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14 words
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Friday, April 12, 2013

China, and its plan...

This was sent to me today by a supporter.

I read this article;

Where it discusses Ozs relationship with China

"During her last trip, the Chinese raised the issue of foreign direct investment rules and Australia's seemingly discriminatory approach to Chinese firms, the issue of Chinese workers to reduce business costs and to speed up projects in Australia and critically, Australia's defense ties with the US and possible bases in Australia. "

Now to translate; they want Oz to sell their companies to China; they want Oz to allow Chinese workers in to work in their businesses; they want Oz to cut ties to the USA.

The question is then raised "Has NZ already agreed to this?", and if so does that mean that NZ no longer cant tell China we want to trade with you but we don't want to sell our production to you? Do we have to accept Chinese workers? and how many are military age with military training? Also are we not allowed to have defense relations with the US and Britain?

Is China really a benefit to NZ or a curse on us?

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