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14 words
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Regarding the recent move by the National government to change our nations flag

The recent move by the National government to change our nations flag is nothing short of a stab in the back to our heritage and our forefathers who not only built this great nation from the ground up but also to the brave men who have served in the armed forces and paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend this country. As the generations that put the hard work in are sadly fewer in number as time takes its toll upon them this government is destroying a touchstone of their memories and blood, sweat and tears. A vote to change our flag is nothing short of treachery and bears testament to Nationals' desire to sell New Zealand off to the highest bidder.
National is attacking European heritage further by trying to slide in a proposal to change the New Zealand flag yet again despite vociferous rejection to this idea in the recent past.
They attack our heritage now only because there is no one to stand up for what the flag meant remember we also sacrificed much to defend this nation and other pacific nations from Communism in Korea and Vietnam.
Labour is no better and its loyalty is to the interests of foreign interests and power. A vote against changing our sacred flag is a vote for New Zealand staying in the hands of New Zealanders and ensuring the inheritance of your descendants it was Scottish, English and predominately Europeans who created the New Zealand we enjoy today. Don't let National sell us out for the sake of late comers to this country who did nothing to build it and nothing to defend it.

Resist the aggressors and vote "No" to changing our glorious flag. Remember the heroes who defended your right to freedom.  Don't let it be taken from us by a government made up of cowards and those working for capitalist interests.

Steve Weir
Oamaru RWR

Press release re NZ Flag change

The Right Wing Resistance will be taking action to save our flag.

This action will start this week and will start with the articles on our blog, then the flyers and poster during the week around the country. 

It will end with direct challenges to the National Party and any other Party who support such a bizzar attack on New Zealand Identity and heritage.

We will not rest while the traitors in the beehive work against the people of New Zealand.

We call other New Zealand Patriots to action.

This action by our Globalist loving Government and all the puppets who support them is an attack on New Zealand and its people. It will bring more support to the Right Wing/Nationalist movements.

Kyle Chapman
027 257 9269

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Donations Needed the for save our flag campaign

Anyone with some spare cash let us know as we are going to fight the flag change all over this country.

The government have really hit a nerve with their openly anti heritage policies.

They have no intention of listening to peoples voices in referendums, so we must make them listen with protest action at every level.

Send us money, mass produce flyers and posters in your area, or do some kind of action yourself.

Stand up and be counted.

Writers wanted

We are still looking for writers for our blogs.

At present white and proud type articles and those defending our country and its flag.

We are currently seeking feet on the ground to help with flyers and we still have some places for Officers, including National Staff and key officer positions, Now is a time to be involved and rise to new levels of activism and position...

Different shades of Green by K R Bolton

29 January 2014

Different shades of Green

Pot-heads should be pleased with the latest offering from the NZ First Party. Curwen Rolinson, by his own account, tantamount to Winston Peters’ blue-eyed boy and untouchable, has critiqued the Green Party’s latest policy statements on marijuana legalisation as not going far enough and as being a betrayal of the noble legacy of Nandor Tanczoc. (See, ‘We’re on the Greenest Greens’, 27 January 2014,

Interestingly Mr. Rolinson’s fan, Frank Macskasy, a long-time Leftist (of course) has written in a letter to The Dominion Post that a vote for NZ First will ‘give a blank cheque to Winston Peters’. (Dom. Post, 28 January 2014). For Mr. Rolinson’s part, comrade Macskasy’s blog site ‘Frankly Speaking’, is one of only five that are recommended and linked by the NZ First site. Others include old-time Marxist Chris Trotter’s ‘Bowalley Road’, and ‘Unite’. The latter is the trade union organisation set up and run by mostly Trotskyite communists. One of the main officials of Unite is Mike Treen, who a few years ago attempted to organise a boycott of NZ First election pamphlets by postal workers on the basis that they were ‘racist’. As I have tried to point out, Unite is now one of the communist run outfits with which NZ First aligns thanks to the networking skills of Mr. Rolinson.

