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Peter Kramer
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14 words
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Monday, October 28, 2013

People smugglers

Armed Coast Watch being formed...

I saw a news story about people smugglers going to target NZ. Must be time we set up the RWR boarder patrol, arrest these parasites and hand put them in our own version of prison, maybe build one on a remote island...

We are going to put together a collection of private boat owners and citizen patrol groups for watching over remote coastal areas.

At sea there are less authorities, and we will aim to make up the difference in combating illegal people smuggling and other problematical issues like illegal foreign fishing.

Its another step to New Zealanders taking responsibility of our own country. Our government has proven they don't care about anything accept pleasing their globalist mates and getting the next pay check in pocket. We must protect our future.

WPWW travel

a reminder to all that if you plan your travel at the last min its very expensive and will probably not happen, book everything early and its cheaper and easier for everything. We will pick up anyone from airport and supply a main meal and snack food for each day of the week end for those coming from out of town to help with the cost.


we r happy to say after some meetings and direct talks unity is back on track. to spit the people who would like to see it die. we are a united movement again. lets keep that all year this time.

Items of Note for WPWW Day

Earn your Front-line patch. We will do some embroided writing patches this year just for WPWW attendance also. We already have WPWW CHCH patches. and WPWW T-shirts, Long sleeves and will try get some hoodies for this next one. Contact us if you are interested in these also.

Flag Day 2013

Flag day went great. No problems at all, we have completed defeated the left wing in the capital, there wasn't one to be seen, their resolve has been proven once again to be flaky at best, they only have the net now to cry about us and make up drama. Now they seem to have no legs working for them.

We did have trouble from Authorities though including them stopping Jim Sealem coming to NZ with no justifiable reason considering he has been here a few times.

Thanks to the NZ NF for their efforts again.


RWR did a $29,000 investment for 18 months for the land base money, we will get about $1,500 return from it. All donations, and auto payments into this are welcome. Anyone who helps with this project will have a piece of land they can always be welcome in with like minded folks. We urge all members who are lacking in there fees need to get these sorted ASAP. A brotherhood is an equal share of responsibility and sacrifice. All RWRNZ shirt members and those wanting to be, do pay fees, no exceptions. Absolutely no exceptions! This is a project of importance for us. With it we become a serious factor in our future stability.

WPWW day 2014

For those who want to be active and play a real part in the movement, the next event will be WPWW day. 22 March. We recommend getting there 21st, The Friday. Now RWR has a large club house in CHCH we will hold all the social events there. So beds and venues are all good this time round. Contact us if you want to come and book your bed.