Dally

Re Press article 22nd March.
This is Kyle Chapman. I read the article today. I'm unsure why you say you phoned all our phones when no one said anyone had rung them.
I had some missed calls, but on a busy time I will miss the odd call. Someone doing journalism would usually make some effort to make contact before stating that they couldn't contact us like there is some point in stating that. We both know the Press don't ring me because I don't like talking to scripted (Nazi, white supremacist, racist) news papers who don't research or make any effort to seek the truth and put up a balanced article.

RWR is a Nationalist, white civil rights group who stand for action against an unbalanced system that shames whites and destroys patriotism. We believe in controlled immigration. More information can be found on our website. Easily found on Google.

Its typical though of your article that you used the same script that every article your paper does. Don't you get board saying the same stuff every other reporter says?
I have to ask, is it actually that your editor wont let you do a truthful article?
We are one of many countries who run WPWW days. England has already done their one this year, Canada and USA are doing them this week end as well. I doubt the reds will get 200 people there.
The reason the person doesn't want to be named is they tell lies and have no clue about what we are marching for. Fortunately for us we will get a chance to show our case to all those who look at our site as a result of shabby journalism.

This email will be put on our website and other online information resources. 

It would be nice one day to read something original and less full of typical left wing scripting.


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