However, objecting to any of these trends is NZ First will not get you any plaudits. Rather, you will be accused of ‘attacking and haranguing Board and Caucus members’ and asked to leave the party, as a gutless way of bypassing expulsion procedures, with accusations such as ‘breaking crockery’ at party meetings thrown in for good measure. However, I am now starting to think that perhaps such accusations are not the result of lies after all, but just the clouded judgement caused by Board and/or Caucus members’ newfound enthusiasm for pot-smoking.

So now pot-heads can forget the backsliding of the Green Party; they have a new champion in NZ First. Perhaps the pot-smokers’ lobby within NZ First is also aligned with what Mr. Rolinson has called the ‘prominent Rainbow wing’ of the party? But don’t ask about that either, it will only get you smeared and alienated. And we are assured by Mr. Rolinson, in commenting publicly to David Farrar, hardly friendly to NZF, that he is certain that Winnie will not allow him to be displaced by unhappy members of the Board, who are ‘not the brightest bulbs’; surely a public insult to Board members that would get lesser plebs in the party grassroots expelled or ‘asked to leave’?

It’s your party, comrades, and you’re welcome to it.

Kerry Bolton
Ex-member, Otaki committee

Governments Don’t Listen

The following was written by a guest writer, whose opinions may not match those of RWR. There inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement of them.

The New Zealand Government refuses to listen to its own countrymen. A fine example of this Dictatorship under John Key is the GCSB amendment act 2013. We as a Country spoke out and made our voices clear, but not clear enough, that we did not want the government taking away our privacy as individuals. Universal Declaration of Human rights a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly , article 12 states  ‘No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.’ .  The government should not turn our country into a Police State like former East Germany (German Democratic Republic ) . It shows here that the Free speech is a Lie and that no matter how much the people get the government to listen they have overall governing power over its country and its people, this is unjust and should not be allowed .

Flag Article. by K R Bolton

John Key has recently been drawn into the issue of changing the New Zealand flag. This is a matter that crops up every few years, with little support. Key has indicated he would back a referendum at the 2014 general election. Other party leaders indicated their endorsement for change, and as usual Winston Peters equivocated. Expect his policy to be that of a referendum also, which is precisely what the NZ Flag Trust has been campaigning for since 2004.
The two most widely expressed reasons for a change of flag are that (1) the NZ flag is too similar to the Australian. (2) We are a multicultural nation in the Pacific, not a colony of Britain. The first reason apparently is designed to appeal to those who are both colour blind and cannot count beyond four; of which there must be many among the supporters of NZ Flag Trust among sportspeople, businessmen and sundry other supposed ‘celebrities’ the Trust has hooked.
The second reason, that NZ is no longer a British colony but a multicultural nation is based on fallacious but widely assumed reasoning. A ‘multicultural nation’ is an oxymoron. One does not build a ‘nation’ on a multiplicity of cultures, but historically defines a national culture and a national destiny over a long period of time, and usually when people face a common adversary, as part of a complex nation-building process. Those who are pushing for a change in flag seek to bypass the nation-building process and create an artificial ‘nation’ around the most superfluous reasons. These are repeatedly justified by appeals to ‘patriotism’ and to ‘national identity’. At the bottom of it all is to define New Zealand’s place in the world economy. The traditional NZ flag reflects a cultural heritage, but not a viable commercial brand.
The most compelling reason to change the flag offered by the NZ Flag Trust is to adopt a more effective ‘brand’ or trade logo for New Zealand. Behind the façade of patriotism and ‘national identity’ stands the motive of profit, advertising and sales, on the world market.
That this change in heritage is being sold on the basis of New Zealand being multicultural is itself an evidence of the nationalist contention that multiculturalism serves globalisation and international capitalism. (See: K R Bolton, Babel Inc., London, 2013). Multiculturalism is the means by which nations are broken down, not created, by global big business (with the predictable support of the Left). The change of the traditional flag is part of that process, as it is a symbol that reaches to New Zealand on a deep subconscious level, which the changers want to trash for superficial, commodity-driven reasons.
The founder of the NZ Flag Trust was businessmen Lloyd Morrison (d. 2012). He stated: “We need a flag which is more symbolic of New Zealand as a free, independent country with its own culture: a melting pot of Maori, Polynesian, European and, more recently, Asian influences evolved over 150+ years. By contrast, the existing flag has strong colonial links, lacks identity and does not reflect the strengths of our culture today; To build our image internationally : in terms of global branding, there is no identification with our existing flag”. (

