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14 words
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

WPWW Motivation speech

Greetings like minded friends and family
Thank you all for the support we get for the work we do. We appreciate having a large support network. 
As we get closer to WPWW day we see more and more people with the courage to stand. Many of us are pioneers in New Zealand for right wing street action,
but now we see this growing formation of people willing to step out of their comfort zone and be part of a great week end of activity. 

Until you have been to a street based demonstration or other action you can never know the thrill of it and the sense of self achievement that will last for the rest of your life.
The fact that after such an event you will be part of the front line members of the movement, those who went out and did something.

Some people down grade the effectiveness of these actions. But I can tell you, the amount of foreign media get hold of it now, makes them think twice about coming here to stay.
It slows down government anti free speech actions also as they are less willing to do such when they know a number of the population will stand against it.

We as a movement stand here to give you hope, we have that hope already because we work hard to make it happen, to hold onto our beloved nation and culture. 
Hope is what will move us forward with a positive heart and a forward thinking.

I urge all our supporters to register to vote and get ready for the up coming local elections. We will be standing a few people in these around the country. The more votes we get the stronger our movement becomes, the stronger we become the more they have to listen to us. 

Action is the key to progress!

We are moving forward, will you join us?

Kyle Chapman

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