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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Some proven tactics for recruitment in your local area:
1, Don't be afraid to get out there. Show you are in the scene, show that someone is willing to take a stand, and others will follow. 
2, When you see Skinheads and obvious white pride folk on the street, pull over and approach them, they could be the start of growth for your unit. Give them a biz card or flyer and get their cell number. 
3, Do regular flyer drops on local issues, and of course the big issues. people really are sick of multicultural rubbish and their guns and rights being taken away, show them that someone local is willing to stand up for their rights.
4, Send flyers to the news paper with a phone number, even if you decide to stay anonymous, create a fake name and speak to the media, send them statements etc. The media are our enemy and they will take every chance to demonize us, but while they are doing that, other good folk who already know what crap talkers the media are will contact you, and more people will look at your online resources, recruitment always comes from this, always.
5, If you are really game, run for public office, do inventive stunts during the elections to get yourself more publicity. It is amazing how much free publicity you will get from running for public office of some kind. Local Elections are the best.
6, Go to and support other orgs protests etc. Show the other people who show up that our org is the best to join and they will have a family and place with us.
7, Don't scare of new people. Create the inner circle and the chosen inner circle for talking about real controversial issues and those that will in-danger your freedom and safety. Let people work their way into the inner workings of the org.
8, Show loyalty to the organisation, be active, stand up for yourself against those who will mock you and your brothers. People respect strength in others, let them hate us, as long as they fear us...
9, Help the community, but be sensible. street patrols, clean up projects are all great. But sometimes just sitting in a mall with a hand full of the brothers in the club kit will draw you new people.... Be inventive.