Mr Morrison related the change of the flag to both the multicultural mishmash and the need for a more striking “global brand”.
Brian Sweeney, “co-director and co-founder of SVL, a firm providing advice, strategy, communications and resources to corporate organizations and brands throughout New Zealand, and the world”, likewise wrote among “eight reasons to change the flag”:
“New Zealand competes with other countries, cities, and commercial brands. Countries with the strongest, simplest flags tend to have the most cut-through impact. Today, commercial brands command greater recognition than most flags. As an export country competing on the world stage, we need our flag to be strongly competitive from a brand/ symbol/icon point of view. (

Typical of the view of New Zealand as a corporate entity, Chris Morrison, Co-founder of Phoenix Organic Drinks and All Good Bananas , writes: “I see a future for New Zealand as world leaders in sustainability - we can create a unique country with a myriad of entrepreneurial and internationally significant companies, based on values around environmental protection, equity, diversity and justness. We need a new flag to represent this vision. The present one does not inspire us or reflect our uniqueness.”

Dick Hubbard, Founder Hubbard Foods, Former Mayor of Auckland, writes: “A flag is in essence a country’s ‘brand’ and an appropriately designed flag would give us a greater degree of national identity, both outside the country and inside the country than we have at the present time. A distinctive identity through a distinctive flag encourages patriotism and I believe that patriotism is something we currently don’t have enough of in New Zealand.”

This type of “patriotism” is equated with the Gross National Product. The Maori culture was marketed for years, at one time with the assistance of plastic “Maori artefacts” made in Japan for New Zealand tourist shops. Now corporate New Zealand seeks a new model that reflects our greater role in the world market.

Other views that equate profit with “national identity” and “patriotism”:

Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi : “Peter Jackson and LOTR has raised the ante. New Zealand is again a hot dinner topic in Los Angeles and New York. We must capitalize on this and not let the opportunity slip. We need to keep the conversation going; increase our national identity here at home and overseas. Change our flag - make a statement - put the world on notice! New Zealand is a place of mystery, fun and excitement. A place with its own identity, character, people, values and pride.”

Richard Riddiford, Managing Director Palliser Estate Wines : “As our most widely recognised brand is the Silver Fern (All Blacks) it would seem timely to once again look at whether our current Flag is relevant to today's world. Our flag should reflect our identity and it is arguable whether our current flag does this. We should as a country embrace change not fear it.”

Ruth Pretty, Chef, Caterer, Food Writer : “New Zealanders are very busy at the moment trying to define a New Zealander. It still seems to be a difficult term to define. To reach a conclusive definition we need to work out what a New Zealander isn't. A New Zealander isn't an extension of a person living in Britain. A really good place to start working out what a New Zealander really is, is to begin with a brand that encompasses New Zealand. A national flag should be that brand. Therefore, it is time we changed our flag to reflect our society and its place internationally. I like the silver fern. It relates New Zealanders to the land. A new flag should definitely be a topic for a referendum.”

We have been denied an identity precisely because we are being pushed into a multicultural quagmire. This by definition means a multitude of identities, heritages, outlooks, ethics, without a common bond, or sense of past, present or future. The changers offer a new identity into which everyone can be melded as an indistinct mass: that of an economic automaton working for “brand New Zealand.” Our traditional symbols, language, common law heritage, and thousands of years of culture transplanted from Europe, are all regarded as hindrances to this cooperate vision. Hence those who object are smeared as ‘racists’, ‘old fashioned’, ‘reactionary’, and so on.

