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Sunday, April 14, 2013

China debate

To sum up this never ending argument about China is this, I have provided information in the below article that provides evidence of Chinese imperial ambitions, their military build up for Navel and marine operations, the boarder disputes with a few countries including the claim of ownership on Taiwan, land claims against Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and the invasion and eventual extermination of Tibet.

One of their plans is to Dam rivers to South East Asia so they can supply water to themselves making a drought in these other countries. They are supported by Capitalist countries who move in companies to help exploit resources from conquered areas (making this situation even more dangerous for us). We are a country with many untapped resources. Our laws protect them from big business, under china they would have access to our untapped oil and gas, gold, water and anything else of value to them currently under reserve lands or in protected areas.

They have among the worst human rights record on the planet not caring for any culture or ethnic minority, they have corruption at every level.

They kill more people through state executions then any other country (in the thousands, over 5,000), they are ruthless in everything they do. Their mind set is very different to ours, so a take over would result in us being put to work or put to the bayonet like Tibetans.

Evidence of the eventual take over is this:
Chinese Vertical Integration system, they are buying up whole markets in NZ to take control of production and movement of products. Its a standard communist way to manipulate capitalism. Communism is designed to make use of the weakness in capitalism, Marx spoke allot about this. When they control the market they control a lot more.

They spy on us and are building ways to spy more. They use our telecommunications as a way to get into our systems, their company is building these now.

As said above, they have a large Marine force, Marines are designed to attack from the sea. Why would they have such a force if they don't intend to use it? They are building a Navy with a few aircraft carriers, even one such ship makes a Navy very impressive as it takes its own air power to any place it goes, the 6 they are building will make their invasions of countries impossible to repel. Good Military tactics are that you use artillery and planes to weaken your enemy then you send in the troops. With 6 carriers they will have hundreds of planes to support their tens of thousands of marines backed up by an army in the millions.

When a country is full of loyal followers (like through immigration) a nation always lays claim on such countries.

All the trade, underhanded companies pretending not to be Chinese and the greed of our Elite Government and company directors, gives them a doorway right in. To quote the most used military commander in China and all of Asia "Sun Su", "to win the war without fighting is best", he also talks about changing the hearts of the people to accept them. That is the current strategy, but have no doubt, one day the troops will come in to make the claim real.

The way to free us from this is to break all ties with China, have no military or financial contact with them, grow closer to Australia and built up our Alliances in the pacific to strengthen against China's will. We must work with countries like India to help create a wall against China.

We must change our Government system to one that removes the current way they manipulate the system to keep the same people in power.

We must slow down immigration and strengthen our ties with traditional countries like ours.

We must strengthen our culture and fight all attempts to destroy our National Identity. Its this one true fact that will save us from elimination. Nationalism is the only tool that we have to stop total take over by Economic powers and Enemy countries.

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