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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Monday, April 8, 2013

RWR first Quarter Update

Greetings Friends and Folk

This is just a quick update to keep the ball rolling after WPWW day and our visits from our friends from other countries. Including the visits from Australia First and Nationalist Alternative, then more recently Peter Kramer the RWR leader for Europe.

With the mixed levels of media we had from WPWW day and the usual scrypting that the printed media use in order to alienate us from the general public we have to be vigilant in our work to present information through flyers and internet to maintain an ongoing counter to all bad media.

One of the things our friend from the Nationalist Alt presented to us was the bugs system of dealing with the rhetoric from the left and the media. It is a functional and practical way to debate with the brainwashed and the illogical arguments of the anti white movements.

We were very Honoured to have Jim Saleam come to New Zealand and help us to launch our Local Elections campaign coming up this year. It got us a bit of media that got us in early for the race. This will take us through to the possibility to form a Political Party. 
We feel like our brand of protest movement will give hope to people in fighting the system and allow us to take our fight to new levels. We encourage all our members and supporters to register to vote and help those around them to do the same. Also we would like to ask people to give us feed back on ideas for the local elections, interest for the potential party and anyone who is willing to stand under the Resistance label.

We seek funding, as with everything we do we always need more money. We raise funds ourselves, but in order to achieve our future goals we need a growing fund to pay for projects, flyers, election advertising, registration costs for candidates etc.

Our Land base account is well over $25,000 now and we are confident we can hit the $50,000 mark by the end of next year and purchase a property. This will give us a great base for Elections and to sway public opinion of us as an organisation. As we achieve our goals we get a step closer to the next and bring in more people.

We may not be perfect but we are doing our best, and with more people to help we will do better  so if your willing to help run a branch let us know.

We have been very happy to have Peter from Sweden here, he and myself (Kyle) have been meeting with people around New Zealand, this was a great success, with pledges of support from a number of people.
Peter is still in Christchurch. We will try and get him some media before he goes home. 

We have plans to get other white rights leaders from other countries over to speak to us, and for this we are setting up a fund to help. For more information on this please contact us.

To finish with we would like to address an issue of some note for our readers. It is obvious that many people have lost hope or struggle to keep some hope. This is what the capitalist system wants to achieve, the driving out of all "Nationalist Hope", this is because we are the only major resistance to the world financial system and the open door trade policies of the UN and its puppets. We would like to say we have hope, we have growth all through New Zealand and we have growing alliances around the world. We ask you to all to get involved and be part of what works. We are what works!

Please send your ideas in to us. It was great to do so much brainstorming while we traveled around, that is how the party idea come about.