If the traditional NZ flag is dragged down, in favour of some bland travesty (the favoured option is a white fern leaf on a black background) then let our flag become a symbol of rebellion against globalist takeover. Regardless of what the State and its corporate backers achieve, no matter whether a majority of New Zealanders have been sufficiently culturally deadened to vote for change in a referendum, the Old Flag will continue to fly.

K. R. Bolton

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Save our bloody flag

Greetings Patriots
Im among those who started flag day, we did so because at the time they were talking all this anti crown crap and wanting to change our countries flag to some tourist logo. Shamefull!

Now Mr big shot (i never care about referendums) Key wants to do a referendum, he never does anything about past ones so why would he care about this one? Does he think he will gain popular support? Are there enough lefty middle class anti nationalists and their immigrant mates now to outnumber good proud traditional New Zealanders?

Is Flag day enough when dealing with this parasite and his banking masters. John Key and his love of money status party have no interest in whats good for NZ, they only care about their money and helping their mates out. Maybe we must now find a way to show them more strongly then just one demo a year. We will be talking now with other Nationalists about how we tackle this issue.

We are open to ideas, so send them in.

If our beloved flag is transferred into some Mongolian monstrosity, then our true flag will become the resistance flag. The flags Patriots wave in defiance. The FLAG WE WAVE TO RALLY MORE PEOPLE TO OUR NATIONS CAUSE.

Never surrender to the globalists, the lefty scum, and the disgraceful moronic multiculturlists.

We propose action....

Write to your MP, if he is National abuse the prick. If he is Labour demand action.
Write to your paper, put up posters, write on the internet, go to every political blog and tell them and protest!
If we all do something, we will make some one notice.

RWR NZ Head Office

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Forced Māori enculturation in New Zealand schools?

The following was written by a guest writer, whose opinions may not match those of RWR. There inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement of them.
A view from a proud Northland White Boy
Not long before school finished for the last year, we had a newsletter come home from our daughters' primary school, inviting us to a "Hui" to discuss how to integrate more Māori culture into the school. It seems that this is becoming an epidemic, as even our youngest daughters' kindergarten has now got our 3 year old asking us for "kai" and counting and saying prayers in a language which is not her own before she can count in English. The problem is, what can we do about this? The majority of us stand silent as an obsolete language and culture is forced into the brains and down the throats of our white children. Many if not all of us know the "14 Words" 
"We must secure the existance of our race and  a future for white children" and yet we sit back silent. We say nothing for fear of ostracising our children in front of their peers, or teachers. of making enemies among the other childrens parents, of standing out from the crowd as different. 
Well I have news for you all, we are different. We are the ones expecting our children to learn English before anything else. To learn about their own culture before anyone elses. Why are we letting these so-called teachers indoctrinate our children like this? Because that is exactly what it is, indoctrination at its worst, by attacking our children. Those of you out there who have children will be feeling pretty bad about now, because you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I am pointing the finger squarely at you! We can all talk quietly with out kids at home about it and try our best to get it through to them that what they're being taught in schools is wrong. 
Instead, we need to attack the schools, the teachers, indoctrinators, at the source. the government. They need to know that their way is NOT the right way. that OUR rights as parents need and deserve to be respected! We need to try talking to their teachers, their principals, but they will all tell you the same thing, we are following what the government tells us to teach your children. 
I know because I have done this, I have followed my own words here, at two different kindergartens and 3 different schools MY children have been enrolled in. We as parents are not given the option of it being optional, like metalwork, woodwork, cooking and home economics, (much more worthy options in my opinion). This is now mandatory in all schools here in Northland, every sign at the schools has Maori on top of English words! Yet the governments own polls show less than 5% of Māori people can speak their own language, so they feel the need to force the entire culture upon my own pretty, pure white daughters so that in my own home I feel like an alien as I cannot understand what my children are asking for or saying. THIS IS WRONG PEOPLE!!!! Not only do I feel unwelcome in my own country, I now feel like I don't belong within my language and culture as a PROUD New Zealand white man. I feel inadequate as a father and a man, because  it seems like no one can stop this. I certainly seem unable to fight it by myself.
But yet I still fight it. not for my sake, but for my children. My beautiful white children who are the future of this country.  I still confront the teachers and principals, and tell them they should be teaching them the essentials, how to speak and read English, count English, to teach them about their own culture before anything else. Time to stand up people, the time to fight is here and now, before it gets any worse. We CANNOT allow the government to attack us through our children. because that's what is happening. the government know they cannot change MY views, so they go for for my children instead. I for one am appalled. And will not stop fighting this  indoctrination!




