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14 words
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Understanding the media.

As we have come through this week ends media, its worth noting a few tactics of the media and why they are so anti us.

The Seven Sharp reporter asked me "why do you think people hate you?" I said because of the lies the media tell, she repeated the question a couple more times, but I reaffirmed my answer each time. The media have designed scripts to separate us from public support. They do this because we stand against everything they support (multicultural, greed, lies, brainwashing, left wing and socialism, and the most important their foreign owned media outlets).

In any other industry its considered bad taste to comment on things that you have a conflict of interest. However the media take advantage of peoples ignorance  Don't be ignorant  know this, its a conflict of interest for multinational companies like Fairfax and other part of Murdoch mass media networks to comment on people who are opposed to them, they are our enemy in all aspects and they show it with every report. Its not journalism, its propaganda, they copy the same scripts in everyone, these are scripts they created, they through the truth out the door and built a network of lies and deceit.

Satan is the master of all lies, so that makes the lier evil, Evil will try and make good look like its evil, they will tell the same lies over and over until you think its truth. This is a typical tactic that works. It works because people are ignorant of it.

We are the good guys, the fact they need to tell lies to keep us down is one level of evidence on our side. Fact we love our family, nation and people, we support the right of all people to have freedom and to practice their own ideals and culture. We want the same right and to not be brow beaten, this is what we represent, yet the media script this into, Hate of other cultures, Nazism, racism, evil things and all sort of terrible insults, even personal attacks. The media have many/most if not all left wing reporters. this props up multiculture and then multinational companies. The left have made themselves our enemy because they want to shut us up because we ask the questions they don't want to answer. When the left cant answer, they abuse you. Anyone who has had an argument with them knows how it goes down hill quick, they are so self righteous in their ignorance.

We on the other hand see that anti racism is anti white, it is aimed at white people ONLY, white genocide is real. We don't want to convert those who chose not to listen  but we want those who already have some doubts to come to us and learn more. The media want to prevent this. They will do anything to crush us as a threat to their ideals and their crazy dreams of having no white people left in the future. They feel so threatened that they get ministers who are equally stupid to say reactionary comments in a way to try and shame us and to belittle us.

We welcome the free thinkers to contact us and help us build a movement of hope.

Please see the media lies and tactics for what they are, its system control and its all bad for you! Wake up and link with us.We bring hope to a negative and devious world, full of money grabbing MPs and all their cronies, lying media, dodgy dealing from corporations and the list goes on.

We are that ray of sunshine, and even though they try to black us out too, just to make sure your total with their program of globalization and total dronish control, we will stand strong until we are in the afterlife were we will stand waiting for those who did so much evil against us, and we will stand as a witness about their crimes.

So if you are tired of the lies, let us know, we will show you the hope!

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