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Thursday, December 5, 2013

How Evil is China

China hurts and kills its own people and has done ever since the communist took over. Mao Z Tong started the merciless agenda with about 40,000,000 murders of people who he felt were political opposition, too rich, too important or just because he wanted to cull off some of the population. They have no respect for human life. It is in their history and it is in their current system. They do all this to the people they rule over. Do you want them to rule over you?

China has around 10 million labour slaves, 3 million of them are there because of their religion, some are there for political reasons and they say some are there because of criminal activity.

Organ harvesting!
Some of those in the slave labour camps are singled out for organ harvesting, these organs are sold to rich people around the world. They are sold at a high price because the Forlong Gong religious members who they kill for organs are healthy and highly sought after by the creepy people who want to rob bodies of their parts.

Shot in the head!
If you are a political opponent, activist human right advocate or petty criminal in China you could be shot in the head, more then 5,000 people per year are killed this way. It could be up to 10,000. (The Chinese government lies about everything it does so figures that come from them can never be trusted). This is a brutal practice where the high power rifle is placed at the back of the head and fired, blowing the face off and destroying the skull. This is done to young people and women and include peaceful protesters who just want the genocide in Tibet to end.

Protesters killed!
Many people now down play or even pretend the Chinese never killed over 5,000 people during protests for human rights in Tiananmen square. They don’t want to face such atrocities because they make too much money from these evil sadistic criminals in power over in China.

Boarder Disputes!
China is trying to claim land and islands of 7 neighbouring countries. Some they claim total dominance of what should be self governing countries. China is an imperialistic country seeking economic and political dominance of not only its own people but any country stupid enough to deal with them.

In china it is expected that if you have money and power you can get away with more, bribery and corruption are rampant in every level of government bureaucracy, industry and military.

World Power!
Western powers give money to China through trade, they help prop up an evil sadistic empire because of greed. They allow themselves to get into debt with a monster of a country who will want these debts paid in some way sooner or latter. Through free trade and immigration treaties they are getting stronger foot holds in many nations including New Zealand.

Is our Prime minister and government evil?
In any way you look at it, by propping up evil you are evil, if you support a country that commits genocide then you are helping commit genocide, by supporting a country that murders people for their organs you are guilty of murder. By having military personnel including war ships come to our country we are condoning that military who carry out mass murder and war crimes regularly and to this day.

How do you live with yourself?
How do you justify voting for Labour and National? Labour started the ball rolling with a free trade deal with China that is far better for them then us. National keeps it going and increases its influence in our economy and sells off assets to them on whole sale. They are selling us out to profit themselves and their mates.
Don’t vote for Labour or National or any of their puppet parties. They don’t care if they kill our culture or you!

Join the resistance!
Right Wing Resistance and The Resistance Party
PO Box 10376, Christchurch, 8145

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