The following was written by a guest writer, whose opinions may not match those of RWR. There inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement of them. 
(An Opinion by Albrecht, 2014) 
1. Once were Londoners
Now they are almost all gone or they became Asian venues. I mean, I’m talking about the UK pubs in Auckland. You can find still some Irish pubs. I don't actually know how long they will survive. In Queen Street, few years ago, a historical British pub became a Korean restaurant, then it closed down. Another UK venue, London Bar, on the corner of Wellesley St and Queen Street is now a Thai restaurant (Bangkok restaurant and bar), showing Thai flags as well maybe to celebrate the victory. In Symonds Street, Edinburgh Castle is now an Asian pub (!) serving Chinese food.
Internet Cafés are now an Asian business in Auckland. And many foodcourts are just a series of Asian takeaway or dine in cheap restaurants (e.g. Mercury Plaza, Mercury Lane, off K’Rd). If you want to find European food and venues run by European people, you've got go to Atrium on Elliott, CBD, a small and beautiful fortress.

2. Concerns

Auckland doesn’t look like just a multicultural town where you can find different cultures and different businesses run by different ethnic groups. It’s now mostly similar to an invaded town where a strong ethnic community, growing fast because of the mass immigration, buy all the businesses (the European ones as well) and run all of them in an Asian way. 

They use a simple and effective strategy:
* Step One: Cheap Labour (exploitation of underpaid workers: no minimum wages, no sick leave and holidays paid, long hours shifts) plus cheap prices and a high level of competition;
* Step Two: Non-Asian businesses respecting the labour laws cannot compete and they close down;
* Step Three: Asian people buy them;
* Step Four: Done. Easy as.
Plus, one day – very soon, maybe – just a minority of Aucklanders' will speak English.
In Australia, this was happening in the early 90s as shown in “Romper Stomper”, the cult-classic movie (1992). In Auckland, it’s happening nowadays. If that sounds a little bit paranoid, please just feel free of checking out for yourself in Auckland, the lovely City of the Rice & Noodles.

(Guest writer)

