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Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Positions in RWR

We are happy to say our organisation will be showing a more professional level in the near future. We are creating new departments that will support RWR and the TRP.

One of these is the Tech Div, we have had this for some time, but it now has new leadership and shows far greater potential.

Also we are now calling new secretaries around the country to make contact and process more efficient.

Plus we have more people willing to help with written material such as press statements and articles.

So expect to see more from us. But don't worry, we still intend to get in the face of the system and shock the unbelievers with the facts that they want to to turn away from. Our raw street movement will be active also.

We have stronger branch leaders now and we will have new levels of local protest being organised around the country.

If you share our views and would like to join RWR please let us know. now is a good time to join as we are looking for Officers to take key positions, Could this be you? Maybe... contact us to arrange an interview and to get the job decryption.

Kyle needs officers to be trained and to one day prepare to take his place. The evil powers that control the masses will one day want to shut him up and take him out. So others need to be prepared to take his place. We need strong minded but loyal motivated and active people who can show diplomacy and wisdom with people inside the org and with those leading other orgs.

Also we need more intelligence agents for watching and documenting our enemies (such as antifa)

Email if you are interested.

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