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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Support our face book page

please support us to get the page back up to the likes it had. FB in their control freak moments take down anything that doesn't support their internationalist goals.

Please also get them donations cumming in, we are working hard atm, and need support to pay for flyers and the prep work we need for the party and the up coming local elections.

We have a hand full of people who will stand in their areas, I will be working with some other people soon to get them on board with The Resistance Party and to run for us in their areas.

Help us save our country!


  1. People of New Zealand we need to get together as one white nation and stop the government immigration policies as they are killing us off. its important to realize that the white population in NZ is now a minority and every day our numbers are drifting away overseas.
    This is our country our land and our freedom. We must come together as one otherwise we will fail our children,our heritage and our race.
    if anyone out is of this mind and want in then i am Michael Darque and i live in south Auckland and are always ready to help out those whom hold our white race to the fullest.

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