Masterton RWR Report

Masterton along with other lower North Island units are part of our central division of RWR NZ. They are active and progressive, we are very happy with their progress and to see this area become so successful. Thank you Vaughan for the work you put into the projects there, such as the patrols, flyers, organisation of our people in the area and all the caps you fill that need to be.
Report by Vaughan: Masterton RWR NZ Officer
John Hayes: National MP for the Wairarapa, Ambassador to Iran and Pakistan. Dairy and Business owners Chairman for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. An Order of merit for the Bouganville conflict.
Retirement privileges include: Travel at tax payers expense.
He has given up the ghost, chucked in the towel, petered out - resigned.
His recent campaign distributing 28,000 copies of the "Hayes Herald" outlined his achievements for the year. A Glossy print showing him shaking hands with people of every ethnic origin except a real New Zealander. He has helped those migrate from nearly every ethnic group into our jobs, business and houses.
Not one picture of him helping locals. Just the fruit industry owners to harvest their fruits, taking the jobs off thousands of locals who relied on such seasonal work. He helps them to employ immigrants into every aspect of our industries.
Mr Hayes has oppressed any form of bad publicity opposing this form of passive invasion. Allowing their cultures to be forced onto New Zealanders.
We have actively opposed this bulldozing movement and openly expressed our concerns to Mr Hayes frequently (our conversations broke down).
Mr Hayes has earned criticism from the constituency for being more involved in party issues and overseas roles then the people who voted him in. He has been dubbed the Invisible MP (like many National Party MPs around NZ)
Maybe he will move to Iran or Pakistan one day...
When Mr Hayes office closed over Christmas till 6th Jan, we immediately took the opportunity to display on his office front window every flyer Right Wing Resistance had printed that year including the anti Chinese immigration and boarder patrol flyers, along side our RWR and WPWW day posters. The RWR the only Resistance poster right beside his photo. To my and Mr Hayes amazement not one was defaced or removed for four weeks. When his office re opened and taken down by Mr Hayes we assume he read them. There has been no police scalding or public criticism of anything we displayed.
On the 20th Jan Mr Hayes announced he was stepping down from Office. I firmly believe that Mr Hayes did not want to debate with local RWR on the above issues at Election time. He must fear the stance of RWR on the multicultural nightmare and his lack of availability to locals, so instead he resigned. I see this as a Victory!!
To replace him we have another Alcohol Fuelled Businessman. Only interested in money and how to get his grapes picked without employing locals. It reminds me of Jimmy Carter the peanut grower, except peanuts don't produce toxins that destroy brain and liver cells and destroy our Youths future. Alcohol is a major concern for Wairarapa parents concerning their children. We have to ask the question: How does producing wine contribute to resolving the current Alcohol problems in the area? All it brings is more misery!
Commanding Officer
Right Wing Resistance

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Northern Wolves

The Northern Division of the RWR NZ will be renamed to Northern Wolves. An area shirt and patch will be presented at WPWW day. This area is under the great active leadership of Shane.

The Hamilton Unit is now under Johns leadership, and John is also Shanes number two.

The Auckland units will be reformed and organised and a number 3 for Shane will be called from there to represent them.

The Bay of Plenty unit will stay under Hamiltons direction untill it grows.

Northern Chapter meetings will be held every month..

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Suspected Muslim Refugee Attacks Women, Not Sent To Jail

Suspected Muslim Refugee Attacks Women, Not Sent To Jail

A refugee from the Middle East who sexually assaulted eight Christchurch women, has avoided jail and earned permanent name suppression, as well as suppression of his religion. The real question that ought to be asked, is not why the court suppressed his name, but rather, why they suppressed his religion. Our educated guess is that this man is an Arab and a Muslim. Only a Muslim from a depraved desert culture would think it is okay to grab the breasts of seven different women. The court heard that the man, who we will refer to as "Halal Porkchop", may have attacked the women because of "cultural ambiguities". Perhaps in a primitive desert culture it's normal to grab a woman's breasts at will, but in European societies this is unacceptable. If Halal Porkchop and his family cannot assimilate then it begs the question of why they came here in the first place. Perhaps it would be easier for Mr. Porkchop and his family if they were to be deported back to Arabia-stan, where sexual assault against women is a normal part of daily life.

Imagine if these sexual assaults had been carried out by a white person or a Maori. In such case, it is guaranteed that the court would put the person in prison and throw away the key. Unfortunately, immigrants get preferential treatment in this country and they are not held to account for their crimes (this encourages them to commit further offenses). If we had our way, refugees would be put in a quarantine facility with no rights, until they could learn English, and pass a New Zealand culture course. If they could not make reasonable steps towards assimilation they would be deported to where they came from, which we believe is better for everybody.

The European experience consistently shows that uncontrolled immigration leads to sexual assault, rape, murder and theft. Immigrants have sob stories, and are no stranger to playing the race card before the gullible courts.

Friday, January 10, 2014

RWR NZ is looking for people to help with anti imagration protests through NZ

We are planning a serious of hard hitting demonstrations this year to bring to our issues to public knowledge.

The time has come to create a new energy and level of protest against immigration the globalist slave makers who created the situation in the first place.

New Year Press release

Smashing The Blockade - Right Wing Resistance Media Team

The fifth anniversary of Right Wing Resistance approaches. It seems unlikely to some that RWR could gain ground in 2014 - we ask you to look deeper. The primary goal for RWR is consistency. In a nation of fewer than five-million people it isn't realistic to desire rapid growth.

