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14 words
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Local Elections

Hi Folks

Well its time again we get ready for the local elections. We didnt have anyone stand last time. So lets make it happen this time. 

So to the guts of it. We need money. We have to register to run, it costs $200 for each position. I will run for Mayor and community board in CHCH. We have a couple of others who will stand if they can get some help in other areas.

We also need to get flyers done and if we can raise enough pay for some advertising.

The Press said recently that with Bob Parkers withdrawal from the race in CHCH "Kyle Chapman may come 2nd". That would be a major victory for us. With the current wave of unhappy people our ability to draw the strongest protest vote is there. We may even win the community board.

Its a good time to run, good time for all our people to make sure they are registered to vote.


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