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14 words
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Friday, August 30, 2013

New Email

Greetings Folk.

We are happy to report the Retaliators Social Club Shirts are now ready.

All people who join between now and flag day will become founding members.

This is a social club, it is designed to be a mass movement. It is to open up the chance for more supporters to join something with as much commitment as they are willing.

All first interested people are welcome to buy a shirt. $40 Tshirts, $75 long sleeve, $85 hoodies (double color print makes it a bit more then other shirts).
Anyone can buy these shirts and start their casual membership of Retaliators SC.

There will be city shirts done in future for established units of the Retaliators.

Attached is the shirts photo.

Any questions please contact us. We are excited about this new part of our movement. We feel it is time to hit the streets with as many of our people as possible. This is the way. This will bring more unity then before as we will focus on our common goals and not the problems.

This does not replace RWR, it serves a different function, just like the TRP serves a function. As with all serious orgs in history we evolve and learn, just as our ancestors did and become the greatest civilizations we will do the same and fight the current agenda.

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