In 2013 our primary success was the display of our uniforms. The uniforms (complete with ties) gave us a professional and tidy appearance, while showing unity and loyalty. No other activist group in the country holds protests in formal uniform. In 2014 we will again hold a demonstration with uniformed members. We will also attract sympathetic auxillary supporters and maintain relations with already existing supporters.

This modest strategy will remain in place for the foreseeable future. It would be pointless for us to rally New Zealanders together to "vote out" the incumbent government, or to talk about "revolution". Successful revolutions are a rare occurrence in history, the Egyptian experience is a good current example of a failed revolution. Even if the puppet leader John Key could be replaced, he would simply be replaced with another globalist puppet from the Labour Party. Ultimately it doesn't matter if we have a left-wing or right-wing Prime Minister. Elected officials are nothing more than corporate flankers, who steal the ball of economic wealth and throw it to their off-shore controllers. The politicians of every nation on Earth serve corrupt special interests (the arms trade, large investment banks, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and so forth).

As a small organisation we lack the required military and economic power that is required to change world events. Instead of trying to win a losing battle, we prefer to (a) maintain our core (b) network with our friends and supporters; and (c) speak truth to power. This strategy of consistency ensures that we live to fight another day, while keeping our options open.

In 2014 our goal is to further damage the left-wing blockade on kiwi activism. The left are tools for the corrupt powers, and their policies are deliberately designed to destroy our standard of living and national identity. The "living wage" would shut down the majority of small businesses. The global warming tax demonizes human existence, and is merely a scheme for global control of population. As many are aware, the weapon of non-stop immigration has proved successful in Europe, with many immigrants arriving with no job lined up, unable to speak the language of their new host country. This has caused crime and tensions. In particular, anti-west hate preachers and other terrorist sympathizers recruit members of terrorist organisations directly into our society, leading to violence and draconian police state regulations. It's time that New Zealanders had a fair chance to oppose these extremist left-wing policies. This year, Right Wing Resistance will break the leftist monopoly on activism and introduce alternate viewpoints.

From media team.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thanks Lyal and ATB NZ

We would like to thank ATB NZ for their gift of items for the auctions for WPWW week end. It is great to see another org put in some real support for the projects.

The founders of ATB Canada were the first people to run a large scale WPWW day demonstration. They have made their mark and we respect that.

As things get worse we must stand strong with other White Nationalist organisations. This new found unity is what will save us in the end.

Anyone who wants to get on our txt list for the auctioning of these and other items need to txt us on 022 0343593

We are grateful for all support 

Anyone who would like to sponsor other peoples travel to WPWW day or donate toward the costs, let us know. It all helps.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

China and their land grab

China land grab Ukraine

Hungry China wants to 'borrow' land from 'bread basket' Ukraine for 50 years

Published time: September 24, 2013 11:10 Edited time: September 24, 2013 

Reuters / Claro Cortes IV

The Chinese plan to lease 5 percent of Ukraine's total land to grow 
crops may be nothing more than a pipe dream. Ukrainian officials say 
they know nothing of the deal, reported in a Chinese newspaper over the 

Food demand in China is expected to grow along with industrialization, 
and China has been land-grabbing across the globe, with 7.4 million 
acres (3 million hectares) in Ukraine being the most recent prospect.

The South China Morning Post reported China's Xinjiang Production and 
Construction Corps (XPCC) had a 50-year plan for crop and pig farming, 
spanning over 9 percent of Ukraine's arable land.

If executed, the deal Kiev-based KSG agro would make Ukraine China's 
biggest overseas farming center.

However, in Kiev the proposal has caught officials by surprise.

Sergey Kasyanov, Chairman of KSG agro, explained the misunderstanding.

"We are not going to sell or transfer a lease or sublease to the 
Chinese. The project pertained to installing a drip irrigation system in 
those 3 million hectares in the next year," Kasyanov told Vesti 24 in a 
TV interview.

China's reported 'land grab' would include eastern territories near the 
Dnieper river, Kherson, and Crimea, well-known for its coastal beaches.

Ukraine lifted a ban on foreigners buying land last year.

"I don't have any information on the subject, unfortunately. I know that 
Chinese companies occasionally show interest," Igor Livin, the Chairman 
of the Association of the Ukrainian-Chinese Cooperation told Vesti 24.

Ukraine's Prime Minister Sergey Arbuzov, who is on an official trip to 
China, confirmed Ukraine is interested in attracting new investment from 
China, but made no mention of agriculture, instead focused on banks. ...

Land Grab

China has upped its overseas farming investments to counter any future 
food shortages, and in 2013 bought Australia's biggest cotton farm. The 
Post reported China has over 2 million hectares of land abroad that it 
uses for agriculture.

Worldwide 115 million acres are leased to foreign investors.

Big foreign land buyers include Britain, the US, China, the UAE, South 
Korea, South Africa, Israel, India, and Egypt, according to a recent 
report from the 'Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences'. The 
study found between 0.7 and 1.75 percent of agricultural land is being 
transferred from local to foreign hands.

These countries are seeking greener pastures to grow crops in Congo, 
Sudan, Indonesia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Australia, 
according to the report.

'Land grabbing' can be a mutually beneficial relationship, as foreign 
investors can 'get more' out of the land using newer agriculture 
technology, and the local 'host' can profit. However, forcible 
relocation of people and soil erosion are risks.

Land has made a comeback – from cattle, private ski resorts, hunting and 
fishing clubs, to the Maine coastline – for American entrepreneurs who 
prefer to take a stake in natural real estate to diversify and hedge 
their assets against the risky gold, oil, and stock prices.

Rising grain prices also give investors incentive to turn to land.

Press Release

Press release on Syria

We take for granted the liberties available to us, here in New Zealand. The nations colonised by the English have consistently enjoyed more freedom than authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia and China. In the Middle East there is a two-pronged campaign to end religious freedom, and to reign in Sharia Law. The first barb is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the second barb is religiously-motivated terrorist organisations. A combination of "islamic" fanatics intend to bring the Middle East back to the Middle Ages, by launching a holy war against "non-believers". The ISIS (Islamic State Of Iraq) and Al Nusra kill Christians and behead ordinary Syria citizens. In numerous cases these terrorists will kill law-abiding Muslims, good people who pray five times a day. The extremist groups in Syria engage in ethic and sectarian cleansing against Kurds, and against Alwai and Shai muslims. Although the Middle East is not the white man's turf, Right Wing Resistance must note the attempt by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to undermine the legitimate government of Syria, and its President, Bashar al-Assad. Qatar's propaganda arm, Al Jazeera, has been hard at work emphasising the "humanitarian" element in the Syria conflict, while ignoring the terrorist atrocities. Also ignored is the fact that President al-Assad is an Alwai Muslim, while his wife and her family are Sunni.

For two years western human rights organisations have portrayed the conflict in Syria as a battle between peaceful protesters and a mad dictator. In reality, the "civil war" in Syria is an invasion in which Saudi intelligence pours millions of dollars into Salafist terrorist organisations. The Saudi regime believes that terrorists crossing the borders of Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, will eventually bring Syria under the full control of terrorists and fanatics. In some western nations, the actions of the Islamic State Of Iraq could easily qualify as hate crimes, though the phrase is never used.

As the Sochi winter Olympics draw nearer, we hope the New Zealand media will explain the issue of terrorism honestly, by describing terrorist groups as terrorists; not as "rebels". The terrorists in Syria are very close to the Caucasus region. Terrorists in Syria have no trouble going to see their mate Erdogan, then traveling by car to Dagestan and Chechnya, right on Russia's doorstep. We must understand that the types of people who killed US troops in Iraq are the same people fighting in Syria now, and soon they will be all over the world, likely in the Caucasus. Putin is our partner in combating terrorism, not our enemy.